Sunday, January 6, 2008

Wasted days and wasted nights

Twoblacksheep use song titles to title their posts. I like that idea--have to occasionally steal it. Reason for this post's title? Well, this morning as we were walking out of Mass we were greeted by, hmmmm, what shall I call them...wannabe Evangelists, hecklers, idiots screaming at the top of their lungs? The latter seems most appropriate. There were 2 young men (20ish) outside the church, one holding a video camera the other reading/yelling from the Bible. I sort of recognize it as being from Revelations regarding a 3 headed beast but am not sure. I use the term Bible here loosely since it was one of those little New Testament books. Funny-I bet he is a Sola Scriptura guy and yet he only carries around a portion of the Bible (of course, using KJV he never has an entire Bible). Anyhoo, I just don't understand the point of it??? I am guessing they were trying to rile someone up, that they wanted a confrontation thus the use of the video tape. From what I could see, no one took the bait, but we didn't hang around long. My guess is they would consider themselves evangelists and this was (to them) a form of evangelizing. I don't see how they could see this as useful. If they were truly concerned about saving us (since, as the whore of Babylon, us Catholics are all going to hell) you would think they would employ a more tactful tactic. As if anyone is going to go up to them saying "You know, I came to Mass today questioning my faith. Clearly, you in all your yelling glory, can lead me to salvation. Thank you for saving me from the Truth!"
But, I don't think that was their point at all. I don't think they were there to help us see the light (their light, that is). I think they tell themselves this is their motive. They convince themselves that they are doing God's work by doing such idiotic things. In reality I think they have a more sinister motive. A point fingers at us motive. A look at how right we are and how wrong you are motive. How very charitable. How very Christian of them.
I was very tempted to walk up to them, extend my hand and say "God Bless you and may He give you peace" since they clearly aren't experiencing any. I was very tempted that is until I noticed the camera. Once I saw that I quickly turned my head and walked away. No way am I going to risk being videotaped!!

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humble_mother said...

I heard about that! Just what you love to see as you are going into Mass!

The Wades said...

they are NOT from my non-denominational church!!! definitely not! :) sad, sad people.

on another note, UPDATE! it is 8:45 AM your time--sufficient time to post something new. (pioneer woman already has!) happy monday.