Thursday, January 31, 2008

Aww Shucks

Alright, truth be told, Jessica and Amy both nominated me for this but I didn't post it cuz those obligatory "You are my friend and read my blog so I am going to pick you so I don't hurt your feelings and besides we actually see each other and I don't want there to be an uncomfortable silence next time" nominations don't count. But Shelly who I know only through blogland nominated me as well so NOW it counts :)
And now for my speech, I'd like to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, through Him all things are possible. And my husband for being so (not) supportive of my blogging. And my friends who actually take the time to read the dribble I write, and are sometimes the source of that dribble. But most of all the fan(s). Yes you fan(s), give yourselves a round of applause. Without you fans there would be no awards.

And since the rules don't require that the person you award actually read your own blog,
I nominate:
My fun friends:
Some Crafty people:
Posy gets cozy
Current inspiring story:
Update to add
And just to annoy her:
Michelle - her one post was awesome

There were some rules attached like nominating 10 people if you accept your nomination but rules shmules, do whatcha like kid.

The big i

All this hard, prolonged coughing is making
*my back hurt
*my ribs hurt
*me realize I need to do Kegels

::michelle, if max reads this and says "I'll give you something hard and prolonged", please hit him::

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Remember that swap I told you about maybe last week--what do you mean you don't remember, don't you carefully read every post? Well phoey, I'm not linking to help jog your memory.
Anyhow, we got our swap partner today (sounds so dirty). I hadn't told the girls before just in case but since I spoke (emailed) with the other mommy today it is officially on. They are from NJ but in the metro area of NYC, she even works in NYC-how sophisticated. I hope we don't disappoint!
Any ideas?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Guess who's SIX months

So, it was actually a few days ago but, as you know by the ever present threat of a strike, I am slow. Ain't she just the cutest. Sure hope she appreciates her darn dufflecoat!
Oh yeah, last week she successfully rolled from her back to her stomach then from her stomach to her back. Hallelujah

The good, the bad and the froggie

Good news, bad news. Which you want first? We will go bad. No wait good. Yeah, good. Tug made it home, just by the hair of his chinny-chin-chin. He doesn't actually have hair on his chin, but trust me, it was close. He had been home for about an hour when I saw scrolling across the bottom of the tele that both directions of the highway were closed due to extreme snowfall. The same section of highway he was on 1 hour prior. YIPPY.

Now for the bad. The awful. Almost the devil, but just the froggie. Remember me talking about the dufflecoat I am currently working on. Well, instead of knitting as one piece, you do the back then bind off (basically sew the end to take it off the needles). Then knit the left front panel and leave those stitches on a spare needle. Then knit the right front panel. Now, once your right panel is to size you keep those stitches on the needle, cast on additional stitches (make new stitches on that same needle) AND continue knitting into the left panel. Eventually those new stitches you just made will be sewn into the back panel and the rest of the area above it is a hood. I flipped the panels, so I started knitting into the wrong side. I had done about 20 rows (if not more) of 80 stitches before I finally realized it. ARGH, frog all the way back (down to the green line), think, think, think, try to figure out how it should be and continue. This meant my two panels would no longer be connected which created (for a reason unknown to me) loose stitches on both panels at the end. I think I can just tighten once I get to the sleeves. It doesn't look like much but that is about a weeks worth of knitting--I AM SLOW, and that needle I am using is absolutely awful, making me slower than usual. What will really be sad is if I later realize I was right the first time. That is certainly a possibility.

There's a porcupine in my throat

I am sick. Boo has an ear infection and Ham might have the start of one. They both went to the doc's and got antibiotics though Ham isn't starting his unless he gets worse. Tug is out of town, on his way home and hoping he doesn't hit much bad weather since a snow advisory is in effect. I am thinking of taking some penicillin that I have but it is from Mexico so for all I know it is actually crushed up dog bones. I went online to see if it is ok to take penicillin while nursing and it says that it is. It doesn't say that it is ok to take Mexican penicillin. It also says it isn't ok to take cocaine. Other drugs like heroin, meth, and marijuana aren't listed so I guess those are still alright.
The girls tried their knifty knitters the other night. They did well but they haven't picked them up again since.
I am also working on the Dufflecoat from Debbie Bliss Essential Baby. I haven't checked gauge and am using bigger needles but not doing any modifications since I don't know how. We will see the end result. I have finished the front right and left, the back and am now working on the hood.
On a slightly amusing note, I saw a picture somewhere of a car with the following bumper sticker "The wife of Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend for President". No, I don't lean left, I just thought it was funny.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Global Warming is Real

And it makes us very sad

And it's really scary! AHHHH, What are we
going to do??

I guess we will just build a snowman!

No, I am going to go personally shake the hand of the man who brings this awful, scary, monstrosity to the forefront. He deserves a Noble Prize, off I go...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

MaMaMa Meme

Wow, Amy and Jessica both tagged me for this and since my only other current option is watching Enter the Dragon I suppose I'll go along.

If you HAD to choose one or the other would you choose (*extra, not needed, sometimes called unnecessary, commentary)...

  • Thai or Mexican *represent
  • bubble bath or back massage *I hate baths, but I also wouldn't go somewhere where someone I don't know is rubbing my back fat, only Tug gets to
  • boots or sandals *specifically flip flops
  • the 90% "pro-life" good chance or the 100% pro-life long shot *gotta start somewhere
  • a cruise ship or a mountain cabin *we went on a cruise for our honeymoon and have NO desire to ever do that again
  • Rome or Paris * go see Papa
  • Ordinary or Extraordinary *if you don't aim too high, you might not be let down
  • Rosary or Stations *I'm not even sure I know how to do the Stations of the Cross
  • surf or hang glide *though the idea of a wetsuit gives me hives
  • Regal Cinemas or Netflix *I hate watching movies at home, only in theatres baby
  • sweet or salty *much prefer potato chips to cake
  • pen or pencil *erasers are our friends
  • how-to book or fantasy novel *where I currently am in life, how to knit, how to crochet, etc
  • crossword or sudoku *makes me feel smart that I can add to 9
  • lose a leg or lose your sight *I couldn't make it being blind
  • North or South *muy caliente down South
  • a power outage at home or a dead car battery at Costco *but only if I am without kids so I can just run in, get a new battery and be on my way
  • classic rock or country *Ramble on...
  • wool or linen *bad answer for knitters but wool is more expensive and in terms of fabric linen is nicer and not itchy, though very wrinkly
  • lots of good friends or a few great friends *I always answer these questions with the minimal answer to make myself feel as though I am actually choosing to currently have few friends
  • soup or salad *I hate soup
  • Merlot or Chardonnay *I don't know the difference. Which is white? Do they come in boxes?
  • Picasso or Da Vinci *I don't much care for his code ;)
  • charades or trivial pursuit *LOVE TP, we have sooo many of these games
  • Evangelical Protestantism or Orthodox Judaism *Sorry to my non-denominational friends, shalom
  • stone age or dark age *Perhaps I could have been a martyr and gone straight up
  • Steven Spielberg or Ken Burns *not really a documentary type fan
  • Thermopylae or Alamo *Just cuz Tug recently pulled a Greeks (though this is Spartans) vs Persians simile out of his arse (Viva Mexico)
  • Big Foot or Loch Ness Monster *I like Americans
  • babies or teenagers *though I am not much of a baby person, but I am not looking forward to the teenage years)

And, just to make Michelle laugh, I now tag PioneerWoman, and anyone else who wishes to play along. Now time to go 'be like water'...

Friday, January 25, 2008

A Busy Month

WOW, January is a birthday month.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You've got a nose,
Like a B-52.

Happy Bday Auntie Nee, We love you!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire!

Happy Birthday Betty, though I am striking you. And a one date late Happy Birthday Misha!

Tooth be gone

On Sunday while eating crusty French bread rolls Boo came running into the living room "My tooth is loose, my tooth is loose. I took a bite of the bread and it hurt a little and now my tooth is loose!" Guess they were a little too crusty! Tug told her to wait until Wednesday to pull it out because it wasn't quite ready and he was going to be out of town on Monday and Tuesday (and I am not a tooth-puller-outer). So, yesterday was the day. I had to run to the store once he got home. He called to tell me in code (Spanish) to get some money for the tooth. I forgot but knew I had some around the house. As I walked in the door she ran up to me grinning from ear to ear, tooth missing. She (as Sugar did for one) had her tooth tied to a piece of floss, the other end tied to Sugar's wrist. When Tug saw all was ready he told Sugar to run, she does, out pops tooth.
Unfortunately, yesterday I started getting sick and Ham got a fever of 101. Tooth fairy forgot her duty. Luckily (in this instance ONLY) Ham woke up at 2:30 this morning and I remembered that I had forgotten. I go to find some cash, only to find none. Tug had a $20 in his wallet. Too much, don't want her to get expectations for the future. I start riffling through their room looking for their wallets which I know have cash in them. YES, I was going to use her own money to give back to her to pretend it was from the tooth fairy. No luck. Finally I start going through the collection of piggy banks at 3 in the morning trying to find $5 worth of quarters. Mission accomplished, tooth fairy lives on. Unfortunately she got no more sleep for the night because her minion wouldn't go for it (so if this post doesn't make much sense, it is his fault, not mine).

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A second video

Jessica linked to a homily this past Sunday regarding Roe vs Wade. Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of that decision. Anniversary doesn't seem an appropriate word since anniversaries are typically done in celebration. Deathiversary perhaps? Growing up I was pretty much pro-choice. While I always said I would never have an abortion, I thought 'who am I to tell a woman what to do with her body?'. As I've aged, my views have changed. I still think a person can do what they want with their body-you want a tattoo, have at it. Feel like piercing your lip, go for it though you might look a little funny. Problem is these women aren't doing what they want with THEIR body. They are mutilating the body of someone else when they abort.
During the first G-dub election I was working at Enterprise Rent-a-car with a bunch of liberals. We debated often. My manager argued:
Manager: You pro-life people aren't actually pro-life, you are just anti-choice.
Me: Um, you can argue the semantics however you want "I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky". Actually I am pro-choice. I think a woman has a choice to NOT get pregnant. She can choose to not have sex. She can choose to use birth control (not Catholic belief, but I had to use something for the lib). Once pregnant she can choose adoption. See, lots of choices, murder just isn't one of them."
Another argument I had was with a fellow co-worker, also drilling me on being pro-life. To him I said:
Him: (trying to trap me) So, do you think the death penalty is ok?
Me: I don't know, haven't made up my mind (am now siding more towards the Catholic, not Republican view). My bet is you think it is wrong?
Him: Yes.
Me: So let me ask you this-Why is it wrong to kill someone who has been tried by a jury and found to have committed some heinous crime against another person but it is ok to kill a completely innocent child who has done nothing wrong?
The next day he told me he had really been rethinking his stand. I quit shortly after so I have no idea if his ideology actually changed.

If you get a chance click through to the homily. There is a second video dedicated to victims and a 3rd showing a March for Life that took place on Sunday.

A better video

Thanks Shelly for the video link, but I have to one-up you. Go check this one out. Pretty much brought me to tears, not quite but that's just cuz I am a cold hearted snake, VERY close though!
cfhusband-Tricia talks

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The numbers dont lie

I have been accused of padding my numbers. I resent that remark-I assure you my lack of posts has nothing to do with increasing numbers and has everything to do with having nothing to say (oh, and I did pad in the beginning, I started at 1000 not 0, shhhh don't tell anyone).
Sooo, just to bug her more, tonight's post will be about the conversation I had today with Miguelita.
M: We started going to a small group.
R: What do you mean?
M: For church. A non-denominational group.
R: Those are the best kinds.
M: [laugh] I am memorizing the books of the Bible.
R: Why? As Catholics we don't have to do that.
M: I don't know why, just to say I know them.
R: Do you know they make Bible tabs?
M: Max (her hubby) is going to like 3 different groups, some studying the Bible.
R: 3 groups, wow he is really committed. Too bad they don't read the real Bible.
M: I was talking with a guy, blah blah blah, and Max told him that we are doing a branding soon and he can come out if he wants to.
R: Branding? That isn't until June.
M: No, we are doing one in Feb. too.
R: February, won't it be too cold?
M: Yeah.
R: You want me to knit you a hat?
M: (laugh-tells her hubby) Max said you can knit him a Bible cover.
R: Hmmm, I will, what size does he use. I'll be sure to put on it "Catholics Rule".

I also spoke with my mother-in-law tonight. It was VERY clear (based on our conversation) that she no longer reads the blog. Whatever. Forget you Betty!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Book meme

I originally saw this on Amy's blogo but ignored it since she tagged a generic you and based on psychology I used the group theory (don't remember the actual name) that someone else would do it and since I wasn't specifically asked I could ignore (the theory is that if you are around a group of people and need help you are less likely to get it since individuals in the group will think someone else will help you). Jessica specifically tagged me, argh. Unfortunately for you guys I am at my desk and the only books I keep around her are reference type:
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

Book one was Debbie Bliss Essential Baby page 123 has a picture.
Book two was Clara Parkes The Knitter's Book of Yarn page 123 has a picture.
Book three is Margaret Radcliffe The Knitting Answer Book
Cases for circular needles come in several designs. Small booklets with see-through pockets for size are particularly handy to carry around with you. Hanging cases allow you to store cable needles without coiling them. (Kinky cables can be very annoying to knit with). Aint that the truth.

And now I tag:
Shelly (the other white meat)
Shelly (the old one-this could be your first ggyr post)
Barbara (scmom)
Carrie (humble)
Whoever just happened upon this while googling a problem with Photoshop

Mommycoddle miniswap

Today I found a swap for the kids and am soooo excited. I was contemplating NOT sharing this info since she is only taking 125 participants but thought it rude. If you get in and I don't consider us no longer friends--yes, I am 4-years-old.
Full details here.

As for Boo and her thumb, she says she went to bed without sucking it. I found her asleep with the mitt around her elbow, thumb wet. I have added a string between her middle and ring finger to keep it from 'slipping' tonight. Attempt #2...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cease and desist

Boo is a thumb sucker. Her birthday is in April. Her 6th birthday. She still sucks her thumb. We tried putting vinegar on it. She asked for more vinegar. We tried having her sleep with socks on her hands. She complained that her hands got sweaty. Tonight Boo discovered her first loose tooth. This means she really needs to stop sucking her thumb unless she wants to forever be known as Bucky. I was working on some fingerless mitts--adult size--just to try and get the hang of knitting with circulars. I realized I could alter them a bit and have a surefire way of no thumb access but no sweaty hands either! Tonight's the first night, we will see how it goes.
Though it doesn't look like it, she actually was very excited for her mitt. She is concentrating on pushing her loose tooth (bottom, her left) forward with her tongue.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm so t.u.r.d tired

I could f.a.r.t faint.
Tug got home last night. He has been out of town all week. I didn't go to bed until about 2. Get your mind out of the gutter. He didn't get home until about 10, then we started catching up on TV. We watched American Idol--take it, take it, take it. One Hollywooder lives in a little town about 10 minutes down the road. Once we went to bed, Tug was snoring in my ear within 2 minutes. Last I saw it was 2. Ham came into our room at about 6. I am tired. I turned on cartoons and we got on the couch under the buckeye blanket. I started drifting, SP started crying. I went to get SP, started changing her diaper, started pulling on a wipe and it wouldn't come out. Kept pulling, started holding one end and pulling the other to separate the wipe. Nothing would happen, it would just stretch. Finally pulled the whole wipe out only to find it was actually a pair of SP's tights. Any guesses on who would do such a thing? Mine is 3 little letters. H.A.M.
Thanks for the nice words on the video (also via email). I know I sound like a jackass in it, but if anyone tries and is successful let me know. If I can help just one person in this world *sniff* then I can be happy knowing *sniff* it wasn't all for *snort* naught...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Adjustable Ring Video

So, here is a video of how to do the crochet adjustable ring. Most patterns don't call for doing the ring as adjustable so you need to adjust your pattern. Typically they look like this:
To Make:
[first line]Ch [chain]4,sl st [slip stitch]in 1st ch to form ring.
Rnd 1:Ch [chain]3(cts[counts] as dc),5 dc in ring.Join with sl st [slip stitch] to 1st dc(6 dc[this is telling you how many stitches will be in your ring]). [words in this color are added by me to clarify]
So, from the above pattern if you were going to do the adjustable ring you would skip the first line. Based on the second line (labeled Rnd 1) do the adjustable ring with your first stitch being 3 chains then 5 more double crochets in the ring. Pull the tail-end to close your adjustable ring and slip stitch your last dc into your first dc (which, in this pattern is the 3 chains--you would do the slip stitch into the top or 3rd chain stitch you created).
Edit to add:
Oh yeah, when you are doing anything round it will start as a disc. You will do increases to make it bigger. While doing the increases (by doing 2 stitches in 1 stitch) your disc will be flat. The flatter the better. Once you stop doing the increases your disc will start to get sides to it and start rounding out (after about 2-4 rounds of no increases).
And here is a video of it (not of the above pattern, that would have made too much sense). As a warning, I bite my nails and I don't take care of their beds. Oh and I have a nasty cut on my thumb from a knife incident a few nights ago:) Enjoy, hope this helps.

A tutorial too

So, if you've already read the crochet post and decide you actually want to give knitting a go, here is some advice (again, I've been knitting less than a month, take from it what you want).
Knitting is done on needles and you always have all your stitches on the needles. You start by casting on, then building into the cast-on. Your stitches will always start on the needle you are holding in your left hand, then you knit into those stitches with the needle in your right hand. Once all your stitches are transferred to that right hand needle you simply switch hands, again placing the needle with the stitches in your left hand and starting over. There are lots of different needles-singles (have a point on one end and a ball or some sort of stopper on the other, typically sold with two needles per pack), double pointed needles (have points on both ends, called dpn), circular needles (2 separate needles held together with a cable in the middle, though you see 2 needles in the pack it is actually just one circular since they are connected with the cable) and probably others I don't even know about. When starting just get a set of singles. You can either look at a pattern and buy which size is called for or just go out and get a set (8's are pretty good since they aren't too small or large). Unlike crochet which typically uses letters, knitting needles are done in numbers BUT be sure to look at the US size because they also tell you the metric size (most patterns will tell you which US size you need). They sell needles in metal, plastic and wood. I would recommend buying a single size in all 3 and see which you like best (instead of a pack, I got packs and am regretting it). For the most part, dpn's and circulars are used for knitting in the round (again circles--hats, mittens, socks, etc) and singles are for knitting flats (scarves, blankets) though you can knit things flat then seam stitch them together to get round (that is how the slippers were done). I again recommend to get a plain yarn when first starting out and I would start with a scarf that does both knits (k) and purls (p). Those are pretty much the 2 types of stitches done in knitting so starting with a scarf to practice those is a good idea. Knitting is another great site that shows videos of all sorts of things (how to k, p, increases, decreases, fixing mistakes, etc). Get your needles, yarn (and coffee) and give it a go. Start with cast on, so far I have only learned long-tail cast on which seems to work for everything (very generally speaking), move the casted on needle into your left hand and start with the empty needle in your right (I don't know if instructions are different for left handed people). Most commercially sold sweaters and such are knitted. You can tell the difference because knits have a vertical line look to them, crochet looks more horizontal.
I would also focus on seeing how purls look different from knits. Knit stitches, when worked upon each other, look like v's in a column, purls look like dashes (-). Knitting has a right side (rs) and a wrong side (ws). Patterns will tell you which is which. Knitting on one side creates a purl on the other (so, the opposite side of a knit is a purl). Good practice to just get the look of them is to cast on a number of stitches (say 10), then knit into those stitches. Once you flip your needle, purl into the stitches. Flip the needle again and knit, flip again and purl. Continue this for a bit just to see how a k side will look and how a p side will look (your work will curl at the edges, don't make anything with this, just use it as a swatch to learn the looks). This will help tons when doing 'harder' stuff cuz you can just look at what you are knitting to see if it should be a purl or knit stitch and it is easier to identify mistakes. also describes the look of the stitches.
I haven't tried dpn's and am just now starting something with circulars so I can't give any advice on either of those (except most things done on circulars requires 2 circs which means you have to buy 2).
There's lots more but this will get you started. Oh yeah, since both knitting and crocheting is building upon itself, if you pull the yarn connecting the ball to your work it will pull out your work so be careful!

A tutorial

Well, not really. More of a go to these sites if interested. Some have expressed interest in learning to crochet/knit so I thought I would offer some helpful places (Shelly, I have completely taught myself and started crocheting about 2 months ago and knitting about 1 month ago, trust me you don't want lessons from me).
If you are wanting to learn both, I would start with crochet. It is easier and cheaper and much faster. Crochet is basically always started with a chain stitch. You then work back over that chain with your stitch always having just one stitch on the hook (and only using one hook). Working in rows means you go from left to right (think scarf-flat), working in rounds means you are going in a circle (think hats or balls). I went to the store and got one of those "Teach yourself crochet" kits. I wouldn't recommend it because it is hard to start by looking at pictures (at least for me). Just head to the store, get a ball of yarn (for starters I would recommend getting a plain yarn like Caron Simply Soft, carried at most stores, it slides easily; fun looking yarn is neat but can be hard to work with so for learning start with the easy stuff) and get a little package of crochet hooks (I prefer metal, I hate plastic but you choose) which come in different sizes, usually they have a pack with sizes F-K which is a good one. Now once you have your yarn and hooks (and coffee) head over to this site which has VIDEOS showing how to do different stitches. Stick with the basics to start (single crochet-sc, double crochet-dc, and half double crochet-hdc). You can find lots of free patterns online (just google what type of pattern you are looking for), print it up then go back to that site to again see how to do the stitch. For hats and things in the round learning the magic adjustable loop is a MUST. I haven't found a video of it but there is a site that shows in pictures how to do it. Perhaps if you are lucky I will make a video of it. Once you learn that, anything round is very easy, including those cupcakes, cookies and amigurumi dolls like her.
Alright, SP needs to be fed. I will do a separate post on knitting shortly.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

A new FO

Here they are folks, the felted slippers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
So, you are probably thinking "Wow, she is proud of THOSE? They look kinda funny and a little big. Does she have a Sasquatch?" To that I reply, 'No, silly, they have to be felted.'
"Felted? Whatchu mean felted? We don't knit. We were here before this became a boring knitting (and sometimes crocheting) blog. Whatchu talkin bout Willis?"
'I know, I know. I've got pictures. Not only do I have pictures, I have pictures of HER wearing them.'

They could probably stand to be felted a little more. Perhaps I will later (basically just washing them in mucho hot water).

And, just so we can tell the left from the right easily I added this sweet little embroidered detail.

A Christmas Gift

I've been meaning to take pictures of these for quite some time but didn't get around to it until today. We got these awesomely smooshy, comfy, wonderful blankets from my sister for Christmas. The kids (except SP, her blanket is in the background left in the pic with the girls) all sleep with theirs. We use our nice big blanket (scarlet and grey baby) as the couch blanket and Tug and I often fight over it (except when the Bucks lost, Tug grabbed the blanket and threw it saying 'Damn you scarlet and gray').

Thanks Auntie Nee for the great gifts. Hmmm, with a sister getting some talents perhaps next year we should take the full-fledged homemade gift challenge.

Michelle, you better go to Taiwan and learn you a trade!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Poem

I know someone,
Today's her day.
She's turning old,
What more to say?

Happy Birthday Jessica! 30 isn't as bad as you think it is, feels kinda just like yesterday did.
Bet you feel bad now for making fun of me for 'being so old' since we are the same least for the next few months.
If you get a chance, head over and leave her a comment to make her feel better--I mean to wish her a great day.

I just found out 2 days ago was my bro-in-law b-day (my other sis-in-law's hubby, not shelly's hubby) so here is his poem:

I know someone else
He turned old too.
I didn't know
So what to do?
Tell him now
With utmost class
And say I am sorry
For being an ass.

Welcome to the decade Chennie! If I had known, I would have whipped you up a scarf or something. I'll remember next time Gadget, next time. FYI, 30 year olds can no longer wear white, pimp sunglasses.

Oh yeah, and 30 with no kids and 30 with 5 kids (like Jessica) are 2 completely different 30's!

Update again:

I just got an email illustrating exactly how different the 2 above referenced 30's are. Chennie and Erin went scuba diving in Grand Cayman. Jessica is out right now getting herself and her family some breakfast. I bet the only diving she will do today will be into laundry and dirty diapers! Of course Chennie only has 2 loving arms to hold him tight and Jessie has 12 (including her hubby). Advantage Jessie (though I am VERY jealous of Chendo right now, well not RIGHT now cuz he's at work and I am sitting on my duff in front of the computer stalling on starting school, but jealous in general).

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A new Shelly

WOW. I just finished up knitting the slippers (pictures forthcoming) and I stopped to check my email and found some comments from Shelly. Those who have been here for awhile know that I have a sister-in-law Michelle (aka Miguelita, aka Shelly). She is starting up another blog (her last one was a disaster, we will see how the new one goes) so I thought it was her. However, I started to think something was amiss since the comments were nice but perhaps she was making up for her 'readers strike' and just for being an overall pain in my arse. So I clicked the profile and lo and behold it is a new Shelly. A new super sweet, she thinks I am funny Shelly. A new she can even create a blog with real posts on it Shelly. And a Shelly who actually put up a post of finding my blog while blopping (her word but I am stealing it) and how funny I am (gotta love that Shelly). So welcome Shelly. You say you found me through the Catholic mom blogroll. I need to warn you straight off that I am not the usual find on there. I don't actually often post about my faith, and I sometimes say crude things. But I am Catholic and I am a mom so I suppose I qualify. As for the 'what's in a name' name, I had to think of something cuz hubby had the grand idea to change the name daily. I was good for awhile but have been slacking lately since he doesn't actually contribute ideas for the name. Oh and I have a problem leaving comments on peoples blogs if it can't be done anonymously--I can't sign in cuz of a stupid email mix up unless I go to my own blog first so I usually just don't bother. And finally, just cuz you mentioned it, we are HUGE Ohio State fans (but sadly can't call ourselves alumni). Thanks again for stopping by, now that I am signed in, I must leave a comment on yours cuz Charlie is VERY cute.

Biggest Loser is on tonight (and has just finished recording so I can now go watch commercial free while I knit do lunges) so in that spirit here is another, all original 'you might be overweight' joke:
If you saw that the South Beach diet allows you to eat almonds so you ran to the grocery store and bought Rocky Road ice might be overweight.

She's going to hollywood, dog

I came out into the living room a second ago and heard this original song by Sugar:

La la la, you go girl
La la la, come break it down
La la la, you have stylin' moves
Come on this song is taking too long

Oh when you see the sun shining
You sing a rock n' roll song
Go Ohio State,
Ohio State Go.
Go Ohio State,
Ohio State Go.

Oh when you see the moon shining
You sing a sweet loving song
Rock a bye baby, go to sleep now
Rock a bye baby, go to sleep now
Rock a bye baby, go to sleep now
Now you are asleep
So we will start all over {begin again from top}

And I saw Ham like this, screaming "wock a woll, wock a woll". He is wearing a hat I recently crocheted for SP--it is too big for her, that's what I get for going with a pattern.

Happy Birthday

Though I am pretty sure my brother doesn't read my blog (jerk) I better wish his son a happy birthday just in case!
Happy #7 Ryan!
I'm off to

Monday, January 14, 2008


I better hurry up and get another post on here before the great readers strike--I only hope I am not too late.
*I got some new yarn to try the chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts but didn't like how it was looking so I stopped and am now waiting on some yarn I ordered via internet. Instead I crocheted SP a new hat but followed a pattern for it so it is too big. On the needles right now I have a scarf that I am making up and the felted slippers from Debbie Bliss Essential Baby.
*That reminds me, if you happen to get a handmade something from me, it might not be as cheap as it seems. Yarn can be darn expensive and I've already spent way too much money on this little hobby.
*Ham is still a turd when it comes to turds. He can (and sometimes will, often daily) go in the potty but he also (often daily) wakes up and poops in his pull-up. He also is holding his pee for too long and is getting his undies a tad wet each time (still won't go to the pot by himself, has to come tell me, argh). Yesterday he full fledged pissed himself.
*Sweet Pea now likes to bite the boob that feeds her.
*Sweet Pea also can't yet roll from her stomach to her back so every 2 minutes I have to flip her over cuz she is crying cuz she rolled from her back to her stomach and got stuck.
*cfhusband is the amazingly incredible story of a family. The wife has CF and was set to get a double lung transplant when they discovered they were pregnant with their first child. Gwyneth was born on 1/08 at 24 weeks. Her mom Tricia is currently in (what seems to me) an induced coma though they are waking her slightly more and more each day and she is now able to occasionally communicate. If you get a chance, click on the link and be sure to pray for this sweet little family. He also gives info/updates on other families in the NICU. Totally puts things into perspective!

And, to end on a funny note
*When Tug was at boot camp (USMC) a fellow Marine got in trouble for something and had to stand in front of a mirror yelling "I'm not crazy, you are" over and over again.
Have a good one.

Friday, January 11, 2008


As I told Miguelita earlier, I do have a life, I can't spend every waking moment on the blog. Some friends came by today and I had to run by Walmart to get some knitting needles (they didn't have what I needed; loaded up the kids for nada). I didn't have anything to write about until I got this email from a friend so here goes:

I don't think I was actually named after her but my father use to have a girlfriend named Regina and my mom liked the name

Hmmm, can't think of it. Probably while watching something about the military. Military stories always get to me. So sad seeing pictures when they are being deployed, so happy when they return.

Sometimes, but not always. I don't like my everyday cursive but I can do pretty fancy letters when needed

Wouldn't really call it my favorite but I pretty much only eat ham. Overly processed brown sugar ham

Muchos-4. 3 girlies and 1 lonely little boy

Of course, who wouldn't want to be my friend? I am awesome and I might even make you a hat, or in this case make myself a hat.

Who me? Never. I am very sensitive to others feelings and never say anything out of line

Gosh, a little personal don't you think? Yes

Not anymore. Jaime and I kinda did back in college. It was one of those huge swing things where you are laying flat strapped together and the crane raises you up VERY high then you pull the cord to release and fall straight down then start to swing. It was really fun but no way would I do it now. I don't even like roller coasters now. I am boring

I like a lot but don't know if I have a favorite. I like Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, Basic 4 the list goes on and on

I don't wear shoes. I wear sweats all day and no shoes so I really have to think about this, I don't untie

Emotionally or physically? Physically I am a pansy ass--NO strength whatsoever. Emotionally I would think so but have never really faced a huge test.

Cheap Rocky Road. Can't be fancy cuz I only like the disgustingly spongey marshmellows. Oh mint chocolate chip if it is going to be a shake

People individually I think teeth. Familes, how many kids they have.

Red, notice the color of the font

I currently don't like any body part most of all butt, hips/thighs. I also currently don't like that I am doing nothing about it. I must like it enough though to continue to do nothing.


Since I am blogging it, I didn't send it to anyone though would think it groovy for you to do in a meme or clip/paste into an email

Bluish sweats and nude colored shoes (sometimes called feet)

Just had dinner, burrrrrritos

SP crying in her bed, Sugar and Boo playing something sounds like one of them wants to be Hannah Montana


Rotten eggs and dirty diapers. Oh wait, favorite smells not what you smell most. I like the Bath & BW Cherry blossom (i think that's what it's called) and the smell of some coffees

Jaime J. I called to wish her a happy b-day. Happy Birthday Big Girl. You are now IN your 30's!! I love you

College Football

Chestnutty Auburn. Alright, boring undyed brown

Even more boring brown

No, though my eyesight is getting worse


Pretty much anything edible which contributes to #16
I Never watch scary movies, ever. I am a chicken

Not sure. Tug bought Ocean's 13 on PPV and I sort of watched it from the computer while trying to figure out a long tail cast on. does that count?


Summer, though I need winter for an excuse for my knitting projects

Hugs, unless you are referring to Hersheys then Kisses preferably with almonds

Refer back to #30

Vogue Knitting Stitchionary 2 is the closest I have come to reading in awhile

James Dean



Neither. If I was forced to pick one or face certain death I suppose the Beatles

Depends on what you call home. Home as in growing up then Oregon

Just the new yarny stuff I am trying to learn

El Paso, TX. or as Tug likes to call it North Juarez Mexico

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nothing to read here

move along to your next blog, nothing of importance going on here.

Let's see...Sugar has First Confession tonight. She is very excited and not at all nervous, though she shakes her head vigorously when I ask her if she is going to do it face to face.

Yesterday the girls had Little Flowers (kinda like Catholic Girl Scouts but focused on virtues not cookies) and they made little journals that are separated into prayers, notes, numbers and routine. Under routine they wrote their bed/morning routines. Instead of personalizing it, the girls wrote what the group went with. On the way home Boo asked "Mom, can we do this? Under bedtime routine it says to lay out your clothes and shoes for the next day." I informed her that is more for kids who go to school so they won't be running around the next morning looking for something to wear. About every half-hour to hour after both she and Sugar bugged/begged me to do this. Thanks Carrie, now I will have clothes to wash! We don't get dressed 'round these parts.

Remember those old 'you might be a redneck' jokes? Here is my version:
If you spend all day in front of the computer looking at blogs while sitting on an exercise ball and (due to its name) consider this exercise, you might be overweight.
Hmmm, where did I put my chair?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Do you ever find, while mindlessly reading blogs you start to mindlessly pick your nose then you mindfully realize you got something then you mindlessly wipe it on your sweats?
No? Oh, um, well...ahhh, me neither!

How about when you are changing your 4-month-old's diaper you think "This kid needs a bath" then you look over and see the wipes, grab a wipe, wipe him down and all around then call it even?
Oh, you don't do that either. Yeah, neither do I. I mean, I don't even have a 4 month old.

Hope this was early enough for you Shelly

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

These Eyes

are cryin'

We are (once again) giving up on the Buckeyes. Tug says we aren't going to watch them anymore. Since the season is over I suppose he is right, but he is meaning ever. Too much pain. Luckily it is kinda like childbirth. Come next season we'll think "Hmmm, I remember this hurting a bit but it wasn't THAT bad was it? I mean, nothing we can't handle, right? We have to pay $100 so we can get every game? OK. No, I can't take the kids to their soccer game...the Buckeyes are on!"
So, another bad end to a pretty good season. It's like deja vu all over again!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Drum roll please

yippy yippy YIPPY. I have finished the scarf. It is pretty simple, just a box pattern with seed stitch at the beginning/end. Looking at the pattern picture I now realize there is a seed stitch around the entire thing but mine didn't turn out that way. Once I figured out how to tell a knit from a purl I stopped looking at the pattern and just alternated, therefore no seed on the sides. I will also use advice I had seen previously seen and switch to a larger size needle for bind off. It isn't perfect (you can even see a little hole in the picture) but I think it is pretty good for my very first knitting project. It took forever but I think more knitted scarves/projects are to come. I figure if I start now I might have something done in time to give as a Christmas gift.

Pattern from unisex scarf
Yarn--armytage, color very grape (wool)

GO Bucks

Just got this in an email from Tug who got it from a coworker. I probably shouldn't post it--bad juju. But it is a (kinda) fun read:

'Twas the night before New Orleans, when all through the state,
Not a Buckeye was stirring, not fan or teammate.
The jerseys were hung in the lockers with care,
In hopes that the trophy soon would be theirs.

Young Buckeyes were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of touchdowns danced in their heads.
And mom in OSU PJ's, and I in my Bucks stocking cap,
Had just settled down for our pre-game nap.

Tomorrow, on the field, there will be such a clatter,
Les Miles and team will know what's the matter.
Beanie and Robo will be gone in a flash,
There's no chance the Bucks won't be ready to clash.

The moon will shine with a scarlet and gray glow
Giving luster to Buckeyes celebrating below.
Then, what to my wondering eyes should I see,
It's our coach with players, Boeckman and Beanie.

With a dignified leader, so calm and so stoic,
I knew in a second it was Tressel, the heroic.
Running onto the field, all of them came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name.

“Now, Robiskie! now, Hartline! now, Wells and Gholston!
On, Jenkins! on Boeckman! on, Boone! and Barton!
From endzone to endzone...from sideline to sideline!
Miles, go to Michigan, because victory is mine!

As the players prepared for this epic battle,
They showed great confidence, not a one rattled.
So onto the field the players, they flew,
Helmets sparkling and shining - looking brand new.

And then, in a twinkling, the game had begun,
The Buckeyes were scoring and having some fun.
As I looked at the action, and continued to cheer,
I was excited and thankful for what I could hear.

'Round the stadium, could be heard O-H-I-O,
Louder and louder the chant continued to grow.
Moms with their daughters, fathers and sons,
Everyone was enjoying the long Buckeye runs.
Their eyes would light up with each thrilling score,
This night will long be remembered in OSU lore!
The scarlet and gray were winning this fight,
The Tigers had been beaten soundly this night!

With the last whistle blow, the celebration had started,
Les Miles and LSU had just been out smarted;
Players were hugging, high fiving, and singing.
The band celebrated with victory bells ringing.

I couldn't hold back a tear from my eye,
The pride in my alma mater was evident this night.
The team hoisted the trophy high in the air,
A picturesque scene of an exciting affair.

Tressel spoke not a word, just observed with a smile,
The celebration surrounding him for mile upon mile.
And laying his hands on the trophy at last,
He took in the moment that happened so fast.

He strolled off the field, but to the fans gave a wave,
Victoriously he left, the night had been saved.
But I heard him exclaim, as he walked out of sight,
“Happy Championship to all and to all a good-night!

Tonight's the night

Gonna be alright.

I am pretty sick of all the ESPN coverage of how we are going to lose. I mean can't we wallow in our sorrow AFTER we lose, instead of having to do it beforehand. Hopefully things will turn out better than last year. When asked how it felt being in Louisiana with all the LSU fans Kirk Barton said "A little like Rocky IV when he went to Russia." Remember, at the end of the movie the Commies all started chanting Rocky. Oh and I enjoy likening LSU fans to Commies!
In case you have forgotten, may I remind you of the rules for game enjoyment. May I also remind you of Sloopy.
On a happy note, the scarf is done. It is sitting behind me blocking as we speak (oh type, or in your case read). Pictures will come once it is dry. Perhaps my next project will include this yarn!
OH, I finally got my ravelry invite so some playing will also be forthcoming. Perhaps the least anticipated forthcoming event is restarting school. That will be today too. There isn't much to Kindergarten so Boo is starting 1st grade. She is very excited.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wasted days and wasted nights

Twoblacksheep use song titles to title their posts. I like that idea--have to occasionally steal it. Reason for this post's title? Well, this morning as we were walking out of Mass we were greeted by, hmmmm, what shall I call them...wannabe Evangelists, hecklers, idiots screaming at the top of their lungs? The latter seems most appropriate. There were 2 young men (20ish) outside the church, one holding a video camera the other reading/yelling from the Bible. I sort of recognize it as being from Revelations regarding a 3 headed beast but am not sure. I use the term Bible here loosely since it was one of those little New Testament books. Funny-I bet he is a Sola Scriptura guy and yet he only carries around a portion of the Bible (of course, using KJV he never has an entire Bible). Anyhoo, I just don't understand the point of it??? I am guessing they were trying to rile someone up, that they wanted a confrontation thus the use of the video tape. From what I could see, no one took the bait, but we didn't hang around long. My guess is they would consider themselves evangelists and this was (to them) a form of evangelizing. I don't see how they could see this as useful. If they were truly concerned about saving us (since, as the whore of Babylon, us Catholics are all going to hell) you would think they would employ a more tactful tactic. As if anyone is going to go up to them saying "You know, I came to Mass today questioning my faith. Clearly, you in all your yelling glory, can lead me to salvation. Thank you for saving me from the Truth!"
But, I don't think that was their point at all. I don't think they were there to help us see the light (their light, that is). I think they tell themselves this is their motive. They convince themselves that they are doing God's work by doing such idiotic things. In reality I think they have a more sinister motive. A point fingers at us motive. A look at how right we are and how wrong you are motive. How very charitable. How very Christian of them.
I was very tempted to walk up to them, extend my hand and say "God Bless you and may He give you peace" since they clearly aren't experiencing any. I was very tempted that is until I noticed the camera. Once I saw that I quickly turned my head and walked away. No way am I going to risk being videotaped!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008


I got nothing today, except an UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE demand. Did anyone stop to think if this thing isn't updated it might be because I have nothing to say. Well, if you want an update, and I've got nothing, then I will give you crap. That is what this post is, nothing important but it made us laugh.
Yesterday we went ice skating. I guess this depleted the girls' energy stores because when we got home they were both famished, Daddy too. It was only about 4 but we went ahead and went out to eat (because I hate cooking, and we had a gift certificate). We went to our local Mexican joint. I was sitting at the end of the table, Boo was to my right, Sugar to her right. Ham was sitting across from me and Tug was to his left, Sweet Pea in her car seat to his left. This information is not important but if I am going to give you crap I will make it thorough crap. Once we got our food we all started digging in when I heard Boo say "This is messy." I looked over and started laughing and couldn't believe I had to say "Boo, use your fork. That is an enchilada, you don't eat it like a burrito." She would not have made her grandma proud!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Learning the ropes

Knitting takes FOREVER. I've been working on the same scarf for over a week and it is maybe 2 feet long. Ay carumba-or something like that.
For those of you (and I don't know any who read this) that are trying to self teach and are looking at others blogs and whatnot, LYS means local yarn store (not to be confused with LDS, at first I thought 'Wow, is everyone who knits Mormon?). I still haven't figured out what FO is--best guess is finished object but I am not sure {perhaps Amy can advise?}. Frogging means you made a mistake somewhere, realized it later and went back and ripped out what you had completed to fix the mistake-frogging sucks, I have lots of experience with just this one scarf!
Have a goodie...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tug's punishment

What's this you ask? Well, it is a picture of Tug saying "What's that? What are those flashing lights? What's going on?" You can't see me sitting next to him saying "Those are the flashing lights of the cameras that just got you for running that red light." How did we get this picture? From the website listed on the ticket we just got in the mail.
Tug's punishment is having his doofy picture blasted across the internet. Oh, and the TWO HUNDRED FORTY TWO dollar fine.

New Past Time

Since picking up the hooks (crochet), I have been eager to pick up the needles (knit). There seems to be more online pertaining to knitting, you can find a ton of awesome patterns for really cute things, and I like the look of knitted things. With the Christmas hat rush at an end I bought myself a teach yourself to knit kit at the store and have been diligently learning. Perhaps too diligent. Tug rolls his eyes every time he sees me with the yarn. One night, after an eye roll, I yelled "Don't roll your eyes at me! You are just mad because you don't have any talents!". Neither one of us made it 2 seconds without laughing hysterically.
Here is my current project. The yarn color made me think of a certain someone so I am giving a scarf a go.

As for now, I plan to continue to crochet hats-knitting them looks WAY too hard. Speaking of crochet hats, I am still waiting on pictures from you guys (nee, erin & chendo) so I can upload to blogville!! SEND IMMEDIATELY

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Meant to post this a few days ago but am just getting around to it. This was last Saturday 12/29...
Just after rolling from her back to her stomach

and very proud of herself.

Ahhh, the joys of babies when they learn to roll. Then they get stuck and cry cuz they haven't figured out how to get onto their backs.

Over, and over, and over again...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Zero calorie treats

Is your New Year's resolution to lose weight like everyone else? Well, I have the treats (cookies AND cupcakes) that are guaranteed to not increase your waist size! Wanna see? Check out Jessica's post. {She also made some cute felt food}

Oh yeah, I meant to post this picture a few days ago. In the Christmas meme I mentioned Tug not liking our tree topping star. This year it was replaced with the snack helmet. Do we really have to wait until NEXT WEEK for the game??