Sunday, September 27, 2009

They did it

They did it, they did it, hooray. lo hicieron. . . not overly confident about that spanish there.

Anyhoozle, both {l} and {r} made their gymnastics. {r} will now be in the level {l} was just in.
{l} is moving up to the level just before competing.
The coach said she would be willing to put {r} in the level {l} will be in but felt {l} worked hard so {r} should have to start lower. I am fine with it because I don't think she is ready for that level. Honestly, I thought she would be placed a level lower than she is. Both girls are very excited.
This means tues/thurs {r} will have 2 hours of gymnastics. Mon/wed/fri {l} will have 2 hours of gymnastics. That's right, Monday THROUGH Friday we will be at the Y. Once I start working it will be Monday THROUGH Sunday. Ahhh, I love the Y.

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Paula said...

Congratulations on the dance moves and your job! I would not want to spend every day at the Y. More power to ya!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mi Mamas and Guera. Awesome looking forward to seeing you both compete.

Erin said...

Go girls! Proud of you!

Auntie Nee said...


elm said...

Congrats girls!! Good job on your hard work!!

Keri said...

I love the picture where they are both doing the bridge and smiling at you!!

The Wades said...

I sure hope you're framing that last picture and putting it in their room! That is so great. What talented nieces I have. :) Awesome.

regan said...

i like your spanish!
it's fine.
and boy do those girls look stretchy...i couldn't do that if you told me you'd give me a million bucks. i mean i'd try. but i'd probably never be the same again.
happy working.
is this a good thing for you?
i don't think i could handle working outside the home.
this place would collapse without my constant presence.