Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Diet Riot

So, I've been trying for the past few days (OK, couple days-literally, as in 2) to buckle down and get serious about getting healthier (code for getting some pounds off my fat arse). Now, I wasn't going to post about it cuz I didn't want the accountability of spreading it to the world--then you have the pressure of people checking in and me having to admit I am a total failure, loser, lame-ass when I quit. Anyway, I was reading Barbara's blog about her possible conversion to Catholicism when I saw her mention that she had lost around 100 lbs and had blogged her journey. Sooo I clicked on that and started reading some of those posts and this part gave me a light bulb moment (is that really an Oprah reference?) I just love the bank teller portion (she is meaning job=food in terms of being a mom and having to provide food for the kids:

I've learned to let go of any entitlement mentality. If other people don't have to struggle with their weight and I do, so what? Other people struggle with other issues that I don't have to. My job calls for handling a lot of food even though I can't eat a lot myself right now. A bank teller has to handle money all day and not keep any even if she's broke.
I've learned that just because I'm around food or around people eating, I can enjoy their company without eating myself - actually maybe more since I'm not busy stuffing my face.

Now, if you would all kindly forget that I mentioned anything about myself trying to lose a little poundage...

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