Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Give me all your money

Shout out to my peeps...I have a favor to ask. 

If you need anything from Amazon.com FIRST come to my site then click thru any Amazon links you see to get to Amazon.com.  There will be a constant one on my sidebar and maybe the occasional one thrown in on the blog like here
Why should you do this? Because you like me, you really like me. Oh and because I get credit for each purchase you make when you first go through a link on here...you can buy whatever you want (you don't have to buy things that I link to).

Thanks in advance—while all proceeds can be used at my sole discretion I promise to (on occasion) use them for responsible things like school books. It is your civic duty to help with that since I pay for your kids' books (if they are in public school).

3 people are laughing with me:

Shelly said...

'...all your hugs and kisses too!'

sweet! i'll have to remember that. i just bought a book a couple wks ago through Azn - they are my "go to" place.

The Wades said...

that means that i've already paid for your kids' books as well. i shouldn't have to do that twice? (or were you only talking to your oregon peeps?)

i'll consider your request. you are a little cruel at times.

Jessica said...

Michele, if you would rather not use Regina's links, feel free to use mine instead! ;)

Glad you finally have the link up Regina... I'll use it (some more)!