Sunday, December 9, 2007

Action Figures

Yesterday I went to an Arbonne party. I wasn't suckered but the lady who sells the Arbonne stuff also sells Blessed Toys. I got suckered. I decided to get Ham a Goliath figure and a David figure. Tug complains when he plays with the girls' dolls so I thought these would be great for him. I called Tug on my way home to tell him the good news.
T: So how was your party?
R: Good.
T: Did you buy any Arbonne crap?
R: No, but I did get some toys.
T: Toys?
R: Yeah. She also sells Blessed Toys and she brought them since I didn't go to the last party.
T: Oh, what'd ya get?
R: Well, you know how you always complain that Ham plays with the girls' dolls? I got him his own. A Goliath and a David.
T: Oh good. So, to keep him from playing with dolls you got him dolls?
R: What? I thought you'd be happy.
T: For him to have his very own dolls?
R: But they are for boys. Goliath is big with big muscles and David has a sling shot.
T: Boy dolls.
R: Argh. They are for boys. It's better than American Girl stuff.
T: Dolls.
R: They're like GI Joe but bigger. Like action figures.
T: OH. Action figures. That's great. Cool. David and Goliath action figures. They can beat each other up. Awesome.
R: So now you think it's fine.
T: Well, yeah. They aren't dolls, they're action figures.

Along the same lines, today I had to stay and help in Lauren's ccd class after Mass so Tug took Sweet Pea and Ham with him to the grocery store. One of the things on the list was new toothbrushes for the girls. In the car on the way home the girls asked him what kind of toothbrushes they got.
T: I got you the same crayola ones and Ham got a SpiderMan.
R: Why'd you get Ham a new toothbrush too? He didn't need a new one.
T: I don't know, cuz he was there and kept saying Doe-a, Doe-a (Dora the explorer) so I said 'No, you aren't getting Dora. Here, you get SpiderMan'.

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Salve, sancte parens! said...

I pulled up your blog at Kristi's open house tonight to show her and a couple others the darling hats you made... We were all cracking up at this post! Too funny!

Salve, sancte parens! said...

oops! I'm signed in a hubby... Sorry bout that :-) You know who I am!

Salve, sancte parens! said...

that was suppose to be "as" not "a"...

Are you sick of my comments yet! :-/

The Wades said...

max got a kick out of tug's turn around. (i guess he can totally relate.) those toys sound interesting. might have to investigate. love

Auntie Nee said...

Maybe I should send a Diego Doll oops "action figure" to Hammie for Christman