Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nothing to read here

move along to your next blog, nothing of importance going on here.

Let's see...Sugar has First Confession tonight. She is very excited and not at all nervous, though she shakes her head vigorously when I ask her if she is going to do it face to face.

Yesterday the girls had Little Flowers (kinda like Catholic Girl Scouts but focused on virtues not cookies) and they made little journals that are separated into prayers, notes, numbers and routine. Under routine they wrote their bed/morning routines. Instead of personalizing it, the girls wrote what the group went with. On the way home Boo asked "Mom, can we do this? Under bedtime routine it says to lay out your clothes and shoes for the next day." I informed her that is more for kids who go to school so they won't be running around the next morning looking for something to wear. About every half-hour to hour after both she and Sugar bugged/begged me to do this. Thanks Carrie, now I will have clothes to wash! We don't get dressed 'round these parts.

Remember those old 'you might be a redneck' jokes? Here is my version:
If you spend all day in front of the computer looking at blogs while sitting on an exercise ball and (due to its name) consider this exercise, you might be overweight.
Hmmm, where did I put my chair?

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Jessica said...

Congratulations Sugar!! We are so excited for you!

Anonymous said...

So, sorry to make things harder for you! I know you are too busy to do laundry, ya know- with all that knitting and stuff!! Just make them a new outfit every day- problem solved! LOL

Congratulations to Sugar, make sure your parents take you out for ice cream afterwards! You deserve it! CJ

The Wades said...

YES!!! i was visitor #3000! what's my special prize? :)

The Wades said...

or was i 3001???!! (it matters, you know.)

Auntie Nee said...

Great Sug. I know you were very excited about it. CONGRATS.

Love ya

The Wades said...

ugh! rerun!

The Wades said...

i notice you've had 21 visitors since last night. what have they seen??? rerun. that's what. i'm speaking for all the people--not just my demanding self. we are interested in what you have to say. but, it's hard to reread the same entry over and over. maybe you could take a picture of your new needles. anything. love

Shelly said...

Again...too funny! I think I'll be putting you on my blogroll, lady!!