Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sooner Schooner don't crash now!

Today is the day. I don't generally go for Oklahoma--don't much care for them. Truth be told, I NEVER root from Oklahoma. NEVER, that is until today. Should they beat Missouri we are going to the Nat'l Championship game. So, whether it's Boomer Sooner, Okies from Muskogee or lyrics from the musical...

And when we say
Yeeow! Ayipioeeay!
We're only sayin'
You're doin' fine,
Oklahoma O.K.

...all I can say is GO OKLAHOMA!
Hopefully Missouri will "show me" a loss :)

2 people are laughing with me:

Jessica said...

WOW! Your up late too!

Jessica said...

SO???? Who WON???