Monday, March 31, 2008

The Grotto

Yesterday we headed up to Portland—we went to The Grotto and took Renee to the airport today. If you are ever in PDX, I highly recommend visiting!

poor video quality cuz I had to make it smaller to upload

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Unimportant news

So first there was the great unifier who has a wack-job  as a spiritual director and now there is Mrs. gonna-save-all-our-homes-from-foreclosure who has a campaign manager that serves on the board of a corrupt lender

Only in Oregon can a 'husband' be pregnant. Alright, not ONLY in Oregon, but it isn't surprising that it is happening here! My favorite line from the story is "Despite the fact that my belly is growing with a new life inside me, I am stable and confident being the man that I am." Um, sorry but just because you had your boobs lopped off and you took testosterone, you didn't become a don't get pregnant...oh yeah and they don't have a vagina. (WARNING, the link takes you to the story which is in a gay magazine.)

Jeff Gordon has the pole for tomorrow. Hopefully the DuPont Chevrolet team can get their heads out of their butts and get a win. I wonder if he will finally have Tyvek on the bumper?! (Hah, just saw this while editing—NO, this 'pole for tomorrow' link does NOT link back to the gay magazine).

Ohio State is in the NIT tournament, and if they win their next game and Florida wins theirs, there will be a rematch of last year's NCAA Championship game (for this year's NIT champ). 

In case you aren't keeping up with the NCAA tourney, there are no more Big 10 teams (both Wisconsin and Michigan State lost last night, Purdue and Indiana lost earlier) and there are no more catholics (Xavier lost today and earlier losers include Notre Dame, Villanova, Gonzaga, Georgetown, Mount St. Mary's, Marquette, the University of San Diego, St. Mary's College (Gaels), Siena College, and St. Joseph's—little 'c' intentional...I think Saint Christopher has been busy). 
Aside from March Madness, I hate college basketball...I REALLY hate the NBA. 

Keeping with the basketball/Catholic theme, I saw this earlier today on ESPN. I love the uniforms, and the nun bucket brigade...

Is any of this news interesting? Can any of it actually be called news?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Where to begin

My internet has not been working today. This happens on occasion when Charter is doing work in the neighborhood and I figured today was one of those days, especially since I saw a Charter truck being pulled out of a ditch in our area just yesterday. I couldn't take it any longer so I called Charter about an hour ago to see what was up. Turns out our service was disconnected because the payment I made was returned from the bank for insufficient funds. WHAT?? I always have some 'float' money in the account because the money we use to pay the rent comes from Tug's 15th of the month paystub, and just sits in our account until it is due on the first so, though I already deduct it from my check ledger, that 'extra' money is there. Since I couldn't verify my bank account stuff without my internet I just paid it again via credit card over the phone. Once the internet was back up I checked my account and, sure enough, there is plenty of money in it but there is also no Charter deduction. Best I can figure is I entered a number wrong since each time you have to re-enter your check account # and the bank routing # (but neither the guy on the phone nor Charter online will show me the numbers I entered). Annoying. 

On to funner things (no, funner isn't a word). Last night Tug and I went out on a date. We went to dinner at a local steak place (WAY overpriced for what we got but it was worth a try, lesson learned) then to watch Vantage Point—decent enough flick. Renee was sweet enough to watch the kids. I am teaching her to crochet (her choice over knitting) and she is working on a purse that she will felt. We went to the local yarn store yesterday so she could get her own hooks and possibly some yarn. Turns out the LYS has mostly knitting needles, and are assholes. Boo was walking to another area of the store and tripped then landed on the bottom ledge of a book holder which really hurt so she started crying. I was walking towards that section when the yarn store worker comes up to me and says "Will you go get her!" I apologize profusely, get annoyed with Boo, start to get frazzled, and send the kids and Renee to the car while I pay for my hank. I ask biotch to wind the yarn—turns out she can be nice but only because she can't get it to wind correctly. It took about 15 minutes and she didn't even finish, I finally said I would just take it and finish getting the knots out at home. Once back in the car I apologize to Boo saying I know it was an accident and that I shouldn't have gotten mad at her. Poor thing has a pretty wicked bruise on her leg. I think I might stick to the internet for future yarn purchases...I really want some Socks that Rock-Rooster Rock
And, on that knitting note, I finally finished the Thorpe hat. I REALLY need to work on my joining when using circulars (as can be seen in the second pic) but overall I am pretty pleased. I am still afraid of dpn's so instead I used the magic loop method (one circular) and I think it looks just fine.  I don't love this colorway but I didn't want to buy any new yarn so this is the best I came up with from my stash.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I've been spending wasting the past couple of days getting reacquainted with an old friend. It's been a long time snood snooderama, I'm glad you are back in my life! 

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To shun-WoW Week 4

to avoid deliberately and especially habitually (as taken from merriam-webster dictionary)

Hmmm, I am shunning all responsibility for today's weigh-in. It is all my sister's fault. Some families provide good influences for each other—mine does not. Since her arrival on Friday I have eaten horribly. It is not my fault, it's hers. Oh, and it is Jesus' fault for picking this past weekend on which to rise. And Tug's fault because he let me eat whatever I wanted. And my children's fault—MOST of all my children's fault—for making me fat in the first place. I am simply a victim to my scale.

This week: +4 pounds

Auntie Nee: gets a pass since my scale is a 'fat' scale that is usually a minimum of 2 lbs higher than other scales (including doctor scales)
Bonnie: also gets a pass since Auntie Nee is not there to ask her
Amy: WOW, down 5!
Michelle: +2
Miguelita: -1.5...validity in question ;)
Kimberly: -2 (see comments for inches lost). Highly motivated, highly dedicated...wonderful!
Jamie will be joining in next week...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Multnomah Falls

Ham was in the backpack carried by Tug.

SP was in the front backpack carried by me. I just want to be able to prove to her that she was with us—without me actually being in the picture. 

Pretty moss covered trees. 

Happy Easter! We went to a friend's house for dinner and had a great time. Hope you all had just as wonderful of a day.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Big Sissy

My big (and only) sister is in town visiting—it is her first time here. To make it cheaper she flew into Portland and we went and retrieved her. She had seen somewhere something about Multnomah Falls and asked if we could go so we did. I planned on uploading some pictures but blogger isn't letting me—anyone else having this problem? Annoying I tell you. 

On a side note I have made a conscious decision to put the diet on hold over the weekend. I mean I have to show my sister some of my favorite local restaurants right!?  It also doesn't help that I have lost zero pounds the past few days. I am planning on NOT going overboard (hoping not to at least) and starting strong again on Monday :)
See you on the flip side.
Have a great Easter!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Um, could you help me? I know you are busy and the girls think it is fun to come and entertain me in my crib while I wait for you but this morning they took it a step further. Now I can't get them to leave me alone. Mom. Mmooommm, oh there you are. It's about time you know, I've been crying for awhile.

Hey, where are you going?

Oh, why'd you get the camera?

What's that mom? You think I look cute? Well thanks! I don't know, I think the bow makes my cheeks look big.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Week 3

Woo-hoo, almost a month down ladies! Good job!! 

This week I didn't stick to the goal of only weighing myself 2 times. More like 2 times per day. I did stick to the first week of FF though. I sort of cheated 2 times. Last Friday the kids had fish sticks for dinner and I took a small bite of one. I felt bad though so after chewing about 3 times I spit it out (gross I know, sorry).  Also for St. Patty's Day we went to a friends and I had a small bowl of split pea soup. The soup had ham in it which I would try not to eat but I am sure some slipped past. OH WAIT, one more. That same Friday night for dinner I had mushroom soup. I thought it was totally fine but Amy informed me it probably had cream in it which I didn't even think to check so that cheat is questionable-might not have been a cheat at all. That's it and I even went to TWO parties this week where there was lots of chips and bad food. I took a salad with me to one and an apple with me to the other to try and avoid the temptation—oh and I stayed out of the rooms where the food was located.
Alright, to the numbers. This week I lost a total of 7.6 lbs BUT 1.3 of those were gain back so I'm not counting those. 

Week 3 total: -6.3

Weekly goals:
Continue FF phase 1 
Increase water, making sure to drink at least 8 C per day
On Good Friday do the full fast again (Fast Track Detox)
On Easter Sunday NO CHEATING!
I might start exercising again but am nervous to...might not 

Auntie Nee: -3. WOW, super good job!!
Bonnie: no update this week, she is out of town
Michelle: -1. STILL losing!
Amy: +1. Just pick up again, don't spiral from here. You can do it, I was in the same spot last week!
Jessica: -1. Strong and steady. Good job. 
Miguelita: +2. She wants to defend herself but is at a friends house. Explanation coming...
Kimberly: -2. See comments for further info and a cool virtual model link. Thanks Kimberly, you are doing fantastico!

Forget the easy button

Update: I am keeping this post at the top until raffle end (2 weeks). Please scroll down for new posts. 

Hit the donate button. Head over to Jessica's blog and read about her Easter Hope Challenge to benefit the Hadley's. Once you've read the post click on the donate button on the upper right sidebar. 
Good luck, I hope you win a cool basket and I pray that a good chunk of change will be raised!

if you don't use paypal, and are one of my peeps, send me a check and an email letting me know you are doing it and I will have her add your name into the drawing--I'll even give her the check :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tax Rebate

Want to know how big your 'economic stimulus' check will be? Grab your 2007 tax return and head over to

Southern Drawl

Tug and I argue often when I say I am from the South. Growing up in TX should count but it was far West TX and he says I am actually from North Juarez, Mexico. Well ha, ha. I took the yankee or dixie quiz (no Northern Mexico option) and:
    76% Dixie. That is a pretty strong southern score!
The proof is in the pudding. Actually, I don't consider myself a Southern belle, more a southwestern burrito. 

Found quiz via Amy

Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

Here are a few pics from our day. Hope you guys had as much fun as we did.


I have a mom. What's that? Oh, you have one too! Wow, we have so much in common.

Anyway, my mom likes to suggest that I lose weight, you know just for my health (she says). However, she is also the mom who will suggest I lose weight then make enchiladas, tacos, or fried pork chops with mashed potatoes when visiting. I was speaking with her on the phone the other day and she was asking how the diet was going, the specifics of the diet, yada yada yada. On Saturday we received 2 boxes from this same woman containing various things including FIVE boxes of these
Um, 'thanks' mom!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Not it

So, Jessica didn't actually tag me for this meme but I have nothing to talk about today so I am going to do the meme anyway. 

Here are the rules...
1. When tagged place the name and URL on your blog.
   well, i wasnt tagged so i dont have to follow this rule
2. Post rules on your blog.
3. Write 7 non-important things/habit/quirks about yourself.
   everything i write on this blog is non-important
4. Name 7 of your favorite blogs.
   again, since i wasnt tagged i might not play along
5. Send an email/comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged.

On to the list...
1. I started driving when I was about 13. I did not have a license until I was 18. While my mom always let me drive she would say "If you ever get pulled over, I am going to say you stole the car." I took my chances. Once when my mom was out of town my sister and I had a 'few' friends over. One of the friends wasn't really in a position to drive but tried to anyway. We tried to stop them and caught them down the street. Someone left the passenger door of our car open to try and convince the other driver to get out of their car. That driver decided to step on the gas hitting the open passenger door. Somehow we managed to get the door to close again but it would no longer open so we knew we had to tell my mom something. I said to my sister (who was not a good liar) "Just let me take care of it. You don't say a word to mom and just agree with what I say." I told her we were at the grocery store when a car pulled into the spot next to us hitting our door. She asked if we called the cops and I said no because we don't have licenses. Years later I told her the truth. 

2. I bite my nails. I have bitten them for as long as I can remember. I love long natural nails but can't seem to let mine get there. The only time they do get longish is when I am pregnant. I think the prenatal vitamins help. 

3. I have Fred Flintstone feet. They are small (getting bigger though with each child, I was about a 6.5 now I am about an 8), wide and I have short, fat toes. I hate my toes.

4. When Tug and I first met we despised each other. I mean bad. I couldn't stand him because I thought he was a know-it-all, and he would say the same about me. I don't know exactly when it started to change but eventually I began to respect him. Once I was single (after knowing him for probably about 1.5 yrs) we started dating. A year later we became engaged and 10 months later we got married. Now after nearly 9 years of marriage I am glad I changed my mind :)

5. I tend to grammatically correct people. I can't help it. I correct my kids all the time so it has become habit. If I do it to you please don't take offense. And if I need correcting feel free—at, to.

6. When I was about 13 a new under-18 club called Hot Rocks opened in our town. My sister (2 yrs older) was allowed to go but I wasn't. I was pissed. My mom went out for the night and while watching her drive away I started screaming and banging on my window. My window broke. Luckily it was just cracked, not shattered. In my true liar form I called my Grandpa who lived down the street and asked him to pick me up because I thought someone had tried to break into our house. The next day my mom went to get me from his house and said when she had the window fixed they would be able to tell her if it had been broken from the inside or the outside. I confessed. I think I was a bit of a brat growing up.

7.  One of my biggest regrets is not having gone to Ohio State. I only applied to 2 schools—Texas A&M and Ohio State–and got into both but decided to go to A&M even though I really wanted to go to Ohio State. Basically I chickened out. It was going to be pretty expensive so I used that as an excuse but really I was just scared to move that far from home. Turns out it wouldn't have mattered much since I ended up transferring to NMSU my sophomore year but I think it would have been a blast at OSU. A&M was fun, but Ohio State is (I'm guessing) way better!

That's all for now. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A little birdie told me
today's a special day. 
It's the celebration
of a 9 year olds birthday. 

I know her real name 
Here's to you sweet girl,
I hope your day is more than plain!

Blarney Stones

I thought I would share this fun St. Patrick's Day craft—making Blarney stones. They have to dry out for several days so if you want in on the action you better start soon.  

We are going to a friends for St. Patrick's Day so we thought we would make some and added some trinkets inside. I had hoped to put SP medals but our local Catholic store had none. So I just put
whatever I could find there—general crap that neither the child nor the parents will want :) The pictures are of stones that have yet to be baked. They are slightly more greyish once done. Ours are smaller than those in the directions but I had to make 23 and was getting tired of brewing coffee. Each stone has a little prize inside and the kids use a hammer to break them open to get their prize. We've seen how much kids like hammers!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Call me coach

I received a call last night that Sugar's soccer team needed a coach. Apparently the parent who was the coach last season had declined to coach again (he might be out of town for work a lot and didn't want to commit since his schedule is somewhat up in the air) but the soccer coordinator didn't know that so she was trying to fill the slot at the last minute. Sucker that I am I hesitantly said yes. Something like "If you can't find anyone else call me back..." I got a call  back. Luckily I know the game (played from age 8-22ish) but it has been years and 4 kids since I've truly played. Also I don't like 'teaching' or being in front of people, even kids (just ask our Little Flowers coordinator). So I am now the soccer coach for Sugar's team. Well, I should say Sugar and Boo since I was able to move Boo up from Kinder league to U-8. 

Sorry Renee but our first practices are the week you are in town—Tues and Thurs nights will no longer contain any fun. 

Week 2

Do I really have to update? 

Let's just say this week wasn't as good as last. Nowhere near—opposite in fact. I gained weight. It is quite frustrating really since the week started great with me exercising daily. Unfortunately I also weighed myself daily and got discouraged when I started gaining weight even though my eating was the same and I had started exercising. All downhill from there. I didn't go completely overboard, but I wasn't as strict and this morning's weigh in reflects that. But there is no 'i' in quit. Oh, there is no quit in me! So I am saddling up again, just with a different horse. I find that I am better able to stick with an actual diet as opposed to a generic "I am going to eat better" so after seeing Barbara's success with Fat Flush I have decided to give it a go. I like the whole detox idea and while I don't think it will be easy, I do think it is doable.  I am much better at restricting my food than incorporating exercise. That being said, I am going to eventually begin exercising—I've always thought a toned body is nicer than a thin one. 
So, how was your week? Better than mine I'm sure. 

Week 2: +1.3

Week 3 Goals:
*Follow FF phase 1
*Weigh self no more than 2 times 

Other's Updates:
Auntie Nee: -.5
Bonnie: -.5
Michelle: -3. show off Very good job!
Amy: -1. Good job!
Jessica: -1. Excellent.
Miguelita: -1 Muy bueno.
Kimberly: -9 total, another overachiever (see comments). Awesome!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Attempt: Tie floss to looseish tooth. Tie other end of floss to fan blade. Turn fan blade on. Fan spins slightly, jerks child's head, then stops. Tooth still firmly in place. 

Second Attempt: Use floss pick to slightly lift looseish tooth, tie floss under/to tooth. Tie other end of floss to football. Have child stand on one end of the room, throw the football, hear a ting on the ceiling, look at child who now has blood running down gums. Begin 30 minute search for tooth. Finally find tooth on other end of the room. Success
Mom's role: question child as to why she listens to her father's insane tooth pulling ideas. 

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Around Here

In my attempt to continue exercising, I put SP in the backpack and went for a walk. I thought I would share some of what I saw. Now, we live in a boring house in a boring subdivision but just down the street it turns rural. Don't worry, there are only 8 pictures. 

And, just to show how unfair life is, here is a picture my 
cousin in Ohio emailed me. This was taken yesterday and out her backdoor. Notice you can barely see the dog's legs. 

Saturday, March 8, 2008


One of my WoW goals for this week is to exercise 4 days for at least 30 minutes. Last week I didn't exercise at all and lost 3.6. This week I have exercised EVERY day and I have gained .6!! ARGH. My eating has been the same (aside from Thurs. night, but Fri. morning I was still down a pound). I have come to the conclusion that exercise is over-rated. Naps are what is needed—or to stop weighing myself 3x/day.

(don't bother with the muscle weighs more than fat. it has been 3 days of exercise. the fat has yet to be transformed)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Mein Kampf

I remember recently reading a lot of news from Germany regarding homeschooling and not allowing it. Turns out they speak German in California--where is the Governator from again?

{Last night Amy, Jessica and I went out to dinner and a movie (Fool's Gold, not too golden) and I think I gained back all 3.6 pounds}

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fresh Air

We have had nice weather for the past few days and today I finally let the kids out. 

This is more in line with my idea of exercise.

Why yes, that is the sweater I made for SP—thanks for asking. I will get proper pictures once I find buttons for it. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Come home

And, before you ask, yes it's all true...

H/T: mommylife

Zippity doo da

My oh my what a wonderful day.
I finally got my camera. WOO-HOO. Time to try and figure it out...

Week 1

We are off and running. Well, I wasn't running but some of you may have been. This past week was decent. I was making better choices but not a completely clean week. Exercise was non-existent. The first day I did the treadmill but the second day I couldn't move my neck so the rest of the week I did nothing. Fortunately this is the stage where if you just change a little you will get at least some results (especially since last Tues. night I had pizza for dinner then went to DQ for a large DP and a waffle bowl turtle sundae). I had ZERO Dr. Pepper this week-a victory in itself!

Goals for next week: 1-Continue to clean up eating (NOT clean my plate when eating). I am not going to track calories or F/P/C grams but will eventually get to that. 2-Exercise at least 4 days for at least 30 minutes. 

First week weight loss:: 3.6 lbs

Others' updates:
Auntie Nee: - 3
Bonnie (Auntie Nee's coworker): -.5
Michelle: -4. Good job with your exercising! 
Jessica: -.5
Amy: 0. Not too shabby, considering it was your birthday. 
Miguelita: -1.5

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And now for some sad news

Tug just came out of his 'office' and asked if I had checked today. Nope I said so I went to go look. OH NO, say it isn't so Favre! My Brett is retiring. This makes me so sad. I love Brett. Tug said maybe he will get a sportscaster gig but that isn't the Brett I love. I don't like Brett Favre the man. I didn't like Something About Mary cuz he was in it. I love Brett Favre the football player. I don't even like pro football, but I like me Brett. ::sniff, sniff::

In second sad news, I thought I would forgo lunch and just have some cookies Tug got last night. I am looking through the pantry, nothing. I go into his office figuring he has them for after lunch dessert. I look at his desk, he looks at me, I look at him, he says "they're gone." Now I am having a protein shake with strawberries and a banana instead. 
Sad news indeed. 
Oops, I just realized I forgot to put the actual protein powder in the shake.

Not on Channel 1

In could be cool news:

There might be a new magazine for kids coming out, kinda like a Catholic Highlights. Per Christine's blog, "In order to publish this magazine, the editors need to show their prospective publisher that there is a market for it. If you have been looking for a Catholic children's magazine, please visit St. Mary's messenger and fill in their form, stating that you would like to read the magazine. Filling in the form does not mean that you are obligated to subscribe when the magazine is printed. A PDF sample of the magazine is available on the website." So get your tails wagging and head over to the site to get this magazine printed. 

In what is taking so long news:
I am still working on that sweater for SP. It is almost finished. I am down to the last 6 rows of the final sleeve. Well that is the last of the knitting. I then have to sew the whole thing together. I am relatively certain that the pieces won't fit properly together.

In more what's taking so long news:
Remember that camera I won? I have yet to receive it. I emailed the seller asking for the tracking # on a Thurs. It took him until the following Mon. to respond saying that he would get it to me the following day. On Tues. he wrote that his misplaced the package and that it would go out the following day. He then gave me the tracking # and has it scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I've got a funny feeling about the whole thing. Mostly I just feel that the camera is in fact not going to be in "mint working condition" but I am going to open it outside in case it is a pipe bomb or contains ricin.

In undying devotional love news:
My absolute favorite, can't be replaced, love of all time sister-in-law under 30 is Erin. She claims to get no blog love while her sister gets it all SO I just wanted to put that out there. Besides, she is a quasi-celebrity. Well, actually she isn't BUT she works at the law firm where Obama met his wife AND where Miss USA (don't know the year) works AND I think she has seen a few bona fide celebs in Shy Town SO she is way awesome. Oh, and her husband wears big, white, pimp sunglasses. How much cooler could one person be? Not much I say. 
fyi-I have not drunk the Obama kool-aid

It's her birthday

And she'll cry if she wants to

Cry if she wants to
Cry if she wants to. 
You will cry too
When you turn 32.

So what if 32 isn't her real age? So what if she isn't crying? 
Happy Birthday Amy Caroline
the inspiration for me to (once again) try crocheting and take the plunge into knitting. I am SO glad I've had the chance to get to know you! Sorry to make you wait but come Thursday night we are going to party like it's 1999. Regal Theaters, watch out!! 

Monday, March 3, 2008

I cannot be trusted

I have a sister-in-law. Technically I have 3; however, there is but one who is a royal pain in my arse. I am not going to mention names, but she knows who she is. If you've read this blog for any length of time you probably know who she is too. As per usual she needed computer help today (she often needs computer help and will call me for it even though we live thousands of miles apart—I like feeling needed). She had previously signed up for sitemeter but it wasn't showing up on her blog and she didn't know why (fyi, I only have one sis-in-law with a blog). I was busy schooling the kids so:
R: Just give me your sitemeter password and I will look at it later.
H (for Her): Well, I tried it before but I don't know why it isn't there. I will just look again.
R: I can do it later but you have to look at sitemeter first. Just give me the password.
H: (I don't remember the actual asinine comment but it was just as silly) Oh look, the sky is blue.
R: OK George Costanza, if you don't want to give me your password you don't have to.
H: laugh, laugh, laugh
R: You are really holding out on me. I can't believe you won't give it to me. ::Huff::
Then she had the audacity to say
H: You can't be trusted.

I have babysat her kids numerous times. I am listed as the person to raise her kids if she dies. I have birthed her favorite nieces and nephew {the validity of those last 2 statements can and should be questioned}. And yet I can't be trusted with a simple silly sitemeter password. Whatever!
The story continues later in the afternoon when, like a beat dog, I call her and say if she has the time I can now walk her through the process. She goes to her computer, tries to log in and has an invalid password. Justice!