Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Saints, Saints Everywhere

Here are pics of Saint Clotilde, Saint Julia and Saint Thomas Aquinas.

The kids also had to get up and share a little about their saints. Here are some pics to see their accessories too...
(Julia is also carrying a sword but it is hard to see in the picture)

How germy do you think the microphone is?

Sugar High

We went to the All Saints Party tonight and the kids had a blast. Sugar's pumpkin won 2nd or 3rd place for her age group (don't remember which) and I won 2nd for mine. Sean and The Captain (Jessica's blog) won for their pumpkins.
The kids certainly had too much sugar. Some fun from the night...
Friend: Regina, I saw your baby over there and there is no mistaking it's one of yours.
Regina: The baby or Hammie?
Friend: The baby. I saw her in the stroller over there, by herself...
Regina: Oh, that's what gave it away.
Friend: Huh?
Regina: A baby by herself. That's gotta be one of mine. A baby, in the stroller, in a corner, by herself, definitely one of mine.

Car ride home, 10:00 PM
Sugar: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Boo starts singing along.
Singing has turned into shouting, just shy of a scream but still technically singing.
Both start accompanying themselves with the drums by banging on the car.
Hammie: No...No....No (screaming)
Boo: Let's pretend we are rock stars.
Sugar: Yeah. And we sing
Boo: And I am Saint Princess Julia
Sugar: And I'm Saint Princess Clotilde
Both back to their loud drumming Twinkles...
Same car ride
Boo: How I wonder what you are...
Sugar: That's the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it
Boo: Uh huh uh huh
Both: ewww ewww ewww ewww eww eww eww eww ew
continue chorus adding drums
Hammie: POO POO
Mommie continues looking out windshield
Hammie: Mommy, poo poo (he often says this but only has to pee)
Mommie: Hold it buddy.
Hammie : Poo poo
background uh huh uh huh
Mommie: We are almost home, you just have to wait.
Hammie: Poo poo
Mommie turns back around to continue looking out windshield.
Chorus: That's the way, uh huh uh huh
Daddy: Let's go get pancakes (YES, our conversations really are this random)
Same car ride
Girls: Since you been gone. I can't breathe for the first time. I'm son of an on, yeah yeah. Thanks to you, now I can, I can what I want.
Hammie: ya ya
Daddy to Mommy: You know, with their memorization abilities we really should start teaching them, and by we I mean you...starts laughing.
Mommy: chuckles back then continues looking out the window ignoring the rest of this tidbit of conversation.
Same car ride
Girls are now singing/shouting the Star Spangled Banner providing their own cymbals
Daddy: Girls, ok. We are close to home it is time to start calming down.
Girls continue with their patriotism.
Daddy: GIRLS. We are about to pull into the drive way. It is time to calm down. I know you had fun tonight but we are home now, fun time is over.
It's amazing what a little ok, a lot of sugar will do. These kids are normally in bed between 7:30-8. It is now 11:15 and I can still hear Hammie talking in his crib.
Now, if I can only find where they hid their stash of candy...

More pumpkin fun

In boycott (story that is too long to tell) I wasn't going to have the kids do pumpkins this year. However, after seeing Jessica's I decided to let the kids have a go at it. This is what they did.
Here is Sugar's

And this is Boo's

Both probably need clarification but I don't feel like giving any. Consider them abstract, especially Boo's.

Here is Hammie helping out

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

For the Kids

Tonight was pumpkin carving night. We use pictures found on the internet (Tug found this years) but they aren't actual pumpkin pictures so we still have to figure out how to transfer it to a pumpkin. I did the one on the left, Tug did one on right. He doesn't like his finished product. I think it is pretty good. We carved a dove into each as well so both pictures are of one pumpkin (well, two but each has 2 pictures). While doing it Tug said, "I do this for me, not for the kids!" They helped get the guts out then hung out by the computer dancing to music and periodically checking in.

Since Tug is slightly dissappointed in his I am also including a picture of last years pumpkin. He was proud of this one. The picture isn't the best but it really was a good carving.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I (air quotes) love Brett Favre

Tonight the Packers played the Broncos on MNF. The game was in Denver which apparently is one of only 3 stadiums in which Brett has never won. Well, tonight he did. Now what I love about Brett is his complete love for the game. As time expired the Broncos kicked a game tying field goal. The Packers got the ball first and on (I believe) the first play of OT Favre threw a bomb down field and the Packers scored a touchdown winning the game (pro OT is sudden death unlike college). While the ball is in the air Farve is running backwards towards his own endzone, just in case the ball is picked off--love that he is realistic about his interception rate. Once the Packer receiver caught the ball and headed to the endzone Farve took off in a dead sprint, arms raised, towards his players. Sheer joy on his face. It is easy to see that he has returned to play for the love of the game. He isn't here for money (though I am sure it doesn't hurt). He isn't here for the records (though I am sure they feel good). He isn't here for the fame (though he is loved by many). Plain and simple, he loves football and he plays it like (I imagine) he did when he was 16 though he is now 38. It's just so...cute!
Oh, he also went to Southern Mississippi...hey girl.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


As per my fans demands, I am "updating this thing". Funny demand from someone who refuses to update her own blog but whatever.
1-The Ohio State University beat Penn State last night. Next is Wisconsin at home.
2-Jeff Gordon finished 7th today. Jimmy Johnson won. Johnson is now only 9 points behind Gordon in the Nextel Cup
3-Yesterday we went to 2 soccer games and a party at a pizza place; today we went to mass and hung out for 1.25 hrs before returning home (gone a total of 4.5 hrs) and both days Hammie kept his undies dry. Twice at the restaurant and twice during mass he said he had to go, I took him, he went!!
4-Sugar and Boo's last soccer games of the season were yesterday. Sugar's team kept their perfect record in tact, losing every game.
5-I still can't make the spinning lady spin the other way. I'm beginning to the think the biotch is doing it on purpose.
6-I finished the paper model mission for Sugar's costume. Perhaps that story will be forthcoming.
7-Entering our 9th year of marriage things are going just fine. We still often use our love language. Is that right, if we just celebrated anniversary 8, we are entering the 9th year, right? Or would it be the 8th year?
8-Now that I am armed with Wayne's phone number, no debt collectors have called.
9-Sugar still doesn't know the story of her tooth coming out. She does have a bottom tooth that is pretty loose that she doesn't want to pull out. I am sensing déjà vu.
10-Yesterday was my dear sister-in-law's 21st birthday for the 16th time. Happy Happy Birthday on this your special day...
11-I have been trying new recipes lately and found two lovely ones from P-Dub. These sandwiches are delicious (1 and 2). I would recommend cutting the wor. sauce in half on the first and replacing it with A1 sauce, and adding mushrooms to the onions, and provolone cheese. Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum. ¡Delicioso!
10-Tug is still letting me know he supports this month's many more days until November?

Alright, there it is. I have sufficiently updated my site. Now, go update yours! (it's been a while since i utilized the strikethrough)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fight the Team Across the Field...

Big game tonight. DO NOT bother calling if the game isn't going well. And, if you don't usually watch the game and the Buckeyes start losing, TURN OFF YOUR SET!
I couldn't find a picture from today, but I did find this older picture. These are Herbie's boys--future Buckeyes. Corso's pick for today:

Just went back and looked at the site where I got the above picture to see when it was taken. Conveniently it was last year, same game.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Photoshop Fun Finale

Adding this pic of my bro-in-law. This was about 3 yrs ago on 4th of July. He is catching a mini football while diving into the pool. He is not jumping off of anything. Please don't leave any comments about how high he "flew", he has a large ego and I think his head would explode if he got any more compliments.
Again, click for motion...

Right Brain vs Left Brain Test

Do you see the dancer turning clockwise or counter-clockwise?
If clockwise, then you use more of the right side of the brain and vice versa.

Most of us would see the dancer turning counter-clockwise though you can try to focus and change the direction; see if you can do it.

LEFT BRAIN FUNCTIONS click to make me spin
uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies

uses feeling
"big picture" oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can "get it" (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking

I got this test in an email from my sister-in-law. Originally this was posted here. How'd you do? I can see it clockwise. She saw it counter-cw. My mom-in-law said to see it go the other way she stared at the outstretched arm. Everyone (except above referenced sis-in-law) that I know has seen it cw so I don't know about the comment above. This was from Australia though. Maybe they are backwards there?!
Do you even know the difference between cw and counter-cw?

Friday Photoshop Fun

Im flippin for you

Oh the joys of alliteration.

I figured out how to do animation on PhotoShop so click the above pictures to check it out. I haven't figured out how to make it automatically run when you open a webpage (any advice?).
I initially resized the pictures too small so instead of re-layering all the pictures I just resized the smaller pictures to be bigger making them grainy. I might fix this later...stay tuned.
Update-I have now fixed the pictures. Can you tell a difference? Basically just better picture quality.

I am now off to a mini-vacation called WalMart. I have a sitter (named hubby) for about the next hour. Grocery shopping, how fun. Alone time, HOW FUN.
Update-I am now back and have been for a long time. While I was gone Hammie peed twice and pooped once for daddy. Unfortunately all 3 were in his undies. He had no accidents yesterday and none once I was home. I'm not saying, I'm just saying...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Debt Collectors

I am SOOOOO sick of getting calls from debt collectors!! The real sore spot is because they aren't calling for me. NOOO, for the past 1.5 years we have gotten calls for Wayne Tetzlaff* from various debt collectors and attorneys. Now I am not sure which annoys me more-getting automated calls or getting live people. The problem with automated calls is there is noone to tell of the phone number error. The problem with live people is they don't believe that neither I nor anyone in my house is Wayne Tetzlaff. Last night I got another call and I informed the lady that Wayne no longer had this phone number. I said "My guess is you are a debt collector because we get lots of calls but this is no longer his number." She replied "I'm sorry for that and I will note it in our system. The reason we called is because he is still using checks with this phone number on them." ARGH ARGH ARGH.
Earlier while in the shower I had the grand idea to look at dexonline and see if I could find Mr. Tetzlaff. I had previously assumed he moved from the area; therefore, changing his number but if he is writing checks he is, most likely, still nearby. Lo and behold I find one Wayne Tetzlaff online. I (while in the shower) thought to call Mr. T (I pity the fool) and ask him kindly (or not) to update his phone number on his checks so I would stop getting these annoying phone calls. I have since lost my nerve BUT I've still got my blog nerve.
So here is is for the world to see...Mr. Wayne Tetzlaff, I don't much care for you. I don't like that you are still writing checks with my phone number and I don't like that those checks bounce. I don't like that you don't pay your other bills and I especially didn't like getting the call from the 'Adult' store! I jotted down your number (from dexonline) and am posting it by all my phones so the next time a collector calls I can properly update them!
(I sure hope there is only 1 Wayne Tetzlaff in the area, otherwise I apologize in advance to the innocent WT. I'm not worried though, it's not like his name is John Smith.)
*Names have NOT been changed to protect the innocent because he is not innocent and I hope he somehow, someday sees this. Erin (my lawyer sis-in-law) defamation is only if you say things that aren't true, right?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dare I do it??

Dare I? Dare I say things are finally going well with the potty training? Well, I think they are. Dear precious little Hammie has been going on the potty today with only one mild fit while sitting on it (earlier this morning). He has had an accident today BUT the last 2 times he has initiated it AND got his undies off AND sat on the potty AND I only had to read 1 book before he started to go. Now, I am not naive enough to call him trained, but I am naive enough to say he is getting it--though there has been no poop (he is regular, early in the morning before I see the light of day)!!! He likes it when his undies are "bry" and doesn't like putting the wet ones back on. It took him a little longer than the girls but he walked later, talked later and got his brain later too.
So, I did it. I said that he is getting it. I jinxed myself. Let the pee raining down his legs begin...


I will now take this opportunity to publicly (world-wide baby) shout from the blog-tops a HUGE thanks to Miguelita (through Misha) for the book(s). Hammie is doing well AND Sweet Pea slept last night from 9:30PM until I woke her up at 8AM (she has been going from around 10/10:30-7 the last couple of weeks). My life is manageable all because of the potty book and Babywise!!! And, she isn't even a thumb-sucker...sweet pea

Yes Mom, she is sucking 2 fingers. No Mom, I don't think this is better than her sucking her thumb. No Mom, I don't know why she is sucking her 2 middle fingers. Yes Mom, I think she will probably, eventually, become a thumb-sucker.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kiddy Talk

Heard in our house today:

Sugar from the kitchen "How much pieces of candy did Hammie eat?"
I am sitting on the couch in the living room about to correct her when she mutters to herself
"Actually I should say many"


Tug asking Boo why she was crying so much tonight (rug-burned her knee, cried because her sister was going to start the water for the shower, not being able to hold SP) "I'm just having a rough day!"--said while crying.

Hambone "No wipin'" while looking at a Dora book. His expression is what makes it extra cute (is trying to say swiper no swiping)

Mom: Hammie, check your undies, are they dry?
H: Yeah...(checks them) bry!

Sugar when asked by Tug to get some Q-tips for Sweet Pea "That's why I say you never know how dirty your ears are until you clean them" (I would call that a Joey-ism)

Mom: Boo, I want you to put these clean Q-tips back in the pack and throw these away, but...
Boo: Ok.
Mom: Wait, listen. Put these away first then come back and get the...
Boo: Mom, I can do it. I put the other ones away already from Sweet Pea.
Mom: Boo, ok great. I just don't want you to get mixed up and accidentally put the dirty ones with the rest and throw the clean ones away. So, go put the clean ones away first then come back for the dirty ones.
Boo (while walking away, in a rather snotty tone): I'd be able to tell cuz the dirty ones would have gunk on them.
Mom to Dad: Well, she does kinda have a point.

Tug: Mom, did you know it's breast awareness month? (he calls me mom so don't get grossed out--it was very confusing when his mom was in town visiting when SP was born)

Happy Anniversary

to me (oops, us). Today is our 8th anniversary. Thanks mom for the card, thanks Jessica for the phone call, the rest of you can go to...
Anyhoo, we aren't big on getting each other gifts for anniversaries (or any day for that matter); but, I was trying to think of something I could do for Tug today. Initially we thought we would go out to dinner but since I am waste deep in pee we (I) have changed our minds. Then I thought I could make a nice dinner for here at home but we don't have much of anything to eat so I would have to go to the store and that is such an ordeal...Next was the idea to clean the house but nothing is romantic about hands that smell like bleach (and who wants to clean the house?) Then I thought I could at least get dressed in something other than sweats, maybe even put on some pretty panties. I quickly realized I no longer have pretty panties but I can at least put on some cotton ones without holes--besides if I did have pretty panties he would assume something for later and that is SOO not happening, don't want baby #5 around the corner. Also realized that I am spending a lot of time on the floor with that pee and dress up clothes aren't comfortable in that situation so sweats will just have to do. Well, after all this thought I finally realized what I could do for hubby tonight.
I promise to, along with the holeless panties, shower BEFORE he gets home.
Happy anniversary honey!!Aren't we cute


Where is the outrage? Where is the 24/7 media coverage? Where are the lawsuits? Why aren't the victims being splashed across the news???

Sexual misconduct plagues US schools, AP reports (originally seen here)
or this article (same basic material) found on this blog.
Perhaps this is why in Maine they are giving birth control to 6th graders.

Of course, we had to have a mention in the article right!! As if to say "This is happening, but remember the scandal in The Church...that was way worse so don't get too worked up about this." I wonder which actually has a higher frequency rate?
And we, as homeschoolers, are scoffed...

Freudian Slip

This past Saturday during one of the football games we heard this commentary(Tug is pretty sure it was the Buckeye game and that it was Brad Nessler who did this)...
A Summary:
I like your tie.
Oh thanks. Well you know it is breast awareness month. We all have our ribbons on and I have my pink tie on.

UH-OH, someone forgot to say cancer. Well, Tug is now doing his part to let me know he is fully aware of the awareness month. I instigated it initially by saying "Breast awareness month?! Tug, are you aware that I have 2."
He can't/won't let it/them go now--all in the name of awareness.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh the thinks that I thought

Yesterday while killing time with the girls at CCD Tug and I went to the grocery store. We needed diapers for both Hammie and Sweetie. Welllll, I got the grand idea to go ahead and start potty training HB since the price of diapers just kills me. What was I thinking?
For those who don't know I potty train according to this book (I have a book for everything) thanks to my sis-in-law (thanks to her friend Misha). It has worked wonderfully with the two older girls. I know, everyone has said "Ah, but boys are different." To that I reply it also worked great for my s-i-l's boy and Misha's.
Now, it has been roughly 3 yrs since I last did this but I vaguely remember the premise being:
*Once out of diapers, NEVER go back
*Use regular underwear always except during sleep times and when you are out initially (we call pullups nite-nite panties undies and bye-bye panties undies--so hard to remember this one is a boy)
* Have them drink a whole lot the day of training and eat salty snacks to provide a lot of accidents opportunities
*Hold on for dear life

So we start and he is VERY excited for his potty and his underwear CAAAA  CAAAuntil it is actually time to get in them or on it. He refuses to sit so the candy reward that is for actually peeing became the reward for just sitting. Argh, not off to a very good start. Power on, power on, we can get through this. Accident #1. Alright, this is an opportunity to practice. Success #1--WOO HOO, he is going to actually get this. Accident #2 small set back, learn that unlike girls, boys pee can go everywhere--I change pants and wash my legs. Accident #3 When is naptime? Success #2 & 3 then naptime...finally. That entire time, he screamed each time he sat down. I had to read to him on the pot to keep him on the pot. He got lots of candy for no particular reason. BUT, the last 10 min or so before naptime he started getting it and freaking out while standing cuz pee was about to come out. I don't think we had any accidents after naptime YEAH. Tug was home for all of an hour before bedtime (did I make bedtime a little early tonight? You betcha) because he took Sugar to soccer and Boo went along. He thanked God he wasn't the mama because he said "I would have knocked the piss out of him if I had to do that all day." I am pretty sure he was kidding :)

Tomorrow I get to look forward to more of the same. Hopefully around mid day he will fully get it...why am I doing this again?

Future Chef

Sweet Pea

Isn't she lovely...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cleveland Rocks

Cleveland lost the ALCS tonight to Boston after being up 3 games to 1. The tribe loserslost 3 games in a row. They ONLY needed one more win to get to the World Series.

So, if rocks means totally sucks then Cleveland rocks. They rock big time. They rock so big they are like boulders. Losers


Did you hear...

ALRIGHT ALREADY, Yes I've heard...Dumbledore is gay. Who cares. Personally I care more if the Indians win tonight and that the Buckeyes keep winning but since I am short of post ideas I thought I would address this.
In the interest of full disclosure, I have read all Potter books and I would call myself a fan. I am not overly obsessed, I haven't seen the newest film...wait maybe I have. I think hubby and I went to see it but only because it fit into the time slot of available babysitting, or was that the last HP movie--actually I honestly don't know if I've seen the most recent one. Tangent.
I don't understand the reasoning of this disclosure by Rowlings though. The 7th book is written, Albus is no longer with us, WHY BOTHER?
Potter takes a lot of criticism from Christian circles and I am sure this will only perpetuate that. BUT, from my pov, I think this character (remember folks, these are just characters)being gay isn't a problem and here is why (you ready for it)...
As Christians and Catholics we are taught to love the sinner, hate the sin. In terms of homosexuality, BEING gay IS NOT a sin. Remember, we still don't know the exact cause of homosexuality. For all we know, a person very well could be born that way. Which means God made them that way. Every person struggles with their own demons, and this is (perhaps) the cross they have to carry.
HOWEVER, it is a sin to act upon ones gayness (is that a word?). In the HP books, Dumby never acted upon it. So, he could very well be considered a hero to the gay community--he bore this cross without moving to San Francisco, talking with a lisp, wearing rainbows or marching in parades, we can too. Unfortunately they won't see it that way and will now probably insinuate all sorts of sinister things. I would be VERY careful about future movies too now that this is 'out' to the media. I'm already feeling lightheaded from the spin.

My kids have not read any HP book, but I would consider letting them once they are a little older. I would reiterate to them the point I feel most overlooked:
These are books for entertainment and it is all make-believe! Oh yeah, and I would not call ANY of these characters heroes--I would rather they look to the Saints for those.

Due to a recent spam post I now have my comments set to moderate so please do not bother responding to this post (unless to tell me how brilliant I am). I will not post any comments arguing the case against Potter--I am not interested in a debate and this is MY blog so PPPPPLLLLLTTTTT :) Juvenile I know, but this is about juvenile books...

Friday, October 19, 2007


So, I have been trying to come up with nicknames for the kids since starting this blog. The boy has lots of nicknames, but the girls don't really have any. After much debate and time wasting, I now present our cast of characters:

Blondie (on left-though her hair is turning much more brown) will now be referred to as Boo. This is a variation of the nickname the Wades gave her of Regaboo (rey-gah-boo).
The boy is Hambone. This is a nickname he actually goes by.
The baby is Sweet Pea. During the few moments when I interact with (through feeding) her, I do call her this.
Brunette (on right) better know as Sugar, her nickname from Auntie Nee.

Got a better name? I'm open to ideas :)

Side note for Max: here is your proof. This picture was taken 10 minutes before putting Hambone down for his 2PM nap. Notice he is still in his jammies. The girls are too but they are in t-shirts and sweats which are totally considered clothes (or, as I like to call them, everyday attire for myself)! For further proof, the picture in the post down below was taken about 10 minutes after they woke up this morning, around 8AM.

All I want for Christmas

L's top left tooth has been loose for (what seems) forever. I have tried to bribe her to get it out because it is completely disgusting and she isn't doing a good job of brushing the teeth around it since it hurts. I went so far as to offer: $10, allow her to adopt another of her Webkinz, and the final offer was to buy her an American Girl doll for Christmas. Extreme I know for just a tooth, but you haven't seen what it was doing to her mouth/other teeth.
Last night I was getting ready for bed while Tug checked on the kids. While I was brushing my teeth he ran into our room half hiding half laughing. I asked:

R: What's going on?
T: I did it, I pulled the tooth out.
R: What? Where is it?
T: laugh laugh laugh
R: Do you have it in your hand?
T: No, it landed on her.
R: What? Did she wake up?
T: I don't know. I tugged it, it popped out, I hid then ran.
Well Tug went to go check on the girls again only to find the tooth was actually still in L's head. So, he wakes up both girls (since they sleep together) to tell L to check her tooth. She starts crying because she doesn't want to pull it out. We are lying to her saying she must have hit it on her pillow while sleeping and that it looked really loose and to go check it. I don't know what happened in the end because I left her room, but I do know that she was crying, her mouth was bleeding and she went back to sleep tooth still in.
This morning she finally did it, though there wasn't much left to do. Oh, and I don't think she knows what her father actually did...we will just keep that tidbit to ourselves.
And because one child can't possibly have their picture alone

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I've been trying to play a little with Photoshop--not having much luck. Mostly just been fixing red-eye. I went out and bought a book yesterday but haven't worked up the boredom to read it yet. Here is one picture I did something to-though I'm not entirely sure what that something is. The men in my life:

With some sort of paint effect

I know. All together now "WOW". I did 'erase' the other people in a different pic but couldn't get the colors to line up right so just went with the paint effect instead. I know, I should read the book huh!

I Love Me-Meme

So, Jessica tagged me for a meme. From what I gather these are silly little things bloggers send along to list different things about yourself. This particular one is listing 7 things you love about yourself (not things you love). Most people are listing here how hard this is going to be...not me, I am an ego maniac.

1. I love my ankles. They are nice and little, unfortunately they don't match the rest of my body but I love that I don't have fat ankles.

2. I love my heels. I like that I don't have those nasty cracks (sorry if you do) that a lot of people have even though I wear flip flops constantly.

3. I love that I have 'easy' pregnancies--DO NOT confuse that with loving being pregnant. I'm just saying that when I have to be pregnant, I love that I don't have complications or much sickness.

4. I love that I chose to marry Tug.

5. I love my mind--I could be a WHOLE lot stupider!

6. I love my hair--no gray, nice and thick. Of course, there are times when I hate it too, but mostly enjoy it.

7. I love my handwriting. It is relatively neat and I can do a pretty good job with calligraphy and other fun lettering.

Now the hard part. I am suppose to tag 3 people...problem, I don't know 3 bloggers. Sure, I check out other peoples blogs but am not on a one on one basis with any (other than those already tagged) so I tag:

Michelle--YOU HAVE UNTIL TOMORROW NIGHT to get your blog what you consider worthy-I am adding the hyperlink TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!

Lisa--If you still check this blog and ever get around to doing one yourself, consider yourself tagged

Check out Amy's meme...she already did it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Big Bull, Eh?

count my points

Gosh, isn't this the kind of thing people see in Canada? Actually, Tug was on his way to Eureka, CA when he saw this herd. Think he is on 101. Funny thing is he met someone recently who is going hunting in NM in the same area Tug use to hunt. Talking to that guy gave him the itch again. God must have heard...he's right there for ya Tug, just give him a little tap with your car. Noone would notice.
Edit to post: Tug informed me after the fact that they don't really have elk (at least not many) in Canada. WHATEVER, who cares?! I just wanted to do the 'Canada, eh'.

Cool Effects

On Monday Jessica was nice enough to watch the kids while I went and inhaled the carcinogens of my burning flesh. She had the kids color pictures from this awesome coloring book. On that site there is a free coloring page of Saint Joseph. I had the girls color it then used their "tip" and brushed the back with vegetable oil which made an awesome stained glass effect. This was printed on just regular paper and could be used for any type of drawing--the Fenestræ Fidei images just work perfectly since they are intended to be stained glass


Back, see how the colors go through the paper
*note-you do NOT need to use a lot of oil, just enough to wet the paper

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I'm a sucker for a man wearing a hat. Why is it that hats can make a man look so cute? I mean, it can totally change their appearance. Take Kenny Chesney for example. I thought he was pretty cute, until I saw him de-hatted. Holy smokes, get a hair transplant already! Same for his buddy Tim McGraw. Anyway, I am thinking of this because I am watching the Indians/Red Sox game and me thinks baseball players benefit from this phenomenon most. I use to think Chipper Jones was pretty cute. You know how this ends, de-hatted, debunked on cuteness. This years favorite player would have to be Grady Sizemore. Lookin good Carter, so long as you keep on that hat!
I suppose it could work the same for girls. Tug has mentioned before how cute Terry Clark is with her cowgirl had on, he thought she looked like a man once without it (hmm, maybe cowfolks are the 2nd highest beneficiary).
I was once told, while wearing an Indians ballcap "Hi there Omar (Vizquel). You look cute." Um, what. Omar Vizquel?? Why'd you pick him, cuz he's mexican? What are you a racist? I mean, he is soooo not cute, even with a bball hat on. What kind of compliment was that you goof?

Allright, so it worked...I ended up marrying him. Luckily he is cute, with or without a hat!

Monday, October 15, 2007

I have a lack of topics tonight. Tug is out of town and the kids weren't very funny today.
I was hoping my dermatology appt earlier today would provide fodder, but it was pretty routine (or my guess of routine since this was a first for me). I was overjoyed when the nurse said I could keep my pants on. You don't say! I mean I am here to have a mole on my NECK checked-out; I really get to keep my pants on for that. Had I known this was a remote possibility, I would have shaved. Foresight had me dress in a t-shirt with a tank-top underneath to avoid the gown. The doc was a nice enough old man. He came in and asked why I was there. I told him about the mole on my neck (my concern) and the one on my back (Tug's concern). He has me turn around-says the back mole is fine, looks at my shoulders then asks about my belly and lifts my tank-top a little. WHOOOOOA there doc. I mean fine, you are a dermatologist you have to cover your mole bases. BUT you didn't even take a history. You have NO IDEA that I have 4 kids, the youngest being born just months ago. My stomach didn't look like this pre-kids, but you didn't even ask if I have kids. For all you know, my omentum (that's for u miguelita) is a result of too many DQ heath blizzards and turtle sundae bowls (now don't get confused here, those only prolong the look, they weren't the original cause). AND, how dare you try and look at my belly with those magnifying glasses on!!!! The nerve-as if I need any body part magnified...with both eyes!
Oh, end result was to burn "off" the mole on my neck. Off is in " because I am not sure if it is totally removed, as it stands I now have a dark mark on my neck but I think the nurse said it should be entirely removed. I'll let you all know if I am dying of skin cancer when the results come in.
Hmm, I guess that visit did provide some material afterall.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pinkish hues

Yesterday L and R had soccer games at the same time. I took R, Tug took L. When L came home I asked how her game was. "We lost. I didn't score; but at least I didn't score any goals for the other team!" What? Is she looking at the bright side of things? Where in the world does she get such an optimistic outlook from such a pessimistic family? Well, I should say a pessimistic father. Tug isn't a glass-half-empty kind of guy. He is a glass-is-broken kind of guy. Recently he had a chance to take a Berke Profile which shows a persons "behavioral and talent characteristics." I must say it was almost spot-on. They have a category on optimism and out of a 10 he scored a WHOPPING 1.5. Another section they had 100% correct was on Social Adaptability where it stated "not likely to change his mind just to avoid a disagreement." You don't say! That is why our love language is the often overlooked #6 Words of discussion said loudly usually in a rude or disrespectful tone.
It was wrong under Sociability though when it deduced that he has a "strong network of friends." I asked him if 1 friend can be considered a network--and for those who don't know him, his lack of friends is self-induced not because he is an oaf.

When I told Tug tonight's blog topic he said "I'm optimistic; every night I am optimistic that I am gonna get some." Hmm, seems he needs a pair of rose-colored glasses AND a dose of reality.
I love you dear!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Saturday is better know as Sporturday around here, and today didn't disappoint (Tug wants me to clarify that we don't actually call Saturday sporturday). For you poor people who don't spend your Saturdays sprawled on the couch, here are updates:

  • L's soccer team lost. Not new news.
  • R's soccer team won but in their communist ideals they don't keep score in kinderleague. Contrary to my husband's belief, I am not a communist so I was keeping count-she scored 4 goals.
  • #1 LSU lost to Kentucky (UK is ranked but I don't remember where, think around 17) in 3OT
  • #2 Cal lost to unranked Oregon State. GO BEAVERS
  • #3 Ohio State whomped on Kent State 48-3(if you are wondering why Ohio State is playing a cupcake so late in the season they have replaced their bye week with a game so logic makes it a cupcake game)
  • #3 OHIO STATE should now be NUMBER ONE BABY
  • Jeff Gordon won tonight and is still Nextel Cup Points Leader. The DuPont Chevrolet was running just great tonight...
  • Cleveland Indians beat the Boston RedSox 13-6 in 11 innings to tie the ALCSeries 1-1. Series now headed to Cleveland.
  • Texas Tech Vick(ed) 'Em Aggies
  • [Found this out last night] Randy Couture resigned from the UFC (Tug wanted me to add that to the list)

Aside from the aTm loss, it was an AWESOME day for sports!!


I hate getting haircuts! First, they are expensive. Second, I am in a new town and don't know where to go. We decided to cut the girl's hair while my mom was in town. She looked in the phone book and just picked somebody. When we arrived and saw the place I told her, "THIS is why you don't just pick a place out of the phonebook!"

Anyway, Tug loves haircuts. If it were up to him, he would cut his hair weekly (residual effect of once being in the USMC). Well, we can't afford to cut his hair as often as he would like so I started cutting his hair a few years ago. 'Haircut night' and 'husband & wife fight night' are synonymous in this house. Now, I thought I was doing a pretty good job but was brought back to reality one morning when Tug heard "Hey, you want me to go kick your barbers a**?" from a co-worker. Why Tug actually told me that his buddy said this I don't know--perhaps he was trying to gently tell me we had work to do. Frankie Avalon said it best Beauty school dropout,No graduation day for you. Guess my credits from a psych degree won't transfer to cosmetology school! That was a couple years ago and either my technique has improved or his co-workers have more couth. We still fight with each and every haircut and I complain whenever I have to do it--though I admit that when he comes home after getting his hair cut elsewhere I feel a little cheated on, he can't win.

Off to fight with cut Tug's hair.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I was speaking with a friend earlier and she asked what I was going to blog about today. I told her I had already done a post and probably wouldn't do another since I wasn't feeling that great. "What, no. I already read that post. What am I going to do tonight. You have to write something." Well, who am I to disappoint an adoring fan...

Background: in speaking to that same friend she said "You'll never guess what G just did. We were looking at a picture and I said 'Who's this?' 'Mommy.' 'Right, and who's this?' 'Tuckt.' 'Right, that's Tug.' Can you believe he knew who it was?!" Now, her son is the same age as J and her son hasn't seen Tuckt since July. I think she was just bragging about how smart her son is. She would deny that but whatever.

Top ten things J can do
10. He can walk. This is an accomplishment since he didn't start until after turning 1.
9. He has teeth. How is this involuntary thing an accomplishment? Well because he didn't get his first tooth until after turning 1 so all other teeth have been accomplishments.
8. He can recognize Juju in a photo.
7. He can color on the floor, refrigerator and bottom of his jammies.
6. He can say I love you, as long as you know what to listen for.
5. He can make the Sign of the Cross before prayers.
4. He can walk himself to the time-out bench and sit himself down. He can also entertain himself when we forget that we have sent him there.
3. He can stick his hand down his pants AND diaper, and does so proudly.
2. He can identify an Ohio State Buckeye logo and says "ba-keye".
and the number one thing J can do:
1. He too can identify Tug (daddy) in a picture. Unfortunately he also identifies a picture of Chendo as daddy but lets not be picky!!

side note, the girls just came up to me and said J colored on the wall and his hand with a marker and he meant to. So add wall and hand to accomplishment #7
Slightly funny story to share:
Betty* was visiting at my house and we were watching TV. A new program was starting about primordial dwarfs. Betty says "Oh, I always wanted one of those." I've always wanted one of those? Huh? As if a primordial dwarf is something you just go pick up at Walmart. I wonder if when her 3rd child was born she said "Oh darn, another normal healthy one. I was hoping for a primordial dwarf."
Perhaps she also thinks the stork delivers them.
*Name changed to protect the wacky innocent. In case you read this, LOVE YOU 'BETTY'

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Technology Sucks

Sorry, a little long winded but worth it...
Alright, I got suckered into checking out Photoshop. I was looking at a website that had awesome pictures and she showed how Photoshop made pictures go from that to this (this obviously being much better than that.) So, I go to and find the cheap version which was still too much but whatever. Alright-click download, watch estimated time of download increase, increase, increase finally stop. Download takes about an hour (that is WITH broadband connection) slightly annoying but I have nothing better to do so...OK, click install. Installing, installing, installing, uh-oh. Error message "A problem occurred while extracting some files. Check available space on your computer and the write privileges on the destination folder" Um, huh?? Alright, I'll just give tech support a call

Ring, ring, ring

Automated operator, uh-oh Indian accent (dots not feathers--not being racist, just clarifying and NO I don't need sensitivity training). Their font color will be red because that is what I was seeing.

Thank you for calling Adobe customer service how can I help you?

I explain the problem and am told that I need to speak with tech support not customer service but he will kindly transfer me. Fine, thanks, you have a great day also.

New Indian asking for a serial number (this is a 24 digit # by the way) so they can verify which product I am calling about. Why I can't just verbally name the product which is 3 words, I don't know. I oblige and get transferred to the SPECIALIST of the product.

New person, clearly American. I say I had problems installing the downloaded product but saw somewhere that I can order the product in CD form and was hoping to just do that. Sure, no problem let me just transfer you to customer service. Actually, I just came from customer service, they said I needed to talk to you about that. Hmmm, that's weird, let me check. I know we don't do it but let me find out who does....ok, I need to transfer you to sales. Fine, yeah you have a nice day too.

New person, also American. Tell him I want the trial CD since I am having problems with the download. Great, I can do that for you, it will just be $40 more for the cd's. WHAT?? $40 just for some CD's? Yes ma'am, would you like me to order that for you, or I can transfer you to tech support and I'm sure they can help you with the issue. Well, I was hoping to just get the cd's so I didn't have to deal with all of this. I mean a CD is like 25¢ I can't believe you'd charge an additional $40--I already paid for the program. Silence. Yeah, just transfer me back to tech support, yes you have a good day too.

Next person is one of the Indians I have already spoken to and NO I don't believe his real name is Sam. Serial number again, can't I just tell you which program it is. Fine, the serial number is...

Alright, back to an American tech support person. Sure ma'am, I can walk you through this, just right click on the icon. There is no icon, it won't install. Oh that sounds like you had a problem with the download. I will double check to see if we are having download problems, in the meantime I am going to transfer you to the department that handles downloads. Grunt.

Indian I have already spoken to (do you believe her real name is Betty?) wanting that F*ing serial number again. ARGH, but I oblige and refuse to tell her to have a good day. These people are real idiot savants, sans savants.

Back to customer service. Yes ma'am, so from what I heard you say, you downloaded the product then it said it couldn't extract the files and that it is having write privileges issues. Um, sure. Well, you will need to speak to tech support for that, let me just transfer you. I just spoke with tech support, they said I have to speak with you. Oh, you just spoke with tech support, did they give you a case number. No. I see, can I have your customer number. Yeah, it's... Well, I see a case here for you ma'am but there are no notes. Silence. He just went silent. What does he expect me to do about that? Um, ok so... Well, let me just transfer you back to tech support and I am sure they can help you. I am sorry for your troubles. I am transferring you now.

Please tell me this is a joke, really Sam, I just spoke to you 5 seconds ago, you need my serial number again?????

Back on hold to speak with tech support.

Are you wondering how this story is going to end? Well, I hung up. That's right, I was on the phone for at least 45 minutes then I just hung up. Think I just wasted your time with this story? Good, now you know how I felt.

While sitting at the table doing school
L: Mom, J is stinky.
Silence from mom

R: Mom, J stinks.
Mom--stall, stall, stall.

L & R: Mom, J STINKS.
Mom: Alright, alright. J lets go change your diaper.

overheard while changing his diaper--fyi the bathroom door is directly
next to J's room

R (opening the door to the bathroom, talking mostly to herself): I've got to go do what you are changing...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Living in laughter

I tell these silly stories to hopefully brighten your day

Today during religion we were discussing virtues/sin. Discussion went as follows:
Mom: Can someone make you sin?
L&R: No.
Mom: If someone tried to talk you into doing a sin, what should you say to them?
L: I won't do that because I am Catholic (said more questioning-ly than emphatically).
Mom (chuckling): Well, you could say that or you could just say no.


I got my monthly Reader's Digest today (my mom buys me this subscription, I don't know why) and was going through it. There is a picture of a new flying car someone is coming up with. R saw the picture and said:
R: What's that?
Dad: A flying car.
R: Cool, can we get one?
Mom: Oh sure, we will just drive down to our local flying car dealership and get one.
R looked at me for awhile trying to decide if I was serious. I guess my staring back did not clue her in to my sarcasm because
R: I want a purple one.

eep, opp, orp, ah-ah that means I love you.

Original Fashion Faux Pas

I suppose I shouldn't say original since I am sure there were more prior to this but the comment from (Auntie Nee said... I love the shirt thing. You should have put that on your blog. She was just making up for the time I put her in Tugs pj's. As you will recall they to were small.) reminded me of this incident. This was when L was just shy of 2 (as best as I can tell since in the same folder were pics of R as a newborn). Auntie Nee was graciously watching the little one (since there was only one at the time, my how we have grown) and got her ready for bed. The details of this event are sketchy but here's a pic.The jammies use to be Tug's--a family friend (Ann) sent them to us when L was born. Funny how Auntie Nee accomodated L's belly by slipping a onesie on underneath the jammies.

If memory serves, those are baseball players...or mitts...or something baseball themed...guess memory doesn't quite serve.

Moral of story(ies): I need to clean out the kid's drawers.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A tale of two breaths

T: (while perusing the blog) Wow, there's 5 comments on this one. Oh, are most the comments from Jessica or the Wades?
R: Yeah, pretty much. Or Renee. I told you, not many people look at this.
T: You have to go public, get the word out, send an email with a link telling everyone about it...
Change the music too, it's annoying.

inhale, exhale. inhale...

T: Where are you? Are you on the computer again? Blog, blog, blog, that's all you ever do.

Fashion Faux Pas

Earlier today I told the girls to get dressed in shorts and a t-shirt for PE. L did as told but when I saw her I told her she needed to go change because her shirt looked too small. She, of course, argued. Now, it wasn't too small in the sense that body parts were being exposed, it just looked a little too tight and the sleeves didn't seem right but, being in a hurry, I said fine. Move on to 2 minutes ago ( ± depending on when you read this)--I tell the girls to go get changed for bed. R just came in and said, "You need to go cut L's shirt off, it is too tight and she can't take it off."
Luckily she somehow managed to wiggle herself (with much effort) out.

I told L to bring me the offending shirt, tag says size xs 2/4. For those who don't know, she is SEVEN.

L (7 yo): Did you know Susie* is the only one in her family?
R (5 yo): You mean she doesn't have any brothers or sisters? (said with tinge of sadness)
L: No, it's just her. She has a neighbor.
R: Why doesn't she have brothers or sisters?
L: I don't know, God just gave her mom and dad Susie.
Novel idea to think God is the one responsible for providing you with children. Kids could teach adults a thing or two.
*names have been changed to protect the innocent
Riddle me this...
Why is it that watching The Biggest Loser makes me want to eat? But not just eat, it makes me want to eat junk food?! I mean shouldn't I be getting inspired to work-out or at least eat a little less?
Hmmm, let me go grab some cookies while I mull it over.

Afternoon treat

We had these for an afternoon treat today. Impulse buy at the grocery store the other day--pumpkin bread mix (how do they know how to strategically place those things I would never seek out? In the same display was also a banana bread mix, guess what we will be having for a treat in the not so distant future). Well, I decided to make the bread today then noticed the box had instructions for muffins as well--score, I'll go with those because I happen to have year old cupcake paper thingys so clean up will be easier. Hmmm, the box also says the bread/muffins go great with cream cheese frosting. By golly they are right so off to the store I went for cream cheese. Well, their strategery worked again and I fell for the apple cider display (in the cups). Damn the man. The girls enjoyed their little treat (and J sans cider)--but while we were sitting there L said "Can I go get Where the Sidewalk Ends and we can read?" WHAT IN THE WORLD¿? Has she been reading the blog over my shoulder and noticed my post on crazy mommies who do that sort of stuff? Oh Sara Sylvia Cynthia Stout...

Anyway, Tug is out of town tonight and I bet he will check the blog to see what we were up to so he will think I am one of those crazy good mommies.
Nah, he knows better.

I WON'T be sharing a picture of dinner though--like I said Tug is out of town. Dinner? What dinner?

Monday, October 8, 2007

In Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-Two...

For those of you who are crazy good mommies and do tea time poems this might be a good one for today:

The Things That Haven't Been Done Before
by Edgar A. Guest
It is said that if you hold a stick in front of the foremost sheep in a flock that files down a trail in the mountains, he will jump it - and that every sheep thereafter will jump when he reaches the spot, even if the stick be removed. So are many people mere unthinking imitators, blind to facts and opportunities about them. The air was not part of the domain of humanity till the Wright brothers made themselves birdmen.

The things that haven't been done before,
Those are the things to try;
Columbus dreamed of an unknown shore
At the rim of the far-flung sky,
And his heart was bold and his faith was strong
As he ventured in dangers new,
And he paid no heed to the jeering throng
Or the fears of the doubting crew.

The many will follow the beaten track
With guideposts on the way,
They live and have lived for ages back
With a chart for every day.
Someone has told them it's safe to go
On the road he has traveled o'er,
And all that they ever strive to know
Are the things that were known before.

A few strike out, without map or chart,
Where never a man has been,
From the beaten paths they draw apart
To see what no man has seen.
There are deeds they hunger alone to do;
Though battered and bruised and sore,
They blaze the path for the many, who
Do nothing not done before.

The things that haven't been done before
Are the tasks worth while to-day;
Are you one of the flock that follows, or
Are you one that shall lead the way?
Are you one of the timid souls that quail
At the jeers of a doubting crew,
Or dare you, whether you win or fail,
Strike out for a goal that's new?

Or, perhaps one pertaining to Catholicism?:
Columbus at the Convent
by J.T. Trowbridge

Dreary and brown the night comes down,
Gloomy, without a star.
On Palos town the night comes down;
The day departs with stormy frown;
The sad sea moans afar.

A convent gate is near; 'tis late;
Tin-gling! the bell they ring.
They ring the bell, they ask for bread--
"Just for my child," the father said.
Kind hands the bread will bring.

White was his hair, his mien was fair,
His look was calm and great.
The porter ran and called a friar;
The friar made haste and told the prior;
The prior came to the gate.

He took them in, he gave them food;
The traveler's dreams he heard;
And fast the midnight moments flew.
And fast the good man's wonder grew,
And all his heart was stirred.

The child the while, with soft, sweet smile,
Forgetful of all sorrow,
Lay soundly sleeping in his bed.
The good man kissed him there, and said:
"You leave us not to-morrow!

"I pray you, rest the convent's guest;
This child shall be our own--
A precious care, while you prepare
Your business with the court, and bear
Your message to the throne."

And so his guest he comforted.
O wise, good prior! to you,
Who cheered the stranger's darkest days,
And helped him on his way, what praise
And gratitude are due!

Follow up questions:
1. Where is Palos? What is it noted for?
2. Who was the "good man" spoken of in the poem?
3. In the line "The traveler's dreams he heard," who was the traveler? Relate the story of his dreams. Why are they called dreams? Did the dreams become facts? In what way?
4. How did the monks of this convent assist Columbus?
5. How did the Queen of Spain assist him?
6. Why is it that in the geography of our country we meet with so many Catholic names?

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Alright all my conservative friends, before you get yourself in a tizzy, let me explain the title today. I LOVE the Stanford Cardinal (no S, one of the few schools whose mascot does not end in an 's'--can you name others?). For my poor friends who do not watch college football, Standford BEAT #2 (some people's #1) USC. YIPPY, this moved the beloved bucks up to #3 which puts us in the hunt for the natl title--though I have a feeling we will lose somewhere along the way. Stanford's actual mascot is a tree--how a tree and the color cardinal are related I have NO IDEA!?! I thought those Stanfordies were suppose to be smart. Anyhoo, if I knew any of those brainiacs, I'd give 'em a hug! Then I would wipe my butt with a plastic bag like those great Oregon bumper stickers tell tree huggers to do.

FYI--other non-s teams: North Texas Mean Green, Syracuse Orange Men, Alabama Crimson Tide, Illinois Illini, Notre Dame Irish...I can't think of anymore.

Received this in an email--thought it was pretty neat. Look closely

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lucky Charm

Turns out I am a good luck charm for the girls scoring goals. Unfortunately, it is lucky for them if I am not at their game. This morning both girls' games were at 9 so I took L and Tug took R. Last week I didn't go to L's game and she scored her first 2 goals. Today, R scored her first 2 goals without me in attendance. I guess L ended up not having enough money to pay the ref; they lost yet again.

Oh wait, L did score a goal today....for the other team.

As an aside, it is pretty chilly here today so Tug has decided to make clam chowder for dinner. Or should I say chowda since it is a Rachael Ray recipe. Pretty delish in case any of you want it (as if anyone reads this). Fyi--the first time he made this he also made the cheese melt toppers, we don't recommend them.
#5 Wisconsin just lost to #unranked Illinois--Big 10 sucks this year. Go Bucks

Friday, October 5, 2007

The importance of accessories

OK, I admit it--ever since I started this blog, I have been obsessing over things to post. Which pictures are blog worthy? Who would care about this? How can I write so eloquently that people think I am clever, but casual enough that they (foolishly) think it comes naturally. Anyhoo, I was putting towels away tonight and passed by the (sleeping) girls room. The sight made me laugh and immediately I thought blog time.
Background info: Earlier tonight we were watching the Indians vs Yankees game (Indians won in the bottom of the 11th) and the kids were being, well, kids. The were running around and yelling and talking to us (how dare they?). I thought I would send them to get ready for bed then realized it was an hour± until bedtime...darn. Plan B: we told them to get their stuff ready for their soccer games. Instructions simply were to lay out their uniforms, including a long sleeve shirt.
see Barbie up closeAny guesses as to the need for a purse? Perhaps she is going to try and pay the ref so they can get their first win!

Celebration time

Happy Birthday G-money!! We miss you

Our day, yesterday

I didn't get around to posting these yesterday and I think
the girls were a little sad about it. Around lunchtime we made
some cookies in honor of St. Francis--animal shaped of course. I had white frosting that we added food coloring to--we made new colors from the primaries. Good lesson on color combos.

The day before, while in Medford, I bought some water colors for us to try (real water colors, in tubes). The girls have been asking ever since to try them. Last night R asked over and over and over again (generally this gets her sent to her room but I was feeling generous last night) so I finally gave in.

future Dürer

A blog by any other name would read as sweet

What's in a name? Apparently a lot.
Tug thought it would be fun to change the name of the blog daily and didn't think people would notice. I thought differently and blew it off. Well, when he checked the blog on day 2 and it had the same title as day 1 his feelings were a little hurt. Sooo, to humor him I went along. Lo and behold the first ¿? from 3 different people today was regarding the name change(s). I guess I will try and oblige now that it is expected--though I may have to take weekends off but we shall see.
SO now I have you hooked, you have to check daily. If nothing else you NEED to see what our name is--there will be a quiz.
Feel free to leave your suggestions as to future names...2¢ accepted but don't expect change!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


If you know me well, you know "interesting" is the word I say when I can't really think of anything else. I also say it if I am slightly bored with the conversation (oops, did I just reveal a secret?) Anyhoo, I am bored--not for lack of things to do, the house is a mess, there's laundry, I could interact with my children--but I am bored for lack of things I WANT to do (BIG difference there). So I thought, I'll blog. Well, I've already posted 2 videos today so I thought I'd share an amusing story--amusing to me that is. Yesterday I figured out how to do the strikethrough and was enthusiastically telling Tug. He wasn't as enthusiastic. In fact, he could have cared less. BUT that has now become our fun tagline. SO, I called him today and said:

R: Despite what I have said before, when you come home be sure you have some Dr. Pepper (I have previously told him to NOT buy me anymore DP no matter how sincerely I ask him, of course I renege on that weekly).
T: Hmmmm...
R: If you love me, strikethrough, value your life you will have some DP with you when you come home.
T: Strikethough value my life huh. Well, if you loved me as my wife you would...
R: (I interrupted him at this point you can infer as I did what he was about to say) STRIKETHROUGH, STRIKETHROUGH, STRIKETHROUGH
T: Wow, that was a lot of strikethroughs--I think that many constitutes a delete.

How he makes me laugh!! Wonder if he is going to bring the Dr. Pepper??


O-H-I-O Hang on Sloopy

Another Video

Someone doesn't like to blog

It appears at least one person in our family doesn't care for the blog. In his defense, he is a little sick (slight cold)--should I be defending this?? (rhetorical)
{I am sitting on a desk chair that he keeps spinning so I wouldn't be able to see him, notice he starts to interact again once the camera isn't pointed at him.} What a turd!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Welcome Home

Elizabeth and Marisol were anxiously awaiting the return of Josephina. After a trip to the hospital, with the gown to prove it, Josephina returned home today to her waiting friends!

L & R were exited too.
FYI--she was sent to the hospital because you ARE suppose to use water when brushing the girls' hair. We didn't find that out until after the fact, and after I yelled at asked the real girls to NOT use water when brushing their American Girls.