Friday, November 9, 2007

What's it they say about the 2's? Something about them being terrible?

He even had a present waiting for me this morning. What a stinky sweet boy!

My blog coach asked me to clarify: We did not wake Hambone to sing to him. He had already been awake, yelled for me to come get him, and poo'd his pants. Notice, he is happy when Sugar first starts singing then notices the camera. He hates the camera. He refuses to participate with the camera. Oh yeah, and he is Hambone and now 2. Perhaps these reasons combined are why he is crying.

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The Wades said...

Happy Birthday cute boy! Regina, I think you should post a picture of his birthday cake that I know you'll make for him!!!! (EVERY kid, even poop monsters, deserve a cake on their second birthday!!) Get off the computer and make that boy a cake! No excuses! love

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

OOOHHH! Poor Little Guy, oops... I mean, poor momma! He will someday be able to do that where he is suppose to, right? At least this time he had a diaper on! ;)