Friday, December 21, 2007

Are you my buyer part deux

Hmmm, I don't recall signing up for secret Santa but we got yet another unknown-giver gift. This one was addressed to both Tug and me and it didn't have the invoice but it also didn't say who it was from. Any ideas??

Regardless of who it is from, we can't wait until the big game to use it!!

3 people are laughing with me:

Erin said...

It's from Christian & Erin!!!!! The best gift, right? It gave us a HUGE chuckle when we saw it, as only the most diehard fans would ever think it's cool. Christian gets all the credit--he found it and wanted to get it for you!

The Wades said...

I'm a little shocked right now. Stop lying, Erin! You know it's from Max and Michelle! You're welcome Regina. We saw it and knew you'd love it. Eat some chips for us. Love ya :)

Erin said...

Who's the liar??? Stop taking credit for our gifts, thief! ;)