Saturday, December 1, 2007

Careful what you wish for

West Virginia has lost to Pitt. That's #2 West Virginia. That is no longer #2 West Virginia. Because of this it appears Ohio State will indeed make it to the National title game!! With about 10 minutes left in the game Oklahoma is beating Missouri but that isn't as important anymore other than to cause confusion as to who the other team will be in the title game. I just heard on ESPN that if it stays this way LSU should be #2 and we will be #1. Of course Mark May says something like "I don't like the way Ohio State is making it into the title game. If it is against LSU I think LSU will win." What about the way LSU is making it into the title game. They lost TWO times this season and were ranked #1 both times!! ARGH, I hate Mark May.
I won't update widgets or our bowl location until the BCS rankings come out tomorrow. Ohio State doesn't get much love and I truly wouldn't be that surprised if the pollsters somehow rank them as #3.
Oh yeah, I would rather play Mizzou SO disregard that last post and start cheering for Mizzou (though it doesn't look likely).

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