Saturday, January 5, 2008


I got nothing today, except an UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE demand. Did anyone stop to think if this thing isn't updated it might be because I have nothing to say. Well, if you want an update, and I've got nothing, then I will give you crap. That is what this post is, nothing important but it made us laugh.
Yesterday we went ice skating. I guess this depleted the girls' energy stores because when we got home they were both famished, Daddy too. It was only about 4 but we went ahead and went out to eat (because I hate cooking, and we had a gift certificate). We went to our local Mexican joint. I was sitting at the end of the table, Boo was to my right, Sugar to her right. Ham was sitting across from me and Tug was to his left, Sweet Pea in her car seat to his left. This information is not important but if I am going to give you crap I will make it thorough crap. Once we got our food we all started digging in when I heard Boo say "This is messy." I looked over and started laughing and couldn't believe I had to say "Boo, use your fork. That is an enchilada, you don't eat it like a burrito." She would not have made her grandma proud!

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Sarah said...

As a fellow "hater of cooking," I'm loving the "we had a gift certificate" thing. And isn't this kind of "crap" just what the fam is looking for? (So maybe it's "crap" to your other readers...but it's the interesting down-low on what REALLY happens in your life, keepin it real, after all...)

The Wades said...

loved that crap! that's all i want--a little crap. just something to read. something to make me smile. it's always a sad moment for when when i check in to find a rerun. don't you know that feeling? you sit down to watch your favorite show, and you realize it's one you saw last month! ugh! terrible. thanks! :) and keep on bloggin'!

Jessica said...

That was some pretty funny crap! Can totally picture Boo picking up the enchilada!