Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A second video

Jessica linked to a homily this past Sunday regarding Roe vs Wade. Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of that decision. Anniversary doesn't seem an appropriate word since anniversaries are typically done in celebration. Deathiversary perhaps? Growing up I was pretty much pro-choice. While I always said I would never have an abortion, I thought 'who am I to tell a woman what to do with her body?'. As I've aged, my views have changed. I still think a person can do what they want with their body-you want a tattoo, have at it. Feel like piercing your lip, go for it though you might look a little funny. Problem is these women aren't doing what they want with THEIR body. They are mutilating the body of someone else when they abort.
During the first G-dub election I was working at Enterprise Rent-a-car with a bunch of liberals. We debated often. My manager argued:
Manager: You pro-life people aren't actually pro-life, you are just anti-choice.
Me: Um, you can argue the semantics however you want "I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky". Actually I am pro-choice. I think a woman has a choice to NOT get pregnant. She can choose to not have sex. She can choose to use birth control (not Catholic belief, but I had to use something for the lib). Once pregnant she can choose adoption. See, lots of choices, murder just isn't one of them."
Another argument I had was with a fellow co-worker, also drilling me on being pro-life. To him I said:
Him: (trying to trap me) So, do you think the death penalty is ok?
Me: I don't know, haven't made up my mind (am now siding more towards the Catholic, not Republican view). My bet is you think it is wrong?
Him: Yes.
Me: So let me ask you this-Why is it wrong to kill someone who has been tried by a jury and found to have committed some heinous crime against another person but it is ok to kill a completely innocent child who has done nothing wrong?
The next day he told me he had really been rethinking his stand. I quit shortly after so I have no idea if his ideology actually changed.

If you get a chance click through to the homily. There is a second video dedicated to victims and a 3rd showing a March for Life that took place on Sunday.

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