Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The good, the bad and the froggie

Good news, bad news. Which you want first? We will go bad. No wait good. Yeah, good. Tug made it home, just by the hair of his chinny-chin-chin. He doesn't actually have hair on his chin, but trust me, it was close. He had been home for about an hour when I saw scrolling across the bottom of the tele that both directions of the highway were closed due to extreme snowfall. The same section of highway he was on 1 hour prior. YIPPY.

Now for the bad. The awful. Almost the devil, but just the froggie. Remember me talking about the dufflecoat I am currently working on. Well, instead of knitting as one piece, you do the back then bind off (basically sew the end to take it off the needles). Then knit the left front panel and leave those stitches on a spare needle. Then knit the right front panel. Now, once your right panel is to size you keep those stitches on the needle, cast on additional stitches (make new stitches on that same needle) AND continue knitting into the left panel. Eventually those new stitches you just made will be sewn into the back panel and the rest of the area above it is a hood. I flipped the panels, so I started knitting into the wrong side. I had done about 20 rows (if not more) of 80 stitches before I finally realized it. ARGH, frog all the way back (down to the green line), think, think, think, try to figure out how it should be and continue. This meant my two panels would no longer be connected which created (for a reason unknown to me) loose stitches on both panels at the end. I think I can just tighten once I get to the sleeves. It doesn't look like much but that is about a weeks worth of knitting--I AM SLOW, and that needle I am using is absolutely awful, making me slower than usual. What will really be sad is if I later realize I was right the first time. That is certainly a possibility.

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too hard! take up baking.

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