Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First 'real' meet

{r} had her first swim meet this weekend (this summer was a just for fun league, this is real swim team now). She swam the 25 free, 25 back, 50 free, the free leg of the 200 medley (so another 50 free) and a leg of the 200 free relay (another 50 free). She didn't win any of the races but she was pretty close in all which i hear is pretty good for her first time. When watching the videos, i realized her starts were awesome. . . now she just needs to perfect the stroke and she would zoooom to victory.

Proof of the good starts:
huge lead popping up to start the 50 free. . . came in last.
slight lead to start the 25 free (closest lane), came in 3rd out of 3.
another good lead to start the 25 back. the girl in the closest lane had already taken two strokes before {r} popped up. the other girl went on to win, {r} was 2nd (out of 3).
here she is going in on the medley relay.
and going in on the free relay.

Again, if she could just get that stroke down she'd be golden! I'll post videos soon. video in post below

video of meet

technically, i know nothing about swimming. here is {r}s 25 free--in my untechnical opinion, she needs to not twist her body so much while swimming. there are times you can see the side of her leg, when you should only be able to see her butt, i think. she is in the closest lane, aside from the boy in the closest, closest lane. they don't swim against boys, he was just the only boy for that event so they combined the events to make the meet go more quickly.

and on to her backstroke. in my uneducated opinion, she needs to get her legs up and out of the water more.

Friday, December 3, 2010

is this thing on?

ahh, the old stomping grounds. how i have (sort of) missed you. i am far too busy nowadays to come up with blog posts.
tug travels A LOT (out of 18 days, starting 11/30, he will be home for 3) so i have a lot of kids i have to watch.
and i work a lot (type, type, type).
and there's facebook which lets me check on everyone and i only have to come up with a sentence every once in a while, not a whole post. so, if you want to find me, facebook friend me.

on a funner note (no, funner ain't a word), my younger sister-in-law (the only one younger, the other two are older. WAY older) who has a cutsie lil' 3 month old challenged {c} to a 'biggest cheeks in the family' contest. We took that challenge.
How could we not?
You don't bring a knife to a gun fight.
My sil conceded, {c} wins! (all 3 pictures are of {c} since I didn't get my sil permission to post pics of her lil' one)
See y'all in about 2 months (unless you are my friend on FB)