Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The numbers dont lie

I have been accused of padding my numbers. I resent that remark-I assure you my lack of posts has nothing to do with increasing numbers and has everything to do with having nothing to say (oh, and I did pad in the beginning, I started at 1000 not 0, shhhh don't tell anyone).
Sooo, just to bug her more, tonight's post will be about the conversation I had today with Miguelita.
M: We started going to a small group.
R: What do you mean?
M: For church. A non-denominational group.
R: Those are the best kinds.
M: [laugh] I am memorizing the books of the Bible.
R: Why? As Catholics we don't have to do that.
M: I don't know why, just to say I know them.
R: Do you know they make Bible tabs?
M: Max (her hubby) is going to like 3 different groups, some studying the Bible.
R: 3 groups, wow he is really committed. Too bad they don't read the real Bible.
M: I was talking with a guy, blah blah blah, and Max told him that we are doing a branding soon and he can come out if he wants to.
R: Branding? That isn't until June.
M: No, we are doing one in Feb. too.
R: February, won't it be too cold?
M: Yeah.
R: You want me to knit you a hat?
M: (laugh-tells her hubby) Max said you can knit him a Bible cover.
R: Hmmm, I will, what size does he use. I'll be sure to put on it "Catholics Rule".

I also spoke with my mother-in-law tonight. It was VERY clear (based on our conversation) that she no longer reads the blog. Whatever. Forget you Betty!

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The Wades said...

well at least you updated! i don't know why i bare my soul to you--only for you to make fun of me in cyber space. i guess that's what bullies do!!! you definitely don't treat me w/ the love and respect your #1 fan should receive. maybe i should blog shop around. shelly found someone who is nice to her--maybe i could do the same. off to memorize some more bible books!