Monday, December 31, 2007

Graphic Designer

We went to Jessica's last night and got home late. Shortly after Tug and I went to bed Sugar came in and said she couldn't sleep--this was around 12:30. Needless to say she is still sleeping this morning and it is already past 10. This creates boredom in Boo so I let her design the new banner. You likey??

Thursday, December 27, 2007

They might be learning

Wow, the kids just might be paying attention during school. While driving home from Mass on Christmas Eve
Sugar: Can you turn up the radio (we often have the back speakers off because, like us, the girls are quick at picking up lyrics-luckily they don't often understand their meaning)?
T & R: No.
Sugar: Um, we heard this song the other night when Daddy was driving Boo and I...
T: Boo and me.
Sugar:...home from the store and I said he isn't following one of the Ten Commandments because he wishes he had Jessie's girl.

That provided me with a good little laugh. I, of course, couldn't let it go
Mom: Which Commandment is he breaking?
Sugar: Ah, though shall not...ah...covet thy neighbors, um goods?
Boo: No, thy neighbor's wife.
The next day Sugar informs me that she was correct because she isn't his wife.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Have yourself

A Merry Huge Christmas!
Here are the girls. Dig those hats (SP has hers too high in the pic)

Where's Ham you ask? He wouldn't participate...

And, here are the kids putting out the cookies last night. Funny how Ham would hang out by the cookies but won't pose for a pic.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Letters To Santa

These are the notes the girls wrote:

Hi Santa
I relly love you
Do you love Me?
(From Boo)

Santa Thank you for all the presents you give me. We are leaving 3 Macadamia nut cookies for you and a cup of milk. We are leaving carrots for the reindeers. I can name all 8 reindeer, Dasher, Prancer, Doner, Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Vixen, Dancer, and Rudolph! This year for Christmas I want, a knitting kit, rollerskates, mabey you could give me a picture of you Love,

I'm not sure if Santa likes macadamia nut cookies, but I know Tug does. Off to find a picture of Santa :)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hi there

Hi, I'm Candy Cornina. Can you guess why Tug named me this? Regina didn't want to use any of her "good" yarn and she didn't want to buy more yarn because she wasn't sure she would be able to complete me. She says if I am lucky she might make my dress so I don't have to be naked but who knows. I wasn't really built for standing so that is why I am crooked-oh and because one leg seems to be longer than the other. Perhaps I should get some of those shoes with lifts in them?

Bye-bye now. Can you see my thumb? Regina really thinks my thumb is cute!
Thanks Amy for finding the cute pattern! See her creations here
Pattern here

The cobbler

I must say, I never thought this would become of me but here is my latest project. Sweet Pea doesn't have any shoes for her Christmas outfit so I made her some.

I clearly need to work on my tension since the sizes are quite different but not too bad for my first attempt!

Pattern from

Candy Cornina is almost done. Perhaps her debut will be in the next few days.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Are you my buyer part deux

Hmmm, I don't recall signing up for secret Santa but we got yet another unknown-giver gift. This one was addressed to both Tug and me and it didn't have the invoice but it also didn't say who it was from. Any ideas??

Regardless of who it is from, we can't wait until the big game to use it!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas meme

Jessica meme'd me with this eons ago, but that was at the start of the crochet revolution and I forgot all about it until I saw Amy finally do hers so, here goes:

Wrapping paper or gift bags?
For Christmas I wrap. For other things I re-bag.
Real tree or artificial?
Real. As a kid we had this awful artificial tree and I now refuse them. In my teenage years we finally got rid of it. I think we used that lame artificial one for about 20 years.
When do you put up the tree?
No time in particular, just whenever we get around to getting it. This year it was a few days ago. I remember one time (teenage years) we got a FREE Christmas tree because we got it so late (think on Christmas Eve). Guess my mom figured since we no longer believed in Santa we no longer had to have a tree. That thing was massive too! We literally had to tie it to the wall to get it to stay up.
When do you take the tree down?
As soon as possible. Not the Catholic answer I know, but Tug and I are both pretty anal about getting it down. Think I can also attribute this to my childhood since I fondly remember one year having a competition with my sister throwing candy canes at the tree (point being to get them to stay on the branches) while watching Ms. America. Think it was around February.
Favorite holiday theme?
No themes here. We hardly have any decorations let alone a theme.
Favorite gift received as a child?
A red rider bb gun. Actually, I don't really remember any gift in particular. Probably just clothes. Oh yeah maybe when I got a 25 disc cd player (which broke about 3 months ago) but I wasn't a kid, think I was a late teenager.
Do you have a nativity scene?
We do, but now that you mention it I just realized we haven't taken it out this year.
Hardest person to buy for?
My mother in law.
Easiest person to buy for?
Sweet Pea since I haven't bought her anything. Guess all the kids really.
Worst Christmas gift you ever received?
The Christmas of my senior year of High School my mom's boyfriend bought me a James Dean mouse pad (I LOVED James Dean). Fine enough but what sucked was I didn't have a computer. There was a big box in the corner (this was in 1995, computers came in big boxes and lots of them) and I was anxious hoping my mom had gotten me a computer since I would be leaving for college later that next year. As kids we always got one big gift then some smaller ones. It ended up being a word processor which would have been fine had I not gotten my hopes up for a computer due to the mouse pad gift. Looking down, guess what my mouse is sitting on. :)
Mail or email cards?
Mail, with pictures. I don't do the Christmas brag letter.
Favorite Christmas movie?
I guess A Christmas Story-though I don't much care for movies.
When do you start shopping for Christmas?
When I am forced to and can put it off no longer.
Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?
I don't think I have but I wouldn't put it past me.
Favorite thing to eat at Christmas?
Food. I love all food. Ham if I have to pick something specific.
White lights or colored on the tree?
White only. Don't care for color--does this make me racist?
Favorite Christmas song?
Carol of the Bells
Travel for Christmas or stay at home?
Stay home. I have never needed to travel for Christmas but since we live so far from family now this may have to change occasionally.
Can you name all of Santa's reindeer's?
Without google? Here goes. Donner, Dancer, Blitzen, Cupid, Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Comet::should I google now to see if those are right? Rudolph and of course Olive, the other reindeer.
Angel on the tree top or a star?
Currently a star that Tug is complaining about so we will probably change it next year. As a kid it was an angel.
Open the presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Christmas Day. As a kid we used to go to midnight mass then to my aunts then open presents once we got home at about 3AM. This was fun and we might switch to this once the kids are a little older. We try to go to mass on Christmas Eve still though. Makes Christmas day much more laid back.
Most annoying thing about this time of year?
The new pc aspect of it. Happy Holidays, no public creche etc.
What I love most about Christmas?
Watching the kids open presents. I know sounds very secular and materialistic but I like how much fun it is for them.

If you read this blog and you have a blog, you've just been tagged. If you read this blog and you don't have a blog do the meme and email me your answers then get yourself a blog.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

O Tannenbaum

We were going to be out of town this entire week. Unfortunately one stretch of road where we had to pass had about 10 inches of snow and since Tug's mandatory meeting was cancelled so was our trip. The girls cried while I unpacked all the luggage I had packed the night before. To make them feel better Tug took them to get a tree yesterday. We then spent the day baking cookies (Tug bought the tube kind), listening to carols and decorating the tree (all Tug's idea). The girls were very excited to receive their first present today. It is from Auntie Erin and Uncle Chendo and they are anxious to open it since it is from their favorite place.

Off to the post office to cancel my 'hold mail'. Hmm, post office the week before Christmas, I should be in and out in no time!

The rest of the presents are for Tug and me from the girls. They picked random things from their room and wrapped them.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Like me, once my kids find a new hobby they work it to death (for at least a day or two). Last Thursday we got together with a few families to read Christmas stories and eat cookies (details with Jessica). Prior to going I told Sugar and Boo that Amy's girls knew how to finger knit so they begged to bring yarn with them to ask the girls to teach them. Sugar sat diligently while Amy's girls (two oldest, can't remember their blog names right now) taught her. Boo and Amy's youngest were more interested in the crafts and cookies. Once home, Sugar showed Boo how to do it and they are now both hand knitting freaks. This is how I found Boo the other night (marker on her arm). We now have lots of 'scarves', 'bracelets', and 'belts' to go along with their crocheted ropes.

Keeping the Sabbath Holy

Mom: Since you guys did a good job helping Daddy clean the kitchen today (Saturday) you can watch a movie during quiet time instead of cleaning your room; BUT, if you watch a movie today you will have to clean your room tomorrow because it is a mess!
Sugar: Did you know God doesn't want us doing hard work on Sundays?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Are you my buyer?

We received a package today. It was addressed to Tug so I opened it. It contained this jacket. We don't know who it is from.
Funny thing is it had the invoice and the bill to and ship to address are both listed as Tug. Tug says he didn't buy it. Best we figure is it is a Christmas present from someone, but who? Was it you? If so, please tell us so you can be properly thanked (unless you are a close relative, I mean who sends thank you cards for Christmas presents to their close relatives?)

I called Eastbay (where invoice lists) to ask who paid for the jacket. They say Tug did. I say no he didn't. They put me on hold. They come back and say it was purchased through Amazon so Tug must have an Amazon account and for me to go check his account. I say he doesn't have an Amazon account. They say that is weird. I say yup. They say I would have to call Amazon to try and find out more details. I say bye. I say "Tug, don't take off the tag until we figure out what's going on with this." Tug says "Too late." So, I don't call Amazon and we still don't know who this is from. If it was you, big THANKS!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Help needed

So, I made SP a new hat because the one with the beads was just killing me--totally don't like it. What I need help with is deciding whether or not to keep the flowers. I am thinking not, but what do you think? Tug doesn't like that it has so many colors, but I kinda do.
I think she looks like Amelia Earhart (spelling??). This was my first attempt at ear flaps. I don't think I am going to add any tassels to the ends.

And this is her Christmas hat. I am going to get a different ribbon. This one is transparent and I want one more satiny. Also the bow is tied too big but oh well, you get the gist.

Oh yeah, I changed my comments options so you can now leave them anonymously which means anyone can leave a comment and no account is needed. Be nice and sign your name though :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My new love

Ever since I found crochet this blog has taken a backseat. Don't get me wrong. I loves me blog BUT me blog can't provide Christmas presents to me loved ones like crochet can! So my new love and I have been busy and my old love has become the step child. Still sticking around. Still nagging me brain to update it. Still trying to think of quirky things to say when all I can think are sc's, dc's, rounds, and rows.
Anyhoo I am almost done with said Christmas presents. Just have one more hat to go (possibly 2 if I can squeeze the other one in, though I want to make the girls each a hat for their Christmas outfits, ARGH that's 4 more hats already when I just said I only have one to go)!
Except for that last hat (wait, last 2 hats) all presents are wrapped and mailed (THANKS in large [all] part to a wonderful hubby).
Tug just told me I have too many hobbies. Wait til I start trying my hand(s) at knitting. Oh and sewing. Oh and maybe embroidery. Too bad I don't have any culinary interests!

Slight funny-I helped teach in Sugar's CCD class on Sunday. The teacher was giving a lesson on being nice and posed the question "If you had a friend over and your mom gave you 2 pieces of cake and one was bigger than the other what would you do?" Sugar raised her hand and said "Cut the bigger one in half." Don't think she quite got the concept.


Monday, December 10, 2007


I made Marlboro Man's favorite sandwich for dinner tonight (from pioneerwoman). The girls begged to help so I let them. As we sat to dinner
Boo: Thanks for dinner mom.
Sugar: Thanks for dinner mom.
Ham: Gank you, ma.
Tug: Yeah, thanks for dinner mom. Tastes great.
Boo: Thanks for cooking dinner Boo.

Tug also commented that the sandwiches tasted especially good tonight. I said perhaps it was because the girls helped. He then said "Oh, so it has a little slice of love!" As if I don't cook with a slice of love! The nerve...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Action Figures

Yesterday I went to an Arbonne party. I wasn't suckered but the lady who sells the Arbonne stuff also sells Blessed Toys. I got suckered. I decided to get Ham a Goliath figure and a David figure. Tug complains when he plays with the girls' dolls so I thought these would be great for him. I called Tug on my way home to tell him the good news.
T: So how was your party?
R: Good.
T: Did you buy any Arbonne crap?
R: No, but I did get some toys.
T: Toys?
R: Yeah. She also sells Blessed Toys and she brought them since I didn't go to the last party.
T: Oh, what'd ya get?
R: Well, you know how you always complain that Ham plays with the girls' dolls? I got him his own. A Goliath and a David.
T: Oh good. So, to keep him from playing with dolls you got him dolls?
R: What? I thought you'd be happy.
T: For him to have his very own dolls?
R: But they are for boys. Goliath is big with big muscles and David has a sling shot.
T: Boy dolls.
R: Argh. They are for boys. It's better than American Girl stuff.
T: Dolls.
R: They're like GI Joe but bigger. Like action figures.
T: OH. Action figures. That's great. Cool. David and Goliath action figures. They can beat each other up. Awesome.
R: So now you think it's fine.
T: Well, yeah. They aren't dolls, they're action figures.

Along the same lines, today I had to stay and help in Lauren's ccd class after Mass so Tug took Sweet Pea and Ham with him to the grocery store. One of the things on the list was new toothbrushes for the girls. In the car on the way home the girls asked him what kind of toothbrushes they got.
T: I got you the same crayola ones and Ham got a SpiderMan.
R: Why'd you get Ham a new toothbrush too? He didn't need a new one.
T: I don't know, cuz he was there and kept saying Doe-a, Doe-a (Dora the explorer) so I said 'No, you aren't getting Dora. Here, you get SpiderMan'.

Friday, December 7, 2007

The few, the proud

Alright, so these probably aren't Marines but it made for a good title--advertising works.
Again received in an email from Tug's uncle. Funny he gets so much Buckeye stuff considering he went to Duke.
Good to know our country is in the hands of people with big brains!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mmmmm Salty

I have a little thing I like to do to Hammie. I like to eat him. He is just soooo tasty. I love nibbling on his ears, neck and nose. Yes his nose. He has such a cute little button nose-I just can't resist. (Can you guess where this post is going)?
We went to pick Tug up from the airport tonight around 5 so he suggested we stay in town and get dinner-I NEVER turn down eating out. After dinner while we were piling into the car I put Ham in his car seat. Well his little nose was right at eye level so I just had to stick my mouth around it. Then I said, rather casually "Hm, something salty. I think I just ate a booger."

This then started a discussion on boogers between Sugar and Boo. The only thing I took from eavesdropping on the conversation was Boo saying "Boogers don't taste salty!" Wonder why she would know.

Comment Confusion

There appears to be a problem with comments on blogspot right now. I have not deleted any comments--Duh, they make me look like I have actual readers. I am also not getting the emails to let me know that a comment has been left. Jessica is having the same problem so it isn't just me. Just letting you know in case you leave a comment but then find it MIA.
Resume hiatus

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Oh fiddle I'm up to my middle in yarn
It would seem I am on temporary hiatus from blogging. I don't mean to be I am just so involved in the crochet projects right now that I am finding little time to do much else. It wouldn't be that big of a deal except that all the projects are ones that have to be mailed so I need to get them completed quickly.
Oh heck I'm up to my neck
It could be worse. I could be completely boring you by posting pictures of these projects. Don't worry (or do, whichever the case may be)-regular posting will start shortly and the hilarity will again resume.
Oh dread I'm up to my *hmph*

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

How long

I wonder how long a person can crochet non-stop before they develop carpel tunnel syndrome or arthritis? It isn't a good sign that my hands are sore and slightly numb and I am not even halfway done with my Christmas projects! I need one of those little project percentage done things on my blog like Amy has, though I think it would only depress me.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Lions, Tigers and Toucans

Oh my.

Tug recently said I am obsessed with crocheting. I have finally come to terms--by George I think he is right (bye, buy?). It started with the hats. I took a shot at one of the ones for the girls and liked how it looked so of course I had to do another for the other girl. Tug started getting annoyed at Hammie putting on the flowered hats so I had to do his. Then I couldn't leave Tug out so I had to do his hat. This weekend the girls insisted on wearing their hats to mass so one had a coordinating scarf. Well yesterday I had to start on the other coordinating scarf and finally finished it today. I had plans to go to bed early tonight then made the mistake of looking at and found some adorable "safari sniffers". I thought they would make a cute present for Hammie and the girls (maybe stocking stuffers) but wasn't sure I could do it so I just had to try. I have finally finished the lion (at the very bottom). I need the orange, yellow and purples so I will have to finish the others later. But if I plan on giving them to the kids I can't do it when they are out here so I don't know when I will get around to doing them. Maybe I will just say they are for other kids when they ask that way I can do them during the day.
Oh yeah, my mom also wants me to do a hat for my aunt--though she lives in El Paso which never dips below about 80.
Oh and my sister wants one too.
Oh and Tug wants me to figure out how to do a Buckeye helmet one.
Oh and I thought I might do one for one of Tug's aunt who actually lives somewhere that it is cold enough to wear a hat.
Why didn't I figure out this crochet thing back in April or something. Of course I wouldn't have thought far enough ahead for Christmas present anyway but still...


This was suppose to post last night but didn't for some reason so here is a pic of the lioness (for those who are too lazy to click the link)

For my critics, I tied them uneven but they are not sewn uneven.
Last night my mom asked me if I am trying to be Martha Stewart. Absolutely not, she went to prison--though that might be a fun escape, especially cupcake prison like the one where she was.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's Official

Alrighty--BCS bowls have been announced and we are going to the National Title Game in Louisiana against LSU (practically a home game for them). Oh yeah, we are #1, they are #2. Now for the background story, Les Miles (LSU's head coach) went to Michigan, played football for Michigan, met his wife at Michigan AND coached under Bo Schembechler. Now, before LSU's game yesterday (SEC championship game) Herbie announced that his sources told him Miles had accepted the Michigan job. Miles then came out (about 2 hours pregame) and said there was misinformation going about and that he was staying home in Louisiana. He later (after the game) said he is a Michigan guy and will always go for the blue especially when they are playing Ohio (jackalope didn't even say Ohio State) but that he was staying at LSU. Well it now looks like he will get his chance at beating Ohio State without going to Michigan.
I am nervous! Another SEC team. Another long layoff. Hopefully not another debacle! If we lose I can only hope it is at least close. We certainly aren't the best team and we certainly stand a good chance of losing but hopefully there will be redemption.
Off to update widgets and whatnot...


I suppose it only fitting that on this first day of Advent I have a creation post. First, here is our Jesse Tree with today's ornament (for lots of Jesse Tree info and ideas visit Jessica). I made the ornaments out of clay and the kids helped paint them. This is our first year doing a Jesse Tree and I am really looking forward to focusing on "the reason for the season" (I've always thought that was a cheesy quote).

And, here are my newest hat creations. We lucked out when we noticed that a scarf I made last year matches the hat Sugar is wearing (in the group photo). I am still working on a coordinating scarf for the hat Boo is wearing. The other pic is just a closeup of the flower. Daddy insisted Ohio State colors for his and Hambone's hats.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

USCCB and movies

I just read this article saying the USCCB gave a glowing endorsement of The Golden Compass. It also says they favorably endorsed Brokeback Mountain. I can only hope (and pray) that faithful Catholics (and any others who happen to look to the USCCB for movie reviews) do not fall for this endorsement!
Hmm, wonder if I will go directly to H-E-double hockey sticks for calling them idiots. Go directly down, do not pass Purgatory, do not collect $200.

Careful what you wish for

West Virginia has lost to Pitt. That's #2 West Virginia. That is no longer #2 West Virginia. Because of this it appears Ohio State will indeed make it to the National title game!! With about 10 minutes left in the game Oklahoma is beating Missouri but that isn't as important anymore other than to cause confusion as to who the other team will be in the title game. I just heard on ESPN that if it stays this way LSU should be #2 and we will be #1. Of course Mark May says something like "I don't like the way Ohio State is making it into the title game. If it is against LSU I think LSU will win." What about the way LSU is making it into the title game. They lost TWO times this season and were ranked #1 both times!! ARGH, I hate Mark May.
I won't update widgets or our bowl location until the BCS rankings come out tomorrow. Ohio State doesn't get much love and I truly wouldn't be that surprised if the pollsters somehow rank them as #3.
Oh yeah, I would rather play Mizzou SO disregard that last post and start cheering for Mizzou (though it doesn't look likely).

Sooner Schooner don't crash now!

Today is the day. I don't generally go for Oklahoma--don't much care for them. Truth be told, I NEVER root from Oklahoma. NEVER, that is until today. Should they beat Missouri we are going to the Nat'l Championship game. So, whether it's Boomer Sooner, Okies from Muskogee or lyrics from the musical...

And when we say
Yeeow! Ayipioeeay!
We're only sayin'
You're doin' fine,
Oklahoma O.K.

...all I can say is GO OKLAHOMA!
Hopefully Missouri will "show me" a loss :)

Friday, November 30, 2007

Ro Ro Romantic

Mr. Boombastic.

Last night Tug went to bed about 15 minutes before I did. Apparently I woke him up when I got into bed. We chatted for a bit then all went quiet (he was laying on his back because he went to the chiropractor earlier in the day). About 2 minutes later he says:
"Do you want to (I won't say what he actually said but it was very crass and probably worse than you are imagining)?
I couldn't help but laugh hysterically and say "Where did that come from?" (at, to. sorry inside joke, I just couldn't resist. Do you get it?)
Tug: "The romance vault."
Regina: "Nice. Goodnight Dear."

Seen on a restaurant sign while driving home yesterday:
Eat Out. The wife you save may be your own.
Ain't that the truth. Hmmm, if ain't ain't a word would it be incorrect to leave out the apostrophe?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nighttime routines

Tug and I have different sleeping needs. He needs to cuddle, I need my space. We have a larger than needed king-size bed that HE insisted we buy. I distinctly remember his sales pitch to me being "We won't even have to touch!" Well, I took him up on it and he has reneged. Now he insists that he can't go to sleep without spooning first. I indulge him--he gets 5 or 10 minutes of spoons. As soon as I hear him snoring I nudge him with my elbow, we kiss, say I love you then he rolls to his side and I sprawl out on mine. During spooning we usually talk a little about our day. Actually I should say I talk to him. On more than one occasion he has fallen asleep while I am mid-sentence then try to recover by muttering some completely off topic response. Other times he gets mad because I ask him work questions which he says get his brain going and now he will never be able to fall asleep--though he is often snoring within a few minutes. Gosh, tangent again. So last nights spoon convo went a little something like this:
R: Did you check out the blog today?
T: Um, I don't know. Maybe, why?
R: Cuz there is the cutest picture of Sweet Pea...
T: Oh yeah. She has a huge smile in it.
R: I know. She does have a big smile and a huge cheesy hat!
Tug then kinda laughed, kinda exhaled a big breath.
I gently moved my foot forward then back again allowing my heel to find his shin.
T: Her hat isn't cheesy honey.

New hoo hoo math

I got this in an email from Amy. My sister-in-law's publicly educated kids are doing everyday math and I kept wondering what it is. If you wonder too watch this explanation. If your kids are doing everyday math but aren't yet in 4th grade here is what you have to look forward to for division and multiplication. It is long but if you are interested in what our kids are learning, or need help understanding how to do their homework, it is worth watching.

All I can say is...HUH? How is that easier or more efficient than what we were taught? Also, if the logic is to just use a calculator why bother teaching spelling. Computers have spell check after all. Oh and why even bother with reading. Most books are on audio tape now too.
Here is another link that is just funny about new math --not as long and it made me laugh and scratch my head.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm outta here

As I have said before, I hate dinner. I hate everything about dinner. I hate having to think up things to make for dinner. I hate having to go to the grocery store to get those things. I hate making dinner. I hate, oh wait I like eating dinner--I mean you can't go around hating EVERYTHING can you? The only other thing I like about dinner is when I am in the car picking it up-even better is when hubby does it. Anyhoo, hubby was home this evening but was on the phone for work so at about 5:20 I took things into my own hands and jumped into the car- figured if he was on the phone he couldn't complain about what I was getting. I took the kids with me because when he is on the phone for work it means he is locked in our bedroom and won't come out for any reason (I did leave SP home though, figured she can't really get herself into any trouble). I didn't tell hubby I was leaving. About 15 minutes after I left the following phone conversation took place:
ring, ring
R: Helloooooo
T: Hey, where are you?
R: I am out getting dinner.
T: Oh, why didn't you tell me you were leaving?
R: You were on the phone.
T: Oh, well you could have interrupted me (this is SOOO not true, he would have been pissed if I had interrupted but whatever). Why'd you take the kids?
R: Cuz you were on the phone. You wouldn't have known that they were out there (meaning rest of the house) alone. I left SP though.
T: I know, I see her here sucking on her hand. I came out of the room and couldn't find anyone. I kept saying "Hello, hello" but no one answered. I finally looked out the window and didn't see your car (he should consider a career move to private investigator).
R: Well, I'm just out getting dinner.
T: Alright. I thought maybe you'd finally left me for good. Then I realized the kids weren't here.
R: Ah yes, your first clue is that I have the kids with me. If I have the kids with me then I clearly plan on returning.
T: Right.
R: Now if I leave one night without telling you AND I leave the kids at home then you should worry...

Hat Model

Here is my newest creation. I think it looks a little too homemade--trying to be creative with the beads but methinks it looks too cheesy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Speaking in truths

Got this picture in an email from Tug's uncle.
Ain't that the truth!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Just because

I was sitting on one couch, Tug on the other facing each other. We watch as Hammie, who is between the couches, starts playing with a Barbie
Regina: He really needs a brother!
Tug looks at me with a slight smirk, eyebrows feverishly going up and down.
Regina: I'm speaking hypothetically here. I mean in theory...he needs a brother.

Sweet Pea is in her crib now and Hammie is in his bed. I say now meaning tonight is the first night. Ham went to bed first then I fed SP and Tug put her in bed. Hammie was still awake. I went in and said goodnight to H and reminded him not to get out of bed. A few minutes later I hear Ham:
"Shay-ah...Shay-ah. Baby. Baaaay-beee."
I quietly walk to his room and find him standing on his bed, bending forward screaming at the crib "Baaaay-beee. Baby, baby. Baaaay-beee."
Hmmm, guess he didn't break any rules there.
Oh, I put SP to bed tonight at 8. We will see if she adjusts her schedule and goes the full 12 hours until 8 tomorrow morning.
Tug just found Eddie Murphy Raw on TV. Off to let the hilarity ensue!
Lillian cannot use the telephone...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Did you see that?

Did you see what number we are? Scroll down to the bottom of the blog, I'll give you some time...



go scroll already...


Welcome Back,
That's right, The Ohio State University Buckeyes are now #3!! Here's the deal, LSU (formerly #1) and Kansas (formerly #2) lost this weekend so we have moved up to #3. Missouri (#1) has to play Oklahoma for the Big 12 title next weekend. West Virginia (#2) still has to play Pitt. We are done with our season and are sinisterly rubbing our hands in the clubhouse. Now, WV should easily beat Pitt so Missouri vs Oklahoma is our best shot. They played earlier this season and OU won but that doesn't mean much. I generally dislike OU but next Saturday night I will be screaming loudly for those Sooners! Our consolation prize (if we don't make it to the national championship game) is still the Rose Bowl which is nice enough but it would still be great to slip n' slide our way into the Championship game for a shot to redeem ourselves from last year--of course we could make fools of ourselves again but let's just think happy thoughts!

Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner...


I was finally able to complete a crochet project (more affectionately known around here as crotch-et). I think it was about 5 yrs ago when I first saw the most adorable blanket in a Martha Stewart Baby magazine which got me started crocheting. I should say it got me started on buying yarn and crochet needles. It turned out to be harder than I expected. Last year I made the girls some scarves (so I guess those were my first completed projects) which are easy enough but I have been trying for nearly a year now (off and on) to try and do a hat. I was having a TERRIBLE time getting the ring figured out--which basically starts the hat--so I would get nowhere. Finally after 2 consecutive days of trying, I got it. And here is the finished hat.

I feel an explanation of the colors is in order--as I said I was having a hard time getting the ring right so I finally started using the brown yarn because I was tired of wasting my other prettier yarn. Go figure, the one that finally works is with the brown. So I added the blue which seems to be in vogue these days and am going to send it to my brother for his newish born son. Oh and it is suppose to roll at the bottom, part of the design :)
Tug now has an order in for scarlet and grey ones for the kids.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Elfin' fun

Have you been elfed yet? We have!!
Fun times, you should try it.

Tired Turkeys

Thanks Sean & Jessica for spending Thanksgiving with us! We all had a great time! The adults had fun playing sequence and euchre--girls being the big winners. Jessica was sweet enough to bring a craft with her for the kids. I didn't take a pic with all the kids but here are the girls' turkeys. Jessica and I had a good laugh at Boo's with her one feather and big eyes. Who knew pine cones were so poky--we have some craft battle wounds.

And, this is what happens when you spend a day playing with friends not napping. The next day you fall asleep on the couch with Daddy.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Last week I went over some of the traditions of The Ohio State University (the The is another tradition by the way, if you say Ohio State Univ, you have to say the THE) and said I might tell of some of aTm's this week. Well, I forgot; but today is the aTm/ut game so I figure better late than never. Now most of these are from memory but I am guessing if they were traditions when I was there, they are still alive and well...
Bonfire-probably one of the most beloved traditions when I was there. It has changed though because in 1999 during build it collapsed killing 12 students and injuring 27 others. Before this accident bonfire was held on campus. It was always lit right before the UT game. Months before students can sign up for 'cut'. Students go cut down the trees to get the logs ready to stack for bonfire. I think the next stage is 'stack'. There is a long log that is used as a pole to anchor bonfire. All logs then are around this center pole in a tiered manner. At the top is an outhouse and usually a mile marker of the freshman class (I was a 'fish' in '95, class of '99 so there would be a '99 on top). Cut and the actual building of bonfire go on 24 hrs/day. For actual bonfire, the band would start on the south side of campus and march north to where the site was. Bonfire is basically midnight yell for the UT game. After bonfire (next few days) people would go and light cigars from it and collect ashes. I still have my ashes. In the spring they have re-plant where students go and replant trees since they cut some down. I did re-plant, and went to bonfire but didn't participate in any of the building of the bonfire.
Midnight Yell: The night before each home game everyone goes to Midnight Yell in the stadium. At midnight we practice our cheers. aTm does not have cheerleaders, they have yell leaders who are all male. To become a yell leader you have to run for it and get voted in by the students (kind of like running for class president). Yell leaders wear all white and conduct the yells basically with their arms. Some people go to yell with dates, at the end of yell they turn the lights off for a bit and you are suppose to 'mug' your date (mug is the aTm term for make-out/kiss). You also mug after each touchdown at games.
Football games: Aside from mugging at games, you also have to stand the entire game. aTm is home of the 12th man and standing is to show we are ready and willing to go in if needed. At the end of the 3rd quarter we sing the Fight Song and are suppose to get "off the wood" which means to get off the bleachers (you stand on the cement behind the bleachers). At the "saw varsity's horns off" part we lock arms and sway side to side. At the end of the song you whoop depending on your class (freshman: "aaaaaaaaa" arms up in the air, sophomore: "aa aa aa" shake arms in front of you, junior: "a-whoop" shake arms once for the 'a' then hold them like a gun for 'whoop', senior:"whoop" hands like a gun). If you are a lower classman and you do an upper classman whoop they can make you push (do push-ups) BUT an upper classman can give you their class privilege for the day.
You can also be told to push for saying certain words. The only one I can remember is 'elephant' which was a senior word.
Guess that's all for now, though there are many more like dunking your ring (when you get your class ring you drop it in a pitcher of beer then chug the beer until you get your ring back), elephant walk (seniors walking around campus before they graduate), the Corps of Cadets wearing beer caps for losses (freshmen have beer caps on their shoes kind of like spurs that they have to wear the next Monday at school if the football team loses a game) among others.
Oh I almost forgot one of the best traditions. I think it was the first Tuesday of the month (though not sure on that)--they have Silver Taps (if needed). Here everyone gathers in the middle of campus. All (most) lights around campus are turned off and everyone is silent. The firing squad marches in perfect formation (I don't know how many are in it but it sounds as if only one person is walking in). The names of currently enrolled students who have died are announced then they do a 21 gun salute and play Taps 3 times for those people. aTm is actually a military school which many people don't know so that is why there is a Corps of Cadets (to be in the band you have to be in the Corps), why they play Taps and why you are considered a former Aggie (never an ex-student).
Oh yeah again, they also don't say UT, instead t.u. And when doing longhorns symbol with your hands you point them downward. And you say beat the hell outta (whoever your are playing) and they say howdy and gig'em, and you don't walk on the field unless you are a football player (or for other legitimate reasons) so you will never see Aggies rush the field after a big win and you don't walk on the grass or wear your hat inside Memorial building. Some of my facts may be slightly off, but I think most of this is fairly accurate. And a fun fyi-the drill team at the beginning of A Few Good Men are the aTm Fish Drill Team (the guys who fling their rifles around in unison). Oh and at aTm fish means freshman.
Alright off to watch the game, last I saw the Aggies were actually beating the hell outta t.u. :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Birthday

all you turkeys!
If you have your speakers turned down, turn 'em up for the Adam Sandler Thanksgiving Song (edited to be ok for the kids).
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Leaf me alone

In preparation for Thanksgiving the kids made turkeys yesterday. The turks were just sitting on the counter this morning when sweet little Hammie grabbed Boo's and ripped one of the fingers (feathers) off. After calming Boo down I taped all 3 turkeys to the door of the hutch that holds our books. Initially they weren't suppose to be decoration but I thought they looked kinda cute so I decided to leave them up. However, I thought the 'decorations' looked a little scant so I let the kids watercolor some paper that we then cut into leaf shapes.

Thanks Jessica for the leafy idea!


It appears I am qualified to homeschool :)

You Passed 8th Grade Science

Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!

Wow, this is totally inaccurate!

You're Totally Sarcastic
You sarcastic? Never! You're as sweet as a baby bunny.

Seriously, though, you have a sharp tongue - and you aren't afraid to use it.

And if people are too wimpy to deal with your attitude, then too bad. So sad.


Just sharing some pics of Hambone. These were taken at Boo's final soccer game last month.

Wow, 5-head.

He finally caught me. Told you he doesn't like the camera. Rotten turd!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Talking to God

During Religion today:
Mom: So, tell me what you just read (they were reading while I was in the bathroom with Hammie--NO, he didn't actually have to go)
Sugar: Peter's name was changed.
Mom: What was his name before?
Sugar: Peter.
Boo: Simon.
Sugar: No, Peter. It says right there "Peter gets a new name".
Boo: No, it said Simon first.
Mom: Well, I'll read it again and we will see. (start reading, Sugar realizes she is wrong). Still reading "Jesus used the word "Cephas," which meant "rock"..." Oh yeah, I guess I've never talked about this before. Did you know Jesus didn't speak English?
Both have a very quizzical look on their face.
Boo: So when I get to Heaven Jesus won't be able to talk to me?

Spirit of Christmas

Amy has given me (among others) the Spirit of Christmas award.

What is the Spirit of Christmas you ask?Quite simply it is those that have a
generous and giving nature. Those who care about others. Those who have a
kind word to say or a broad shoulder to lean on in the times that others
need that. Those who display the "Spirit of Christmas".

Boy do I have her fooled :)

And now for someone who truly deserves it, I award
Humble Mama

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Awhile ago I posted how fun it is to watch Brett Favre play football. Well, now I go and find this. Interesting--never knew this about him!

More PhotoShopping

Having more PhotoShop fun. Here are some pics of the punks that I tried to make kind of 'pop'. I really like this one of Sugar--seems like it is kind of glowing.

This one of Boo has the same effect to it but it seems a little softer to me.

Same again just in color.

Here I did the same effect initially then tried to soften the background to enhance the horse mouth.

My pesky brother-in-law with a stroke effect in the background.

And finally a peacock with a neon effect added
only to the bird.

WAIT a second. Punks, pesky brother-in-laws!! I guess PhotoShopping ranch pictures made me think I was her for a second.

Continuing the theme

Speaking of college traditions after each game the Ohio State football players go over to the band and sing the alma mater Carmen Ohio. That is what is playing today so sing along if you'd like just remember at the end to do the O-HI-O with your arms...

Oh come let's sing Ohio's praise
And songs to Alma Mater raise
While our hearts rebounding thrill
With joy which death alone can still
Summer's heat or winter's cold
The seasons pass the years will roll
Time and change will surely (truly) show
How firm thy friendship ... OHIO!

There are actually 2 more verses but above is what is typically sung.

Since the Buckeye regular season is over maybe next weekend I will fill you in on some Texas A&M traditions, it is the aTm/UT game after all...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A rose in our mouth

Ohio State 14, Michigan 3.

We could have had another touchdown but with 2nd and goal on the 4ish yard line Tressel decided to take a knee and let the clock run out.
SO, we are again the Big 10 Champions and are now headed to the Rose Bowl (provided those ranked ahead of us win out; otherwise we will back our way back into the National Championship game but that isn't likely).

There is talk of the Michigan coach (Lloyd Carr) retiring at the end of the season. With a 1-6 record against Tressel I sure hope not!!

Beanie Wells had something like 222 rushing yards and 39 carries. Go Beanie Baby.

Hart and Henne (Michigan running back and quarterback) came back for their senior season with the sole goal of beating Ohio State. Poor, poor them will have to leave 0-4.

Alright, now to update the widget to countdown to the Rose Bowl.


all pictures taken from

Friday, November 16, 2007

Do Not Disturb

The day has finally arrived. GameDay starts at 7AM here on the West Coast and the game is at 9 so my entire morning is completely occupied--hope the kids can find something to do, hope Sweet P finds someone to feed her...
Unfortunately Tug has to work so I have strict instructions to email him the play-by-play. Now, for those of you who do not normally watch college football but decide to this weekend (since the game is going to be on nationwide ABC) PLEASE adhere to the following rules:
1. If you do not normally watch and the Bucks start to lose, turn off your tv immediately!
2. If you do not normally watch but your spouse does and they start to lose, the tv can stay on but you must leave the room.
3. If you have left the room and they start to win you might be tempted to come back and watch again-DO NOT!!!
4. If you haven't been watching and the Bucks are losing, then you start watching and they start winning, please keep watching. Actually take it one step further and remain in the position you were in when they starting winning-you are allotted commercials to get drinks or go to the bathroom, but once the game is back on return to said position.
5. If the Buckeyes lose, DO NOT leave any comments on this blog regarding it or refer to it in ANY manner to me.
6. If the Buckeyes win, find as many blogs as possible of wolverine fans and rub, rub, rub it in!!!

College Football Traditions

I think one of the things I love most about College Football is the tradition that goes along with it. My freshman year of college I went to aTm which is a school rich with such traditions (I graduated from New Mexico State which is a college rich with tumbleweeds, dirt, and not much else). At aTm I loved going to midnight yell, standing the entire football game, and going to bonfire before the UT game--I still have my ashes (see, I only went there my freshman year, if I had graduated from aTm I would have written t.u.).

Most people wonder why a girl from Texas is such a huge Buckeye fan. Well, my dad is from Ohio (most of his family still lives there) and we grew up wearing Buckeye regalia--I still remember my Ohio State Snoopy shirt. I actually applied to Ohio State and got accepted but decided on aTm because it was closer and out-of-state tuition for OSU would have been something like $24,000/year (I don't remember exactly how much it was but it was a lot, especially since my mom was single handedly paying for 3 kid's college, me being the youngest).

I was lucky enough to find a fellow Ohio lover in Las Cruces, NM and for the past few years we have gladly shelled out $100 each season for ESPN Gameplan just to watch. 2 years ago we were given tickets to the Fiesta Bowl and got to watch our beloved Buckeyes in person (Tug has been to a game at the Shoe, he lived in Hilliard for a bit).

WOW, this whole post is a big tangent to explain why I am posting this video of the OSU Marching Band (dubbed The Best Damn Band In The Land) doing script Ohio, which is one of their awesome traditions. I wanted everyone to have a chance to witness its awesomeness and share in some of the fun we have every Saturday :)

Video is from 2006 Ohio State/Michigan game

Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is what happens

when Daddy isn't home and Mommy has had her fill of the kids. Surprisingly he had just gotten a bath, guess he decided he wasn't done. Of course, the girls are the ones who came into the living room, screaming that their brother was in the tub. Luckily when he turned the water on it was cold.