Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Week 1

We are off and running. Well, I wasn't running but some of you may have been. This past week was decent. I was making better choices but not a completely clean week. Exercise was non-existent. The first day I did the treadmill but the second day I couldn't move my neck so the rest of the week I did nothing. Fortunately this is the stage where if you just change a little you will get at least some results (especially since last Tues. night I had pizza for dinner then went to DQ for a large DP and a waffle bowl turtle sundae). I had ZERO Dr. Pepper this week-a victory in itself!

Goals for next week: 1-Continue to clean up eating (NOT clean my plate when eating). I am not going to track calories or F/P/C grams but will eventually get to that. 2-Exercise at least 4 days for at least 30 minutes. 

First week weight loss:: 3.6 lbs

Others' updates:
Auntie Nee: - 3
Bonnie (Auntie Nee's coworker): -.5
Michelle: -4. Good job with your exercising! 
Jessica: -.5
Amy: 0. Not too shabby, considering it was your birthday. 
Miguelita: -1.5

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Auntie Nee said...

Ok so my co-worker and I are doing this. Bonnie has lost .5 lbs this week and I have lost 3.

Michelle said...

I lost 4 pounds. Did two miles on the treadmill twice and 1 mile on our beautiful Saturday...but then no more. Well, I did some situps yesterday while the dog was on the treadmill, but they won't help me lose weight.

Jessica said...

sniffle... sniffle... I only lost half of a pound... Eating out this past weekend, in addition to the cheesecake, killed most of my efforts...

But then again, I was down 3 pounds last Wednesday after having the flu... So I guess overall, I did good!!

Good job Regina!!

Amy Caroline said...

0 lbs... :p

And how do you al come up with this .5 business? You must have good scales!! I have the cheap kind, lol.

Good job everyone! I guess Michelle won this week! Congrats!

The Wades said...

Yesterday I was down 2.5 lbs--today only 1.5. Oh well. Guess it's a step in the right direction. I had four days of really good work-outs. (two days I was down with a bad back.) Good job to everyone else. Amy, you don't stink. You weren't up. That's always a plus. Have a good week this week!