Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Week 3

Woo-hoo, almost a month down ladies! Good job!! 

This week I didn't stick to the goal of only weighing myself 2 times. More like 2 times per day. I did stick to the first week of FF though. I sort of cheated 2 times. Last Friday the kids had fish sticks for dinner and I took a small bite of one. I felt bad though so after chewing about 3 times I spit it out (gross I know, sorry).  Also for St. Patty's Day we went to a friends and I had a small bowl of split pea soup. The soup had ham in it which I would try not to eat but I am sure some slipped past. OH WAIT, one more. That same Friday night for dinner I had mushroom soup. I thought it was totally fine but Amy informed me it probably had cream in it which I didn't even think to check so that cheat is questionable-might not have been a cheat at all. That's it and I even went to TWO parties this week where there was lots of chips and bad food. I took a salad with me to one and an apple with me to the other to try and avoid the temptation—oh and I stayed out of the rooms where the food was located.
Alright, to the numbers. This week I lost a total of 7.6 lbs BUT 1.3 of those were gain back so I'm not counting those. 

Week 3 total: -6.3

Weekly goals:
Continue FF phase 1 
Increase water, making sure to drink at least 8 C per day
On Good Friday do the full fast again (Fast Track Detox)
On Easter Sunday NO CHEATING!
I might start exercising again but am nervous to...might not 

Auntie Nee: -3. WOW, super good job!!
Bonnie: no update this week, she is out of town
Michelle: -1. STILL losing!
Amy: +1. Just pick up again, don't spiral from here. You can do it, I was in the same spot last week!
Jessica: -1. Strong and steady. Good job. 
Miguelita: +2. She wants to defend herself but is at a friends house. Explanation coming...
Kimberly: -2. See comments for further info and a cool virtual model link. Thanks Kimberly, you are doing fantastico!

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Michelle said...

On Sunday morning I was down 3 lbs, but then we ate at a friend's house. I really didn't think I ate that much but I still haven't recovered. From last week, down 1 pound. This does not bode well for next week and the Easter season.

Great job to you, though!

Kimberly said...

Outstanding Regina!!

Tally for the week: 2 lbs. lost and one inch off hips and waist for a total of 12 lbs. in 19 days and 6.25 inches!! I can fit into my April Cornell Easter dress!!

BTW: You should check out My Virtual Model. This is such a motivational tool. Simply create your model with your current weight, height, etc. Then create a model at your goal weight. Astounding! I printed my and posted both on my mirror. It's a real motivator!

Amy Caroline said...

You go girl!! I am so proud of you!!
I am going to read that book, wean myself off the java and join you!!

Amy Caroline said...

Ok, that virtual model thing is evil!
Ok, you are right, motivational. Sigh.

Auntie Nee said...

Ok so i got yelled at. SORRY. I lost 3lbs this week. I cant tell you how bonnie is doing as she is out of town. I WANT TO DO THAT WHEN I AM VISITING (FF). So to ya'll I will meet in a couple of day see you soon and to those of you who I wont have a HAPPY EASTER and keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

it appears that there may be a 'slight' issue regarding comments on a certain blog...

A certain grandmother (Betty, if I recall) happens to have a daughter-in-law and a daughter running current blogs. There may just be a LITTLE sensitivity between these very dear souls (mothers who teach their children to love uncoditionally and to show caring and respect for all).

I try to keep a low profile because I rarely am agressive (ok, perhaps in a few games of trouble and chinese checkers back in the day). I do not usually participate in the family times playing board games because there is a certain 'air' during these time, (who's kidding whom; Atilla the Hun would have learned from their cut-throat ways!)

I was defending a very small helpless animal, (ok, he is supposed to weigh 8 or 9 pounds and he weighs probably 15) on a certain blog only to draw just a slight bit of fire (boy can these two emote through the ethers, my new computeris smoking). How dare I respond on one and not the other (oh wait, I do recall a comment from Betty on a previous blog).
I shall retreat to my era, and write letters on my type writer so not to contribute to the Hatfields and the McCoys. I will spend my days cooking, cleaning and ironing like a good wife should do because of course we were always taught to be the best example to our children. (I am sure you would not understand the reference to my idols, June Cleaver and Betty Crocker).

I will close for now and will continue to ask for peace in the world (or at least in Albq. and Grants Pass).

Wounded Betty

The Wades said...

Man--Betty never write and then THAT comes out of her! Wow.

I'm just not going to comment about my two pound gain. Why bother. Hopefully I'll do better next week. Love