Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 years ago

I don't really remember many New Years. We don't really do anything on New Years to be memorable (like tonight. . . wonder if we will actually be awake at midnight?!?) I do remember New Years 10 years ago though. Tug and I were living in Albuquerque. We were newly married. I was pregnant. We tried to go out to dinner with Max, Michelle and Brooke. . . the restaurant was super busy (Great American Land and Cattle Co.) so we ended up at Furr's Cafeteria instead (yum). We then went back to their house and (likely) played games. 6 month old Brooke was asleep until her mom woke her up at midnight to take a picture in front of the ball dropping on the TV. I wish I had that picture but that was before the age of digital (to think we had to use film back then, gasp).
Now we are 1455 miles away and I have no idea what the Wades are doing tonight (they never even called us back to wish us a Merry Christmas, assholes.) Anyhow, I am not sure why I remember this night, it sounds pretty boring. I just can't believe it was 10 years ago. WOW, a whole decade has come and gone. My how time flies! Good thing the whole Y2K thing didn't pan out!

OH yeah, another thing I remember from that time was the incessant playing of
two-thousand zero zero, party over
oops out of time.
so tonight we're gonna party like its nineteen-ninety-nine.

Happy New Year!
We are at home, but I hear there is a huge party going on just up the road.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Last night the girls had what I believe to be their first sleepover (with friends, they have had cousins sleep over before). Their bff's live over the bridge and I often drop them off on Saturdays to play while I am at work since I work over the bridge (how awesome is their mom, Tug LOVES her!). Yesterday I picked up the kids and brought the girls back home to spend the night. I think a fun time was had by all (though I warned them that my house was NOT a fun place to be).

Another first. . . a FIRST BABY (different family). I don't know if they are telling non-family/close friends (though none of their non-family/close friends read this blog) so I won't spill the beans (unless she spills the beans in the comments) as to who is expecting BUT yay, yay, yay we are soooooo excited for them (it is about time).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Feliz Navidad

Wishing you and yours a very
From us and ours.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back up plan

For the past several months Tug and I have joked that our backup plan should he lose his job (or take a severe pay cut, or we decide this area is just way too expensive) is to move "home" with my mom. Home for her is El Paso, TX. Tug calls it north Mexico.

Of course this isn't really what we would want to do. I grew up in El Paso and NO WAY IN HELL do I ever want to go back there. Joke's on me though because guess which city was just ranked by Forbes as the #1 city where Americans are getting richer. According to the article, good old north Juarez is the city where incomes for educated workers are growing fastest. Of course if you actually read the article you see that the median pay rose by 19.4%. NINETEEN POINT FOUR PERCENT. . . huge jump—all the way up to a whopping $49, 100. Guess we will be staying put after all!
So sad to be missing out on the amazing scenery!

Oh, speaking of my mom. . . mom, we got more boxes, though we are still missing 2.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Someone clearly wishes to be left out of the will!

Monday, December 14, 2009


{j} running into the office with a package:

{j}: Mom, is this for me?
me: No, that is for someone else. I have to mail it off today.

{j} running into the office with another package:
{j}: How about this one Mom, is it for me?
me: No. Those are all for other people and I have to mail them.
{j}::sigh:: But I want another package. When will I get another package?
me ::ignores him::
{j} I know, how about you send the package and we follow to where it goes and the person opens it and then we share what is inside.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i need an answer

during school today {l} and {r} (9 and 6) asked:

But why did Woody have to get neutered. He can't have babies because he is a boy.

I just laughed. What would you have said?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I received an email today:
There are some new photos of the tree on the camera. Why don't you download them and do a new blog post for goodness sake.

Tug F*****, CSI, CDT

Certified ******® Specialist

******* Products

Cell ***-914-****

How nice of him to sign it so personally huh! (For those who don't know, the email is from my husband.) I should have replied "If your children didn't look like such vagabonds perhaps I might."
I was at work during these photos. I think I was at work. Maybe I was asleep on the
We have 2 couches, clearly I wasn't sleeping on that one. The kids decorated the tree entirely by themselves and I think it looks good enough for me to not try to change any of it.

And, for a family update:
*{l} hurt her foot yesterday during judo and says it hurts to walk. Funny thing is she hurt it doing roundoffs. We have been icing it and might give it another day before we deem it doctor-needs-to-see-her hurt.

*{r} now won't be going to rec gymnastics. Her coach has decided to place her in the next lower level class that is still pre-team. I have been trying to get her into that class but was told by another coach that, while she is young enough for the class, she was too tall for it. Her coach decided that the things she needs to fix are things they don't focus on in rec (hello, I have been saying this all along) and that if she went to rec she wouldn't be able to grow the talent she does have so they are just lowering her pre-team level. {r} is totally fine with it since it is still pre-team. Gymnastics really feels like an episode of As the World Turns!

*{l} has a consultation on Friday for braces. Apparently her bite is off and they need to fix that with braces at the ripe old age of 9. Why are kids so expensive??

*Off to get ready to go to Mass. . .

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I haven't been too inspired to do blog posts lately. I really think I am going to stop doing actual posts and just start putting pictures up of the kids for family and knitting whenever I actually complete something. Don't hold your breath.

'round here:
*we always stay up late. I really need to get to bed before 1 AM. Last night it was an intriguing episode of Hoarders keeping me up. Any time you feel like you are a bad housekeeper, just watch that show. Dumb thing is we have DVR and I could just record it and watch it another time.

*I am still sick, though getting over it—I think. I usually feel relatively ok (not good, but ok) during the day, but come evening/first thing in the morning I feel completely terrible. My eyes are better (might have just been drainage, and not actual pink eye) but this cough is really kicking my butt.

*Her coaches are again talking about moving {r} back to rec gymnastics so today she starts some private lessons with her coach. If they do move her it will be at the end of the month. For those who know her, she doesn't yet know so zip it.

*Late birthday presents are fun. {j} received a package in the mail yesterday from his Grandma Juju (Tug's mom) and he thought it was completely awesome!

*What kind of morally repugnant family would help someone on the run who killed 4 police officers for no apparent reason? Disgusting!! I am glad to know they 'caught' him.

*I am glad Notre Dame fired Charlie. Maybe now I can like them again. Tug is hoping they hire Skip Holtz.

*Ohio State will play the winner of the Oregon vs Oregon State game this Thursday. We are hoping for Oregon State (since I think Oregon would beat us).

*Today is the long day at the Y. . . 1-2 girls homeschool PE; 1:15-2 {j} gymnastics; 4:15-5 girls ballet; 5-5:30 girls private gymnastics ({l} will be taking 15 minutes until ballet session ends so {r} can have a snack between ballet and gym); 5:30-7:30 {r} gymnastics. {j} also usually has a swim lesson from 5-5:30 but the Y is fixing up the pool so it is closed until January (hallelujah).

Off to grab some lunch, do a math lesson then head to the Y. Yippy!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's been a while, eh? Sorry so lame about the posting lately. . . currently I am thankful that, though I am sick, it is just a bad cold. It could be much worse.

Oh yeah, and pink eye. How can I manage to be thankful for waking up this morning with pink eye?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Ahhhh, finally getting around to talking about the game. I know how anxious many of you have been!
When our family godfather Dan found out we were going to be going to the game he hooked us up with his brother-in-law who owns Plank's Cafe. They charter a bus from the cafe to every home game and have a designated parking spot in a tailgating section (oh and for those of you who are local, tonight they will have members from TBDBITL playing at the cafe, as they do every year, every Thursday before the Michigan game-get some pizza, it is good!) Dan is from Columbus but currently lives in Las Cruces and we know him because we worked for him when we were in college. He also sent his nephew some NMSU gear and he proudly wore it (for about 30 minutes).
unstaged photo. . . we were taking the picture of Matt to send to Dan when the next person walked on the bus and started choking him.

The bus has a PA system and John (Plank's owner) gets on it occasionally to say things like "It's 9:24 AM" and the rest of the bus says "and Michigan still sucks" or he says "Ann, what are we going to do today?" and she yells in a heavy smokers voice "We're gonna kick some ass!" This is Ann, though I don't actually remember her name.

This was our bus. Plank's doesn't own it, they just charter it.
Here is a shot of the parking lot. Apparently during conference/bigger games it is much more full.
Some of the other buses.

They had lots of beer, lots of brats and it was lots of fun!
Once it was getting close to game time we headed to the stadium—we didn't want to miss the band taking the field. Here they are getting ready to go in. . . you can barely see the green of the field at the end of the tunnel.
And here they are taking the field. . .
with Brutus waiting for them at the 50 yard line (we took our small camera which the kids now often use. It appears they have messed up the zoom.)
The start of Script Ohio. Tug ended up taking video of it so no more pictures of it.
The fuzzy team taking the field.
A picture of the entire stadium (from our seats.)
Though there weren't many, the Aggies actually had a few fans there. Apparently their backup QB is from Ohio and he got quite a few cheers when he took the field. I didn't know why people were cheering but heard later that they were cheering for him, and he promptly fumbled-poor guy!
First touchdown of the game. You can see our QB running it in for a touchdown. There were quite a few more as the Buckeyes won 45-0. Our alma mater did us proud though and held the Bucks to a scoreless first quarter. Tug joked before the game saying it was a win-win regardless of who won. I said, "Yeah right, if the Aggies win you are going to be happy?" I think he said something about hell and no and the Buckeyes better win.
Overall it was a fun time! If we are ever able to return I think I would rather go to a better game. . .perhaps a lower level in-conference game.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fingers Crossed

I never got around to showing pictures of the fingerless mitts I made for the Ohio trip. Believe you me, they came in handy!! I ended up not taking my scarf along. Well, I did take it to Ohio but didn't take it to the game. We went to the game on a tailgating bus and when we got to the meeting point it didn't seem that cold. Once tailgating at the game though, it was relatively freezing (even the natives were cold). Tug's teeth were chattering! I wasn't that cold though and I think it had everything to do with my hands being warm :)

Fingers crossed in the picture for a possible job opportunity. I got a call this morning from a lady I used to work for in NM. She is a psychologist and owned her own practice and I did her billing for her. She ended up closing up shop and moving to OK to be closer to her family. This morning she left a message to see how I was doing and to see if I wanted a job. I left a message back for her so am not sure what she is looking for though I think it would be the same thing which would be totally awesome. Fingers crossed that it works out.
For those wondering, I am still planning on doing the MT thing. I haven't applied to many places. . .I had planned to get on the job hunt once returning from Ohio but haven't really. If I am able to do the billing thing I would still look for MT work since the billing thing would be very part-time.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I am speaking English

Come on guys, it isn't that hard. It is even easier now that we beat Iowa. We are guaranteed a spot in the Rose Bowl and at least a share of the Big 10 title. If we beat Michigan this upcoming weekend we will be outright champions. If we lose then we will share the championship with any other team that has 2 losses in conference (currently Iowa, Penn State and Wisconsin). Every one has 1 more game so if we lose AND all 3 of those teams lose then we will still be outright champions (because we would have 2 conference losses, they all would have 3). If we lose and they all win then there is a 4 way tie (because all would have 2 losses). Either way, we get to go to the Rose Bowl because we beat Iowa, Penn State and Wisconsin in head-to-head competitions. Of course we still want to beat the hell out of Michigan!

photo from espn

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Keeping you in the loop

since I know most of you aren't. Of course, most of you don't care, but you really should so here is the breakdown.

The top 3 teams in the Big 10 this year are Penn State, Iowa and, of course, Ohio State. Now, Penn State lost to both Iowa and Ohio State so they are out of the running for the Rose Bowl. [Oh, I guess I should tell those who don't know, the winner of the Big 10 gets an automatic trip to the Rose Bowl (unless they go on to the National Championship game. Ohio State hasn't been to the Rose Bowl since 1996 because we have been to busy going to [and losing] National Title games when we win the Big 10.)
Iowa lost to Northwestern last weekend.
Ohio State lost to Purdue a couple weeks ago.
[Another tangent, for the conference title your out of conference wins/losses don't matter.]
Today Ohio State plays Iowa at Ohio State. Whoever wins this game will get the automatic bid for the Rose Bowl.
[Last tangent, whoever wins today gets to go to the Rose Bowl, but isn't necessarily the outright Big 10 Champion. If Ohio State wins today AND wins next week against Michigan they will be outright champs. If Iowa wins today AND wins next week they will be outright champs. Now, if Penn State wins their remaining games, Ohio State wins today and loses to Michigan and Iowa loses today but wins their last game, OR Iowa wins today and loses their last game and Ohio State loses today but beats Michigan then there would be a 3 way tie for the Big 10 Championship and Penn State, Iowa and Ohio State would all be co-champions since they would all have 2 losses. In those instances the tie-break for going to the Rose Bowl is whoever won head-to-head. Penn State has already lost to both Iowa and Ohio State so it is left to today's game for deciding who plays in the Rose Bowl. Oh, and in the Rose Bowl they will play the winner of the Pac 10.]
[Final, final tangent. Iowa is currently #10, Buckeyes are #11. However, we are favored in this game because Iowa's starting quarterback and running back got hurt last weekend against Northwestern. Oh, and because our defense is awesome.]
Did you get all that? Moral of the story,

picture from the game 2 weeks ago.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tis November 10th

And nary a day has passed since October 31st that I have not had a piece of candy. ummmm.

In other news, for those who saw the devastation post, devastation has been postponed. {r}'s coach has decided to keep her until at least December. We will re-evaluate then and she will either stay pre-team or move back to rec. I think her coach forgot she is 7 when she said to move her back down (well, her coach said she forgot she was 7 when she said to move her back down). Compared to their cousins, my kids are shrimps. Compared to others in her gymnastics class, {r} is a giant and her coach thought she was older. So for now, all is right in the household.
And here is an old picture of her from her first, and so far only, judo tournamentwhere she got a bronze medal (because I heard posts without pictures are boring).

Monday, November 9, 2009

Done deal

me: I don't want you to get bigger. Can you stay little please?
{j}: But I want to get bigger. I want to get as big as Daddy.
me: No. I want you to stay littler than Daddy. Stay little.
{j}: Please can I get big like Daddy. Please?
me: What if I make you a deal. You can get big like Daddy as long as you promise to still love me and let me cuddle you.
{j}: Deal.

Good thing I made that deal yesterday because he got bigger today!
Happy 4th birthday James.
We love you!!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Finally getting around to saying something about the trip. . . IT WAS TOTALLY WICKED. Tug was giddy the entire time, it was really cute! We stayed with my cousin, whom I haven't seen in nearly 20 years, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Thursday we went trick-or-treating (actually, our very FIRST stop on Thursday was at Chick-Fil-A. I love that place). Friday Tug and I walked around campus. Crazy to think I almost went there!!
This is heading across the Olentangy River onto campus. . .

Part of campus, near Eddie George's bar where we stopped and had some nachos. . .

Tug at Mirror Lake, which I kept calling Mirror Pond which is Tug's favorite beer. . .

The Ohio State part is part of the stadium and the glass stuff/cement in the foreground was some sort of student workout center that looked pretty awesome. . .

The Horseshoe (just for you Barb)

How sweet of them to put up a sign just for my kids!!

This is one of the entrances to the stadium (pretty sure it is on the North side). . . look familiar??

The triangle thingy is a tribute to Jesse Owens. My cousin's wife's father (so my cousin's father-in-law) worked for Ohio State as a planner and had some sort of influence on this memorial.

We saw a lot of band people going to practice. As we made our way around the stadium we saw the drum majors leaving. I should have made Tug take a picture with them. (fyi, this is not a drum major.)

After walking around the stadium (we never did make it to Buckeye Grove), we stopped at St. John Arena (I have never seen a basketball arena with seating going up so high) and saw pictures of all the old teams from various sports.

And once leaving SJA, we walked down Lane street and ran into this guy. I saw another one (dressed in fatigues) on our way in but didn't see him while we were walking. I was so bummed to find out these statues are no longer 'on parade' and are instead strewn about the city.

Tomorrow (or eventually) I will post pictures from the game. I know you are all dying in anticipation!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This is the first year (in a long time) we have been completely uncreative and just bought store costumes. We didn't get costumes until Tuesday night which meant slim pickings.
{s} as Dorothy
{j} as a Power Ranger
{r} as some sort of Diva Soldier I guess

and {l} as a Glam Genie

And here are our pumpkins. . .
I don't know why we didn't take any pictures in the dark of the pumpkins. My mom was sweet enough to take the kids trick or treating on Halloween. We were kinda busy at a football game. We did get to go trick or treating though because certain parts of Ohio have some crazy tradition where they go trick or treating on a day prior to Halloween. It sounds like most of the Columbus area does that (my cousin's city, Dublin, did it on Thursday night), but Cleveland does it on Halloween (not sure about further south). Tug and I were both disturbed by this tradition.