Friday, November 30, 2007

Ro Ro Romantic

Mr. Boombastic.

Last night Tug went to bed about 15 minutes before I did. Apparently I woke him up when I got into bed. We chatted for a bit then all went quiet (he was laying on his back because he went to the chiropractor earlier in the day). About 2 minutes later he says:
"Do you want to (I won't say what he actually said but it was very crass and probably worse than you are imagining)?
I couldn't help but laugh hysterically and say "Where did that come from?" (at, to. sorry inside joke, I just couldn't resist. Do you get it?)
Tug: "The romance vault."
Regina: "Nice. Goodnight Dear."

Seen on a restaurant sign while driving home yesterday:
Eat Out. The wife you save may be your own.
Ain't that the truth. Hmmm, if ain't ain't a word would it be incorrect to leave out the apostrophe?

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Nighttime routines

Tug and I have different sleeping needs. He needs to cuddle, I need my space. We have a larger than needed king-size bed that HE insisted we buy. I distinctly remember his sales pitch to me being "We won't even have to touch!" Well, I took him up on it and he has reneged. Now he insists that he can't go to sleep without spooning first. I indulge him--he gets 5 or 10 minutes of spoons. As soon as I hear him snoring I nudge him with my elbow, we kiss, say I love you then he rolls to his side and I sprawl out on mine. During spooning we usually talk a little about our day. Actually I should say I talk to him. On more than one occasion he has fallen asleep while I am mid-sentence then try to recover by muttering some completely off topic response. Other times he gets mad because I ask him work questions which he says get his brain going and now he will never be able to fall asleep--though he is often snoring within a few minutes. Gosh, tangent again. So last nights spoon convo went a little something like this:
R: Did you check out the blog today?
T: Um, I don't know. Maybe, why?
R: Cuz there is the cutest picture of Sweet Pea...
T: Oh yeah. She has a huge smile in it.
R: I know. She does have a big smile and a huge cheesy hat!
Tug then kinda laughed, kinda exhaled a big breath.
I gently moved my foot forward then back again allowing my heel to find his shin.
T: Her hat isn't cheesy honey.

New hoo hoo math

I got this in an email from Amy. My sister-in-law's publicly educated kids are doing everyday math and I kept wondering what it is. If you wonder too watch this explanation. If your kids are doing everyday math but aren't yet in 4th grade here is what you have to look forward to for division and multiplication. It is long but if you are interested in what our kids are learning, or need help understanding how to do their homework, it is worth watching.

All I can say is...HUH? How is that easier or more efficient than what we were taught? Also, if the logic is to just use a calculator why bother teaching spelling. Computers have spell check after all. Oh and why even bother with reading. Most books are on audio tape now too.
Here is another link that is just funny about new math --not as long and it made me laugh and scratch my head.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm outta here

As I have said before, I hate dinner. I hate everything about dinner. I hate having to think up things to make for dinner. I hate having to go to the grocery store to get those things. I hate making dinner. I hate, oh wait I like eating dinner--I mean you can't go around hating EVERYTHING can you? The only other thing I like about dinner is when I am in the car picking it up-even better is when hubby does it. Anyhoo, hubby was home this evening but was on the phone for work so at about 5:20 I took things into my own hands and jumped into the car- figured if he was on the phone he couldn't complain about what I was getting. I took the kids with me because when he is on the phone for work it means he is locked in our bedroom and won't come out for any reason (I did leave SP home though, figured she can't really get herself into any trouble). I didn't tell hubby I was leaving. About 15 minutes after I left the following phone conversation took place:
ring, ring
R: Helloooooo
T: Hey, where are you?
R: I am out getting dinner.
T: Oh, why didn't you tell me you were leaving?
R: You were on the phone.
T: Oh, well you could have interrupted me (this is SOOO not true, he would have been pissed if I had interrupted but whatever). Why'd you take the kids?
R: Cuz you were on the phone. You wouldn't have known that they were out there (meaning rest of the house) alone. I left SP though.
T: I know, I see her here sucking on her hand. I came out of the room and couldn't find anyone. I kept saying "Hello, hello" but no one answered. I finally looked out the window and didn't see your car (he should consider a career move to private investigator).
R: Well, I'm just out getting dinner.
T: Alright. I thought maybe you'd finally left me for good. Then I realized the kids weren't here.
R: Ah yes, your first clue is that I have the kids with me. If I have the kids with me then I clearly plan on returning.
T: Right.
R: Now if I leave one night without telling you AND I leave the kids at home then you should worry...

Hat Model

Here is my newest creation. I think it looks a little too homemade--trying to be creative with the beads but methinks it looks too cheesy!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Speaking in truths

Got this picture in an email from Tug's uncle.
Ain't that the truth!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Just because

I was sitting on one couch, Tug on the other facing each other. We watch as Hammie, who is between the couches, starts playing with a Barbie
Regina: He really needs a brother!
Tug looks at me with a slight smirk, eyebrows feverishly going up and down.
Regina: I'm speaking hypothetically here. I mean in theory...he needs a brother.

Sweet Pea is in her crib now and Hammie is in his bed. I say now meaning tonight is the first night. Ham went to bed first then I fed SP and Tug put her in bed. Hammie was still awake. I went in and said goodnight to H and reminded him not to get out of bed. A few minutes later I hear Ham:
"Shay-ah...Shay-ah. Baby. Baaaay-beee."
I quietly walk to his room and find him standing on his bed, bending forward screaming at the crib "Baaaay-beee. Baby, baby. Baaaay-beee."
Hmmm, guess he didn't break any rules there.
Oh, I put SP to bed tonight at 8. We will see if she adjusts her schedule and goes the full 12 hours until 8 tomorrow morning.
Tug just found Eddie Murphy Raw on TV. Off to let the hilarity ensue!
Lillian cannot use the telephone...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Did you see that?

Did you see what number we are? Scroll down to the bottom of the blog, I'll give you some time...



go scroll already...


Welcome Back,
That's right, The Ohio State University Buckeyes are now #3!! Here's the deal, LSU (formerly #1) and Kansas (formerly #2) lost this weekend so we have moved up to #3. Missouri (#1) has to play Oklahoma for the Big 12 title next weekend. West Virginia (#2) still has to play Pitt. We are done with our season and are sinisterly rubbing our hands in the clubhouse. Now, WV should easily beat Pitt so Missouri vs Oklahoma is our best shot. They played earlier this season and OU won but that doesn't mean much. I generally dislike OU but next Saturday night I will be screaming loudly for those Sooners! Our consolation prize (if we don't make it to the national championship game) is still the Rose Bowl which is nice enough but it would still be great to slip n' slide our way into the Championship game for a shot to redeem ourselves from last year--of course we could make fools of ourselves again but let's just think happy thoughts!

Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner...


I was finally able to complete a crochet project (more affectionately known around here as crotch-et). I think it was about 5 yrs ago when I first saw the most adorable blanket in a Martha Stewart Baby magazine which got me started crocheting. I should say it got me started on buying yarn and crochet needles. It turned out to be harder than I expected. Last year I made the girls some scarves (so I guess those were my first completed projects) which are easy enough but I have been trying for nearly a year now (off and on) to try and do a hat. I was having a TERRIBLE time getting the ring figured out--which basically starts the hat--so I would get nowhere. Finally after 2 consecutive days of trying, I got it. And here is the finished hat.

I feel an explanation of the colors is in order--as I said I was having a hard time getting the ring right so I finally started using the brown yarn because I was tired of wasting my other prettier yarn. Go figure, the one that finally works is with the brown. So I added the blue which seems to be in vogue these days and am going to send it to my brother for his newish born son. Oh and it is suppose to roll at the bottom, part of the design :)
Tug now has an order in for scarlet and grey ones for the kids.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Elfin' fun

Have you been elfed yet? We have!!
Fun times, you should try it.

Tired Turkeys

Thanks Sean & Jessica for spending Thanksgiving with us! We all had a great time! The adults had fun playing sequence and euchre--girls being the big winners. Jessica was sweet enough to bring a craft with her for the kids. I didn't take a pic with all the kids but here are the girls' turkeys. Jessica and I had a good laugh at Boo's with her one feather and big eyes. Who knew pine cones were so poky--we have some craft battle wounds.

And, this is what happens when you spend a day playing with friends not napping. The next day you fall asleep on the couch with Daddy.

Friday, November 23, 2007


Last week I went over some of the traditions of The Ohio State University (the The is another tradition by the way, if you say Ohio State Univ, you have to say the THE) and said I might tell of some of aTm's this week. Well, I forgot; but today is the aTm/ut game so I figure better late than never. Now most of these are from memory but I am guessing if they were traditions when I was there, they are still alive and well...
Bonfire-probably one of the most beloved traditions when I was there. It has changed though because in 1999 during build it collapsed killing 12 students and injuring 27 others. Before this accident bonfire was held on campus. It was always lit right before the UT game. Months before students can sign up for 'cut'. Students go cut down the trees to get the logs ready to stack for bonfire. I think the next stage is 'stack'. There is a long log that is used as a pole to anchor bonfire. All logs then are around this center pole in a tiered manner. At the top is an outhouse and usually a mile marker of the freshman class (I was a 'fish' in '95, class of '99 so there would be a '99 on top). Cut and the actual building of bonfire go on 24 hrs/day. For actual bonfire, the band would start on the south side of campus and march north to where the site was. Bonfire is basically midnight yell for the UT game. After bonfire (next few days) people would go and light cigars from it and collect ashes. I still have my ashes. In the spring they have re-plant where students go and replant trees since they cut some down. I did re-plant, and went to bonfire but didn't participate in any of the building of the bonfire.
Midnight Yell: The night before each home game everyone goes to Midnight Yell in the stadium. At midnight we practice our cheers. aTm does not have cheerleaders, they have yell leaders who are all male. To become a yell leader you have to run for it and get voted in by the students (kind of like running for class president). Yell leaders wear all white and conduct the yells basically with their arms. Some people go to yell with dates, at the end of yell they turn the lights off for a bit and you are suppose to 'mug' your date (mug is the aTm term for make-out/kiss). You also mug after each touchdown at games.
Football games: Aside from mugging at games, you also have to stand the entire game. aTm is home of the 12th man and standing is to show we are ready and willing to go in if needed. At the end of the 3rd quarter we sing the Fight Song and are suppose to get "off the wood" which means to get off the bleachers (you stand on the cement behind the bleachers). At the "saw varsity's horns off" part we lock arms and sway side to side. At the end of the song you whoop depending on your class (freshman: "aaaaaaaaa" arms up in the air, sophomore: "aa aa aa" shake arms in front of you, junior: "a-whoop" shake arms once for the 'a' then hold them like a gun for 'whoop', senior:"whoop" hands like a gun). If you are a lower classman and you do an upper classman whoop they can make you push (do push-ups) BUT an upper classman can give you their class privilege for the day.
You can also be told to push for saying certain words. The only one I can remember is 'elephant' which was a senior word.
Guess that's all for now, though there are many more like dunking your ring (when you get your class ring you drop it in a pitcher of beer then chug the beer until you get your ring back), elephant walk (seniors walking around campus before they graduate), the Corps of Cadets wearing beer caps for losses (freshmen have beer caps on their shoes kind of like spurs that they have to wear the next Monday at school if the football team loses a game) among others.
Oh I almost forgot one of the best traditions. I think it was the first Tuesday of the month (though not sure on that)--they have Silver Taps (if needed). Here everyone gathers in the middle of campus. All (most) lights around campus are turned off and everyone is silent. The firing squad marches in perfect formation (I don't know how many are in it but it sounds as if only one person is walking in). The names of currently enrolled students who have died are announced then they do a 21 gun salute and play Taps 3 times for those people. aTm is actually a military school which many people don't know so that is why there is a Corps of Cadets (to be in the band you have to be in the Corps), why they play Taps and why you are considered a former Aggie (never an ex-student).
Oh yeah again, they also don't say UT, instead t.u. And when doing longhorns symbol with your hands you point them downward. And you say beat the hell outta (whoever your are playing) and they say howdy and gig'em, and you don't walk on the field unless you are a football player (or for other legitimate reasons) so you will never see Aggies rush the field after a big win and you don't walk on the grass or wear your hat inside Memorial building. Some of my facts may be slightly off, but I think most of this is fairly accurate. And a fun fyi-the drill team at the beginning of A Few Good Men are the aTm Fish Drill Team (the guys who fling their rifles around in unison). Oh and at aTm fish means freshman.
Alright off to watch the game, last I saw the Aggies were actually beating the hell outta t.u. :)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Birthday

all you turkeys!
If you have your speakers turned down, turn 'em up for the Adam Sandler Thanksgiving Song (edited to be ok for the kids).
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Leaf me alone

In preparation for Thanksgiving the kids made turkeys yesterday. The turks were just sitting on the counter this morning when sweet little Hammie grabbed Boo's and ripped one of the fingers (feathers) off. After calming Boo down I taped all 3 turkeys to the door of the hutch that holds our books. Initially they weren't suppose to be decoration but I thought they looked kinda cute so I decided to leave them up. However, I thought the 'decorations' looked a little scant so I let the kids watercolor some paper that we then cut into leaf shapes.

Thanks Jessica for the leafy idea!


It appears I am qualified to homeschool :)

You Passed 8th Grade Science

Congratulations, you got 8/8 correct!

Wow, this is totally inaccurate!

You're Totally Sarcastic
You sarcastic? Never! You're as sweet as a baby bunny.

Seriously, though, you have a sharp tongue - and you aren't afraid to use it.

And if people are too wimpy to deal with your attitude, then too bad. So sad.


Just sharing some pics of Hambone. These were taken at Boo's final soccer game last month.

Wow, 5-head.

He finally caught me. Told you he doesn't like the camera. Rotten turd!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Talking to God

During Religion today:
Mom: So, tell me what you just read (they were reading while I was in the bathroom with Hammie--NO, he didn't actually have to go)
Sugar: Peter's name was changed.
Mom: What was his name before?
Sugar: Peter.
Boo: Simon.
Sugar: No, Peter. It says right there "Peter gets a new name".
Boo: No, it said Simon first.
Mom: Well, I'll read it again and we will see. (start reading, Sugar realizes she is wrong). Still reading "Jesus used the word "Cephas," which meant "rock"..." Oh yeah, I guess I've never talked about this before. Did you know Jesus didn't speak English?
Both have a very quizzical look on their face.
Boo: So when I get to Heaven Jesus won't be able to talk to me?

Spirit of Christmas

Amy has given me (among others) the Spirit of Christmas award.

What is the Spirit of Christmas you ask?Quite simply it is those that have a
generous and giving nature. Those who care about others. Those who have a
kind word to say or a broad shoulder to lean on in the times that others
need that. Those who display the "Spirit of Christmas".

Boy do I have her fooled :)

And now for someone who truly deserves it, I award
Humble Mama

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Awhile ago I posted how fun it is to watch Brett Favre play football. Well, now I go and find this. Interesting--never knew this about him!

More PhotoShopping

Having more PhotoShop fun. Here are some pics of the punks that I tried to make kind of 'pop'. I really like this one of Sugar--seems like it is kind of glowing.

This one of Boo has the same effect to it but it seems a little softer to me.

Same again just in color.

Here I did the same effect initially then tried to soften the background to enhance the horse mouth.

My pesky brother-in-law with a stroke effect in the background.

And finally a peacock with a neon effect added
only to the bird.

WAIT a second. Punks, pesky brother-in-laws!! I guess PhotoShopping ranch pictures made me think I was her for a second.

Continuing the theme

Speaking of college traditions after each game the Ohio State football players go over to the band and sing the alma mater Carmen Ohio. That is what is playing today so sing along if you'd like just remember at the end to do the O-HI-O with your arms...

Oh come let's sing Ohio's praise
And songs to Alma Mater raise
While our hearts rebounding thrill
With joy which death alone can still
Summer's heat or winter's cold
The seasons pass the years will roll
Time and change will surely (truly) show
How firm thy friendship ... OHIO!

There are actually 2 more verses but above is what is typically sung.

Since the Buckeye regular season is over maybe next weekend I will fill you in on some Texas A&M traditions, it is the aTm/UT game after all...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A rose in our mouth

Ohio State 14, Michigan 3.

We could have had another touchdown but with 2nd and goal on the 4ish yard line Tressel decided to take a knee and let the clock run out.
SO, we are again the Big 10 Champions and are now headed to the Rose Bowl (provided those ranked ahead of us win out; otherwise we will back our way back into the National Championship game but that isn't likely).

There is talk of the Michigan coach (Lloyd Carr) retiring at the end of the season. With a 1-6 record against Tressel I sure hope not!!

Beanie Wells had something like 222 rushing yards and 39 carries. Go Beanie Baby.

Hart and Henne (Michigan running back and quarterback) came back for their senior season with the sole goal of beating Ohio State. Poor, poor them will have to leave 0-4.

Alright, now to update the widget to countdown to the Rose Bowl.


all pictures taken from

Friday, November 16, 2007

Do Not Disturb

The day has finally arrived. GameDay starts at 7AM here on the West Coast and the game is at 9 so my entire morning is completely occupied--hope the kids can find something to do, hope Sweet P finds someone to feed her...
Unfortunately Tug has to work so I have strict instructions to email him the play-by-play. Now, for those of you who do not normally watch college football but decide to this weekend (since the game is going to be on nationwide ABC) PLEASE adhere to the following rules:
1. If you do not normally watch and the Bucks start to lose, turn off your tv immediately!
2. If you do not normally watch but your spouse does and they start to lose, the tv can stay on but you must leave the room.
3. If you have left the room and they start to win you might be tempted to come back and watch again-DO NOT!!!
4. If you haven't been watching and the Bucks are losing, then you start watching and they start winning, please keep watching. Actually take it one step further and remain in the position you were in when they starting winning-you are allotted commercials to get drinks or go to the bathroom, but once the game is back on return to said position.
5. If the Buckeyes lose, DO NOT leave any comments on this blog regarding it or refer to it in ANY manner to me.
6. If the Buckeyes win, find as many blogs as possible of wolverine fans and rub, rub, rub it in!!!

College Football Traditions

I think one of the things I love most about College Football is the tradition that goes along with it. My freshman year of college I went to aTm which is a school rich with such traditions (I graduated from New Mexico State which is a college rich with tumbleweeds, dirt, and not much else). At aTm I loved going to midnight yell, standing the entire football game, and going to bonfire before the UT game--I still have my ashes (see, I only went there my freshman year, if I had graduated from aTm I would have written t.u.).

Most people wonder why a girl from Texas is such a huge Buckeye fan. Well, my dad is from Ohio (most of his family still lives there) and we grew up wearing Buckeye regalia--I still remember my Ohio State Snoopy shirt. I actually applied to Ohio State and got accepted but decided on aTm because it was closer and out-of-state tuition for OSU would have been something like $24,000/year (I don't remember exactly how much it was but it was a lot, especially since my mom was single handedly paying for 3 kid's college, me being the youngest).

I was lucky enough to find a fellow Ohio lover in Las Cruces, NM and for the past few years we have gladly shelled out $100 each season for ESPN Gameplan just to watch. 2 years ago we were given tickets to the Fiesta Bowl and got to watch our beloved Buckeyes in person (Tug has been to a game at the Shoe, he lived in Hilliard for a bit).

WOW, this whole post is a big tangent to explain why I am posting this video of the OSU Marching Band (dubbed The Best Damn Band In The Land) doing script Ohio, which is one of their awesome traditions. I wanted everyone to have a chance to witness its awesomeness and share in some of the fun we have every Saturday :)

Video is from 2006 Ohio State/Michigan game

Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is what happens

when Daddy isn't home and Mommy has had her fill of the kids. Surprisingly he had just gotten a bath, guess he decided he wasn't done. Of course, the girls are the ones who came into the living room, screaming that their brother was in the tub. Luckily when he turned the water on it was cold.

Daddy Watch,

I can laugh.

Last night was the first time SP giggled. She has been talking and she has been smiling but she hasn't giggled until last night. It is mostly Boo's voice that you can hear. Hammie's hand is the one that starts accosting her face.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Diet Riot

So, I've been trying for the past few days (OK, couple days-literally, as in 2) to buckle down and get serious about getting healthier (code for getting some pounds off my fat arse). Now, I wasn't going to post about it cuz I didn't want the accountability of spreading it to the world--then you have the pressure of people checking in and me having to admit I am a total failure, loser, lame-ass when I quit. Anyway, I was reading Barbara's blog about her possible conversion to Catholicism when I saw her mention that she had lost around 100 lbs and had blogged her journey. Sooo I clicked on that and started reading some of those posts and this part gave me a light bulb moment (is that really an Oprah reference?) I just love the bank teller portion (she is meaning job=food in terms of being a mom and having to provide food for the kids:

I've learned to let go of any entitlement mentality. If other people don't have to struggle with their weight and I do, so what? Other people struggle with other issues that I don't have to. My job calls for handling a lot of food even though I can't eat a lot myself right now. A bank teller has to handle money all day and not keep any even if she's broke.
I've learned that just because I'm around food or around people eating, I can enjoy their company without eating myself - actually maybe more since I'm not busy stuffing my face.

Now, if you would all kindly forget that I mentioned anything about myself trying to lose a little poundage...


(no response)
"Mommy, pee-pee!"
"You gotta go potty Hammie?"
Well, I'm busy making dinner and I really need to watch these Ramen Noodles to make sure they don't cook for longer than their allotted 3 minutes. Besides, Mr. Foreman is busy grilling my chicken and since I don't really know how to use this thing I am not sure if I should/could leave it alone to cook. And I know you don't actually have to go. Well, you do have to go but you won't let yourself because you have once again decided today is NOT the day you are going to allow your poop to come out in the toilet. You now just want to go sit on the pot because you want me to read to you and the only time I read to you or give you one-on-one, undivided attention is when you are sitting there.
(Above red conversation occurred only in my head)
"Sugar take your brother to go pee please."
after a bit
Boo comes running into the kitchen:"Mom, Hammie is done going potty but he won't put his undies on."
(no response)
Next I see Hammie running into the living room naked, and Sugar yelling after him holding his undies. Both girls now break into a chant of "CHARGE" as they are chasing their brother around the kitchen and living room. He is managing to get away though I think they are just stalling on catching him because I am ignoring them and they are getting away with running in the house. Finally they tackle him and manage to get him re-undied while he is yelling "Too tie. Too tie" (meaning too tight since they are holding him down.)
After all that I asked Sugar
"So, did your brother go pee?"

Doo da doo feelin' crafty

We have had this kit in the pantry for awhile. I got them long ago with the idea of having the kids make them as ornaments to give to family for Christmas. Well, they tried but I ended up doing most of them so I think we will nix that plan and just give this entire set to their Godparents The Schneids. Sorry other Godparents who read this (ok, only Auntie Nee reads this) but Schneids get the nod since at least one of them is the God parent to all but one of my children and they are also the GP's of Tug.

Sugar rolling out the clay for Mary

Boo diligently working on Baby Jesus

Hammie helping with the lamb

The finished product

As I said, Sugar made Mary, Boo made Jesus and Hammie 'helped' with the lamb. They needed help and kinda petered out when it came to Joseph and the Shepard. Instead I made those and they made these

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Raising Buckeyes

So many moms write on their blogs that they are trying to raise saints when it comes to their children. Well, I am trying to raise Buckeyes! Alright, alright, if they end up being saints that would be great too but I've got my priorities straight...
When the girls hear the Buckeye Battle Cry they come running to the computer. When it then fades into We Don't Give a Damn...they start singing along.
Sugar has made modifications:
"We don't give a marble for the whole state of Michigan..."
Perhaps we are raising Saintly Buckeyes. That's a good compromise :)

In case you are wondering, I'm not quite sure what Boo sings. My guess is she mutters damn under her breath. We are still working diligently on her saintly status.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Who knew?

Actually, I knew all along...
Read this article, it will make you feel better about yourself. I am a freaking genius. Since my waist to hip ratio is off the charts, my kids IQ will be too. YIPPY!!
Big booty = big brains

Thanks for the article Humble mama!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Big 10 Title Game

OK, so most of you know by now our beloved Buckeyes lost this weekend (to Illinois no less). While we are always disappointed/mad/suicidal when the Buckeyes lose I must admit I was a little relieved (VERY little). See, I knew the Bucks were good but not LSU/Oregon caliber (though I think we would have a better chance against LSU than Oregon, and not just cuz we now live in the Pac NW). And, based on what happened last year, I would rather play in the Rose Bowl and win than go to the Nat'l Championship game and have another blow out.
Well, as the ticker shows, this weekend is the BIG game. Whoever wins will be the winner of the Big 10. I can assure you, if we lose to Michigan I won't be as upbeat!

Now, if you are one of those pesky readers that keeps complaining about the music shut-up just for this week. Turn the volume up real loud and get busy singing. "Oh, we don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan..."

Friday, November 9, 2007

In Honor of Our Vets

Rest In Peace Scott Duffman & Doug Zembiec!!!!

Yesterday was the 232nd birthday of the United States Marine Corps, and today is Veterans Day.

As a former Marine, I would like to wish all of my Marine brothers a happy birthday! To all veterans I would like to say thank you!

I served, but only in a reserve capacity and I never fought in a war. For that I am both grateful and regretful. I am grateful that I am still here to raise my family, to praise God, and to be a good American. I am regretful because I had not the courage to lay down my life for my country. There is no greater respect than the respect I have for every serviceman who has served this country.

This year has brought news of the death of two men I called friends. Two men who died on the battlefield defending the rights that we take for granted. I only hope that my son grows to be half the man that Scott and Doug were. There is nothing greater than the sacrifice these men endured to ensure our rights.

Godspeed to Scott & Doug! We pray that God has accepted you into heaven and you are looking down upon us today.

Technical Sergeant Scott E. Duffman USAF

Scott E. Duffman died on February 18, 2007. Scott was a PJ in the Air Force and was out on a mission when his CH-47 helicopter crashed in Afghanistan. He was married and had a 5 month old daughter at the time of his death. Scott served his country well and died defending our freedom. May God bless you Scott and may you rest in peace.

Major Douglas A. Zembiec USMC

Doug was one of the finest men I have ever known. Doug died heroically in battle on May 10, 2007. He was well known as the "Unapologetic Warrior," and "The Lion of Fallujah." He is survived by a wife and a one year old daughter(at the time of his death). May God bless you Doug and may you rest in peace.

If you don't know these men, you need to google them. They, like every serviceman who fights and dies for you is important, and you should know them.


The USMC, 232 years of romping, stomping, hell, death and destruction. The finest fighting machine the world has ever seen. I was born in a bomb crater, my mother was an M-60 and my father the Devil himself. Each moment that I live is an additional threat upon your life. I'm a hard looking, hard loving, raving shark of the sea. I'm cocky, self-centered, overbearing, hard as a rock, and I do not know the meaning of fear, for I am fear itself. I am a green amphibious monster made of blood and guts who arose from the sea and whose sole purpose in life is to perpetuate death and destruction upon festering anti-Americans throughout the globe. Whenever it may arise and when my time comes, I'll die a glorious death on the battlefield giving my life to Mom, apple pie, Suzy, and the American Flag. We stole the Eagle from the Air Force, the Anchor from the Navy, the rope from the Army, and on the 7th day while God rested, we over ran His perimeter and stole the Globe. We have been running the show ever since. We live like Spartans, talk like Gladiators, and slap the hell out of both at the same time. Marine by day, Lover by night, drunkard by choice, United States Marine by act of God!
(author unknown to me).


Birthday Bash

We aren't much for parties. Birthdays around here consist of a few presents, a cake, and occasionally some friends. Tonight was just us, but Hammie enjoyed himself just the same.

Homeschool Humor

I saw this on Esther's blog who H/T'd Father Daren

1 Please stop asking us if it's legal. If it is — and it is — it's insulting to imply that we're criminals. And if we were criminals, would we admit it?

2 Learn what the words "socialize" and "socialization" mean, and use the one you really mean instead of mixing them up the way you do now. Socializing means hanging out with other people for fun. Socialization means having acquired the skills necessary to do so successfully and pleasantly. If you're talking to me and my kids, that means that we do in fact go outside now and then to visit the other human beings on the planet, and you can safely assume that we've got a decent grasp of both concepts.

3 Quit interrupting my kid at her dance lesson, scout meeting, choir practice, baseball game, art class, field trip, park day, music class, 4H club, or soccer lesson to ask her if as a homeschooler she ever gets to socialize.

4 Don't assume that every homeschooler you meet is homeschooling for the same reasons and in the same way as that one homeschooler you know.

5 If that homeschooler you know is actually someone you saw on TV, either on the news or on a "reality" show, the above goes double.

6 Please stop telling us horror stories about the homeschoolers you know, know of, or think you might know who ruined their lives by homeschooling. You're probably the same little bluebird of happiness whose hobby is running up to pregnant women and inducing premature labor by telling them every ghastly birth story you've ever heard. We all hate you, so please go away.

7 We don't look horrified and start quizzing your kids when we hear they're in public school. Please stop drilling our children like potential oil fields to see if we're doing what you consider an adequate job of homeschooling.

8 Stop assuming all homeschoolers are religious.

9 Stop assuming that if we're religious, we must be homeschooling for religious reasons.

10 We didn't go through all the reading, learning, thinking, weighing of options, experimenting, and worrying that goes into homeschooling just to annoy you. Really. This was a deeply personal decision, tailored to the specifics of our family. Stop taking the bare fact of our being homeschoolers as either an affront or a judgment about your own educational decisions.

11 Please stop questioning my competency and demanding to see my credentials. I didn't have to complete a course in catering to successfully cook dinner for my family; I don't need a degree in teaching to educate my children. If spending at least twelve years in the kind of chew-it-up-and-spit-it-out educational facility we call public school left me with so little information in my memory banks that I can't teach the basics of an elementary education to my nearest and dearest, maybe there's a reason I'm so reluctant to send my child to school.

12 If my kid's only six and you ask me with a straight face how I can possibly teach him what he'd learn in school, please understand that you're calling me an idiot. Don't act shocked if I decide to respond in kind.

13 Stop assuming that because the word "home" is right there in "homeschool," we never leave the house. We're the ones who go to the amusement parks, museums, and zoos in the middle of the week and in the off-season and laugh at you because you have to go on weekends and holidays when it's crowded and icky.

14 Stop assuming that because the word "school" is right there in homeschool, we must sit around at a desk for six or eight hours every day, just like your kid does. Even if we're into the "school" side of education — and many of us prefer a more organic approach — we can burn through a lot of material a lot more efficiently, because we don't have to gear our lessons to the lowest common denominator.

15 Stop asking, "But what about the Prom?" Even if the idea that my kid might not be able to indulge in a night of over-hyped, over- priced revelry was enough to break my heart, plenty of kids who do go to school don't get to go to the Prom. For all you know, I'm one of them. I might still be bitter about it. So go be shallow somewhere else.

16 Don't ask my kid if she wouldn't rather go to school unless you don't mind if I ask your kid if he wouldn't rather stay home and get some sleep now and then.

17 Stop saying, "Oh, I could never homeschool!" Even if you think it's some kind of compliment, it sounds more like you're horrified. One of these days, I won't bother disagreeing with you any more.

18 If you can remember anything from chemistry or calculus class, you're allowed to ask how we'll teach these subjects to our kids. If you can't, thank you for the reassurance that we couldn't possibly do a worse job than your teachers did, and might even do a better one.

19 Stop asking about how hard it must be to be my child's teacher as well as her parent. I don't see much difference between bossing my kid around academically and bossing him around the way I do about everything else.

20 Stop saying that my kid is shy, outgoing, aggressive, anxious, quiet, boisterous, argumentative, pouty, fidgety, chatty, whiny, or loud because he's homeschooled. It's not fair that all the kids who go to school can be as annoying as they want to without being branded as representative of anything but childhood.

21 Quit assuming that my kid must be some kind of prodigy because she's homeschooled.

22 Quit assuming that I must be some kind of prodigy because I homeschool my kids.

23 Quit assuming that I must be some kind of saint because I homeschool my kids.

24 Stop talking about all the great childhood memories my kids won't get because they don't go to school, unless you want me to start asking about all the not-so-great childhood memories you have because you went to school.

25 Here's a thought: If you can't say something nice about homeschooling, shut up!

Surviving Abortion

Amy linked to a post by The Blue Boar regarding a woman in England who, through doctor advice, tried to abort one of her twin boys in utero (they detected an enlarged heart and said to either kill him now or have him die later of a heart attack or stroke). Two methods were used, first they tried to cut the umbilical cord to effectively starve/suffocate/de-blood the child. The cord was too strong though so they then cut the placenta in 2 hoping to keep the one 'good' child alive while killing the other. This also did not work and though born small he was alive 5 weeks later when both children were delivered. Now at 7 months both boys are doing well. Go here for full story.
My question is how do you explain that to your child later? It is in the newspaper so he is clearly going to find out. What can you possibly say "Oh yeah, I tried to kill you but you were such a little fighter you pulled through. Good for you. No, don't cry. I love you now. It was only then that I wanted you dead..."
Imagine the ammunition his twin brother now has. I use to tease my sister because her birthday was not on the same day as ours, telling her she was adopted (my brother and I have the same birth date 7 years apart, my sister is the odd-ball). This twin can tell his brother "No wonder mom tried to kill you." Or "Told you, I've ALWAYS been mom's favorite."
It's such a sad, sad story! I can't imagine the complex this poor boy will grow up with once he learns the truth (and he will have a complex, trust me I have a psych degree).
Nothing like knowing your own mother tried to do you in.

Abortion {can't always} stops a beating heart {no matter how hard they try}.
I also don't get this. That child was born 5 weeks later--FIVE WEEKS. How could this not be considered murder (assuming it had worked)??? It's a child people, a child. No matter how you want to word it, no matter what semantics game you want to play, no matter how you want to make yourself feel better over what you are doing, IT IS A CHILD!

Jumping off my soap-box now. Ouch, landed wrong. I think I broke my ankle...

What's it they say about the 2's? Something about them being terrible?

He even had a present waiting for me this morning. What a stinky sweet boy!

My blog coach asked me to clarify: We did not wake Hambone to sing to him. He had already been awake, yelled for me to come get him, and poo'd his pants. Notice, he is happy when Sugar first starts singing then notices the camera. He hates the camera. He refuses to participate with the camera. Oh yeah, and he is Hambone and now 2. Perhaps these reasons combined are why he is crying.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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consider yourself a jeanious genius

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