Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Poem

I know someone,
Today's her day.
She's turning old,
What more to say?

Happy Birthday Jessica! 30 isn't as bad as you think it is, feels kinda just like yesterday did.
Bet you feel bad now for making fun of me for 'being so old' since we are the same least for the next few months.
If you get a chance, head over and leave her a comment to make her feel better--I mean to wish her a great day.

I just found out 2 days ago was my bro-in-law b-day (my other sis-in-law's hubby, not shelly's hubby) so here is his poem:

I know someone else
He turned old too.
I didn't know
So what to do?
Tell him now
With utmost class
And say I am sorry
For being an ass.

Welcome to the decade Chennie! If I had known, I would have whipped you up a scarf or something. I'll remember next time Gadget, next time. FYI, 30 year olds can no longer wear white, pimp sunglasses.

Oh yeah, and 30 with no kids and 30 with 5 kids (like Jessica) are 2 completely different 30's!

Update again:

I just got an email illustrating exactly how different the 2 above referenced 30's are. Chennie and Erin went scuba diving in Grand Cayman. Jessica is out right now getting herself and her family some breakfast. I bet the only diving she will do today will be into laundry and dirty diapers! Of course Chennie only has 2 loving arms to hold him tight and Jessie has 12 (including her hubby). Advantage Jessie (though I am VERY jealous of Chendo right now, well not RIGHT now cuz he's at work and I am sitting on my duff in front of the computer stalling on starting school, but jealous in general).

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Erin said...

Not sure why you didn't post a happy birthday shout-out to your brother-in-law, Chendo. Turned 30 on 1/14. ;)

The Wades said...

good one, erin. also, donna turned 60 on the 12th. where's her shout out? hee hee. i amuse myself hourly. :)

Erin said...

But those 2 arms are pretty great! And cuddly. Plus, we'll have kids someday w/ all their joys AND the memory of scuba diving on Chen's 30th. It's great to be DINKs (double income, no kids) for a while!

The Wades said...

she done told you gene bean!

Jessica said...

Thanks Regina! I loved the poems! Never knew you were such a great poet! Your many talents never cease to amaze me... It's just one more for your hubby to be jealous of!