Monday, January 7, 2008

Tonight's the night

Gonna be alright.

I am pretty sick of all the ESPN coverage of how we are going to lose. I mean can't we wallow in our sorrow AFTER we lose, instead of having to do it beforehand. Hopefully things will turn out better than last year. When asked how it felt being in Louisiana with all the LSU fans Kirk Barton said "A little like Rocky IV when he went to Russia." Remember, at the end of the movie the Commies all started chanting Rocky. Oh and I enjoy likening LSU fans to Commies!
In case you have forgotten, may I remind you of the rules for game enjoyment. May I also remind you of Sloopy.
On a happy note, the scarf is done. It is sitting behind me blocking as we speak (oh type, or in your case read). Pictures will come once it is dry. Perhaps my next project will include this yarn!
OH, I finally got my ravelry invite so some playing will also be forthcoming. Perhaps the least anticipated forthcoming event is restarting school. That will be today too. There isn't much to Kindergarten so Boo is starting 1st grade. She is very excited.

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humble_mother said...

Hey R,
Glad to see you finally finished that scarf! I'm awaiting my invite to ravelry, thanks!

Erin said...


Hope you're filling that snack helmet w/ lots of goodies. Go BUCKS!

scmom (Barbara) said...

Good luck fellow Buckeye!