Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Check ya on the flip side

Time to pack up the computer. The carpet cleaners are coming this afternoon so we have to get everything off the floor. Next time you hear from me it will be as a Washingtonian...
This is a standard {s} face, she likes to do this while sucking air forcefully up her nose. I think she liked her birthday cake...thanks Jessica for hosting the 'party' and thanks Erica for making the cake and taking the pic!
UPDATE: I just saw the post my sister in law did for {s} for her birthday. Check it...

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Happy 1st Birthday Sarah!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Floor level

is what we are on. the only things left in the house are electronics and trash-besides ourselves, oh yeah and the washer and dryer which we will load tomorrow once all the laundry is done-so everything is on the floor. it is very echoy now.

almost done!! woo hoo—until we get there and have to take it all off the truck again :(

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Home at last, home at last

thank God Almighty we are home at last...
I guess I can go ahead and update this thingy. We are back in Oregon...rolled into town today. Tomorrow the moving truck thingamabob gets dropped off and we will be loading up all our shiot through the weekend. Then we will hang in an empty house until we leave on Wednesday. 
And, in case you are wondering what your 2 yo son will do in an empty bedroom when he is supposed to be sleeping but instead finds your makeup...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

We are family

We spent today at the youth ranch (GGYR) and the kids had a ball riding. It has been a long time since {l} and {r} have ridden and today was {j}'s first time...he basically refused to get off. Maybe if I run out of ideas sometime I will share some riding pics but today, against my better judgement, I will share a family picture—yes, it includes me.

Here we have (kinda l to r/front to back) bil Chendo, sil Michelle, Grant held by sil Erin, mil Juju, {r}, Claire, Brooke in front of bil Max, Garrett, {l}, {j}, me holding {s}, Tug
In case you are wondering: Juju is the mom of Tug. Tug is the husband of me. Erin is the younger sister of Tug and Chendo (alright, I will let you know his real name is Christian) is the husband of Erin—ahem, they have no kids aren't getting any younger. Michelle is the older sister of Tug. Tug is the husband of me, oh wait...Michelle is married to Max and they are the parents of half of these here kiddies. 

Friday, July 11, 2008

Turns out the weather decided to cooperate and camping night went off without a hitch. We had those smores I previously mentioned then headed to the tent for story time.

There were scary stories...

And not so scary stories...

but most of all there was fun...
The kids then went to 'bed' while we headed inside for another rip roaring round of Settlers (sorry Max, Michelle was the big winner; and sorry neighbors for the screaming kids until around 11PM). 

Even though it started to rain, the kids slept tight in the tent....

All except for this lil straggler who found her way into a real bed. 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Camping night

Last year when we rolled into Albuquerque for a visit, Michelle had all sorts of 'nights' lined up for us. There was birthday night where we sang to everyone since we hadn't seen them in a year, there was Christmas, Valentine's, and I think maybe Cinco de Mayo—or it might have actually been Cinco de Mayo, I can't recall. Anyhow, this year she has (thankfully) not relived the tradition—it was a lot of fun but way too much work on her part. However, we are having a camping night, or at least we are going to try. The tent is set up but a storm seems to be making its way to us...we did, however, get smores in!And here is a picture just to prove these two turd buckets can indeed get along.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hell hath frozen over

Last night while playing Euchre Tug said "I think Settlers was more fun."

crazymansayswhat?? A game, any game, is more fun than Euchre?! Coming from Tug's mouth???? Seriously folks, it's gettin' mighty cold!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

I did not mean to hesitate
To tell you 'bout a boy who's great;
Tis my nephew and though I'm late,
Today's his day for turning eight.

Eight, eight, eight, eight, eight,
ain't that so
Great, great, great, great, great!!

Happy birthday G-dub...we are so glad we get to spend the day it with you!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Safe and Sound

We have arrived...actually we arrived yesterday. Once we got to Las Vegas Tug decided we should try and push on to Flagstaff, AZ-afterall, they have a Cracker Barrell. This added about 5 hours to the 12.5 hour day. As we got closer Tug said "What if we try to continue on to Albuquerque?" We decided to give it a go and see how far we could get, figuring we could always pull over somewhere and take catnaps if needed. Tug drove the first 17 hours and I drove the remaining 5 and we made it all the way in one trip. The kids did awesome (thank goodness for DVD players) and we were actually making it in 5 hour stretches between potty/food/gas breaks...we only stopped 3 times in the whole 22 hours, I don't think the kids even noticed that we never had lunch. Thank goodness too that his mom is an insomniac since we rolled into town at 3:30AM. We all promptly went to sleep then woke up at 8 to go hang with the cousins. We used to spend the 4th with the Wades so it was nice to relive the tradition, complete with illegal, huge fireworks :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

On the road again

Watch out Wades
HerE We coMe

and no, this isn't a scheduled post. I really am awake at 3:20!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Well, almost. On the agenda for today was
*take trash to dump Done 
*take donations to the Salvation Army  Almost. I went but they weren't accepting donations...said they were full so I just took this stuff to the dump too. Bummer because there were some good things in there.
*take the girls to swim lessons Went and boy will we miss their instructor! She is awesome!!
*get an oil change Not done. I guess we will do it in Albuquerque
*wash the car Not done. I wanted to get the outside washed which I didn't do BUT the inside did get vacuumed and seats rearranged
*get the house cleaned and ready to show while we are gone D to the O to the N to the E
*pack for the trip All done except for last bits like toilet bag that I will use in the morning. Van is packed too
*pack at least one box for the move Successful...I did only one box but one box was the goal
*take Tug's car to Jessica's so they can take it to the airport for us later Accomplished
*continue my weight gain by drinking lots more Dr Pepper Continually done
*lose my mind I think I lost that long ago...

I had hoped to be in bed by 9 because we are planning on waking up at 3AM to start our journey at 4AM. I am now 40 minutes behind—not too shabby.
On this first leg of the trip we are hoping to get to Las Vegas, NV (there is also a Las Vegas, NM so that is why I am clarifying) which is 12.5 hours and we lose an hour since they are Mtn time so if we leave at 4AM we will get there (including potty and food breaks) around 7PM. The next day will be about 10.5 hrs of driving (including stops) to get to Albuquerque.
Lord help us!


Well Weight on Wednesday has somehow turned into Wait on Weightloss. It seems everyone has either quit, was out of town, moving, or pregnant. Everyone, that is, but myself and Laura and I felt like a jackass writing her 700 lb weightloss and my 700 lb weight gain—so I just stopped. But I do plan to start again, just not yet. We leave tomorrow for our grand vacation then we get back just in time to move SO WoW will kick back into gear in August. I am going to do it a little differently this time (thanks Jessica for the suggestion) and instead of you having to wait for me to update I will use Mr. Linky and you just sign in with the + or - and you also have the option to link back to your blog if you are doing personal posts. So, for those wanting to participate, check back in on August 6th...now I am off to:

*take trash to the dump
*take donations to the Salvation Army 
*take the girls to swim lessons
*get an oil change
*wash the car
*get the house cleaned and ready to show while we are gone
*pack for the trip
*pack at least one box for the move
*take Tug's car to Jessica's so they can take it to the airport for us later
*continue my weight gain by drinking lots more Dr Pepper
*lose my mind

Watch out Wades
HeRE WE coMe...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Give me all your money

Shout out to my peeps...I have a favor to ask. 

If you need anything from Amazon.com FIRST come to my site then click thru any Amazon links you see to get to Amazon.com.  There will be a constant one on my sidebar and maybe the occasional one thrown in on the blog like here
Why should you do this? Because you like me, you really like me. Oh and because I get credit for each purchase you make when you first go through a link on here...you can buy whatever you want (you don't have to buy things that I link to).

Thanks in advance—while all proceeds can be used at my sole discretion I promise to (on occasion) use them for responsible things like school books. It is your civic duty to help with that since I pay for your kids' books (if they are in public school).