Wednesday, September 30, 2009


{r} got her belt promotion tonight. They did them on Monday (and I forgot my camera so I am waiting on a fellow mom to email me the pictures she took for me of {l}) but {r} has CCD Monday nights so she doesn't go to judo on Monday. She is now a yellow/white belt. For those who know judo, this isn't really a new belt. I mean physically it is but in terms of actual rankings, she is still a white belt. Years ago they started having the intermediate belts so kids could feel better about themselves and know they were improving instead of having to wait so long for a 'real' belt. Don't tell {r}.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

They did it

They did it, they did it, hooray. lo hicieron. . . not overly confident about that spanish there.

Anyhoozle, both {l} and {r} made their gymnastics. {r} will now be in the level {l} was just in.
{l} is moving up to the level just before competing.
The coach said she would be willing to put {r} in the level {l} will be in but felt {l} worked hard so {r} should have to start lower. I am fine with it because I don't think she is ready for that level. Honestly, I thought she would be placed a level lower than she is. Both girls are very excited.
This means tues/thurs {r} will have 2 hours of gymnastics. Mon/wed/fri {l} will have 2 hours of gymnastics. That's right, Monday THROUGH Friday we will be at the Y. Once I start working it will be Monday THROUGH Sunday. Ahhh, I love the Y.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Social Security

I am once again going to be contributing to it!! Yessum, I will be working Saturday and Sunday at the YMCA. Unfortunately it won't be at the Y we go to (which is 5 minutes down the road) and is instead in Gig Harbor about 30 minutes away. That really puts a damper on my college football watching. . . but with DVR I won't miss a single Buckeye game!!

Good thing I will be bringing in some (very little) extra income too because {r} is trying out for pre-team gymnastics tonight and {l} is trying out for the next gymnastics level. Both equal paying more money. I really hope {r} makes it because then I no longer have to have the stress of not knowing if she will get to enroll in rec gymnastics (the Y does it by lottery so even though you sign up, you might not get in).

Nothing says I have a college degree like "Welcome to the Y, can I see your card please?" Should be fun! I start October 10.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

All she wants to do is dance.

Remember that song? I think Don Henley sang it. Or the Eddie Murphy 'My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time.' If you replace dance or party with sleep you have my life in a nutshell these past few weeks. Seriously I can't keep my eyes open. I do alright once I am out of bed, but the getting out of bed is HARD. ugh.

{l} might get moved up again in gymnastics. Her current coach wants her to move up, but the next level coach says she has to try out to make sure she is ready. Her try out is tomorrow. Mon-Thurs I am at the Y. If she moves up we will be adding Fridays, (so instead of gymnastics tues/thurs for 2 hours it will be mon/wed/fri for 2 hours) YIPPY.

{l} also just got caught in a lie. Apparently she has been saying she is done with her schoolwork but has been skipping problems to get done faster. I found (just in math) for the past 2 weeks she has skipped problems EVERY day. (Mom, don't tell her anything about it.) I suppose you are supposed to oversee homeschooling, who knew?

Remember when I used to show knitting on this blog? I have actually been doing some again, pictures to come soon.

Off to the Y, hope I don't fall asleep on the drive.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Future Buckeye

BUT, this one can not only be a fan, he can be on the team. Starting quarterback even. Luckily he will be 4 years younger than {j} so they won't have to compete. Though I am hoping {j} takes the kicker route.

Congrats to Nikki who, after 4 girls, is finally getting her boy!! AND they are also adopting a little boy who will join them shortly after her son's birth taking them from 4 to 6 kids just like that, BAM. yippy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Biggest Crier

Are you guys up and up on all the shows starting again this week? I wasn't, gotta LOVE that DVR. I have really considered canceling it these past few months to save money. It must have heard because it went and redeemed itself by recording a show I didn't even know was going to be on and new. It taunted me "Cancel me now Regina. . . if you dare." I don't dare.

Anyway, the show was Biggest Loser. Love it. I actually mostly just fast forward until the weigh-in. But, since it was the first show, I had to watch the whole thing last night to find out about the contestants. Man, what a doozy! For those who don't watch it (and for those who do) I am (of course) talking about Abby. She lost her husband, daughter and 2-week-old son (entire family) in a car accident 3 years ago. I can't even begin to imagine that pain. WOW. Most people on the show say their kids or spouse are their motivation. Not Abby. Oh so sad. I almost wished they would stop allowing her to talk so I could stop crying. Then at the weigh-in when she said, "Death doesn't scare me. Death would be an easier choice for me." Oh man. Yeah, I am totally going for Abby this year.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hatchin up the flavor

I couldn't believe it the other day when we walked into our local Fred Meyer (kinda like a nicer super Walmart) and found bone fide Hatch green chili. Unfortunately there wasn't a roaster waiting outside to get it all good for us.
Online I found a suggestion to roast it in a dry cast-iron skillet. Didn't work too well. I also tried on the open flame of the gas stove. Worked ok, but they certainly weren't as soft as real-roasted! I guess we will just have to wait for my mom to come visit and restock us with frozen-fresh roasted Hatch green chili.
Funny thing is I never liked the stuff growing up. Sing it with me now. . . Don't know what you've got til it's gone.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lettin it breathe

I think I have mentioned before that {j} often goes without underwear. Apparently he is influencing his younger sister who I often find commando in her crib.
Notice her pull-up there next to her shorts. During naptime it isn't that big of a deal. Nearly ever night though I have to go back in to her room and re-dress her!
wow, is this really a non-football post?

Reminding myself

That it is just a game. It is watched for amusement. It isn't life and death.

:: keep telling yourself that, one day it might sink in ::

I actually deal better with the loses than Tug does. Poor guy really shouldn't watch them anymore, lest he have a heart attack.

The problem with the Buckeyes is they usually give you hope. They keep it just close enough to get you to think, "WOW, might we actually pull this off?" Then their anemic offense goes in and quickly out and you turn to your spouse and both say "Too much time on the clock, we aren't going to hold them." And, sure enough, you are proven right. Happened last year with Texas. Happened this year with USC. We need a new offensive coordinator.

Regardless, their honor defend, I will fight to the end for O-HI-O.

Friday, September 11, 2009


You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you just feel something isn't right?! I have it. Just an aching feeling.

Maybe it is just butterflies.

I can't even imagine how the players feel!!

Ugh, and I have to wait until 5 PM tomorrow. . .how will I be able to stand it?

Come on Buckeyes, YOU CAN DO IT!! Beat the hell out of USC.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Need Web design?

I got web design.

I have had my fun doing blog design and have now decided to branch out into web design so if you know someone who needs a website designed, a blog header, blog background or viral button designed, send them my way. I will link to my website as soon as I finish it, which will hopefully be soon.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Well, well, well. . . some of you have been disappointed with my recent announcements. You have chastised. You have undermined the importance of the impending football season. You have deemed my announcements unannouncement worthy. So fine, I will make the announcement those of you who already know wish me to make. Happy?
Labor day is predicted to be April 8, 2010, but I like to get induced about a week early so we will see. Yes, soon I will look like this.
Oh who am I kidding, I will look more like this.
Hopefully delivery won't look like this!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

As some of you know. . .

But most of you probably don't. . .

::quack, quack::

Because you are lame. . .

::neigh, neigh::

OMG I am so excited. . .
::quack, neigh::

COLLEGE FOOTBALL IS ON THE TELEVISION TONIGHT (actually lots of games, but only one pretty good one). No, not a repeat game. . .not the 2002 (season, played in 2003) National Title game that they show often on EPSN classic. . . not a game that we have already seen and know the outcome to, yet Tug still screams at the television (if it is the Buckeyes). . . a real, live game!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO, only 2 more days until important games start.
As for tonight, I lived in Oregon for a bit. We have neon green O hats Tug got while working on the Extreme Home Makeover home in Corvallis (which is where Oregon State is so why they were giving out duck hats instead of beaver hats is beyond me). I am going to have to go for Boise State (I am overlooking the distain I have for schools that say 'state' after the name of a city) because you can't underestimate the power of the smurf turf.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I pledge

to keep my kids the hell out of public school!!

Not only is there the pro-Obama assignment insisted upon by the President, but now there is this. . . Utah Eagle Forum upset over political video shown at elementary school
(click title to read article, watch video)Truly disturbing!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

16 candles

plus quite a few more (or just swap the order of the digits). Happy birthday to my mama. I don't actually call her mama. Her name is Maria Elena. Tug calls her grandma, as do the kids.