Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Remember that swap I told you about maybe last week--what do you mean you don't remember, don't you carefully read every post? Well phoey, I'm not linking to help jog your memory.
Anyhow, we got our swap partner today (sounds so dirty). I hadn't told the girls before just in case but since I spoke (emailed) with the other mommy today it is officially on. They are from NJ but in the metro area of NYC, she even works in NYC-how sophisticated. I hope we don't disappoint!
Any ideas?

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Jessica said...

I remember... Didn't sign up for it though... TOO much WORK! I would have to tow 5 kids to the postoffice to mail it out, which I AVOID at ALL costs! I'm looking forward to hearing what you send... I have no ideas, sorry!