Monday, January 14, 2008


I better hurry up and get another post on here before the great readers strike--I only hope I am not too late.
*I got some new yarn to try the chevron scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts but didn't like how it was looking so I stopped and am now waiting on some yarn I ordered via internet. Instead I crocheted SP a new hat but followed a pattern for it so it is too big. On the needles right now I have a scarf that I am making up and the felted slippers from Debbie Bliss Essential Baby.
*That reminds me, if you happen to get a handmade something from me, it might not be as cheap as it seems. Yarn can be darn expensive and I've already spent way too much money on this little hobby.
*Ham is still a turd when it comes to turds. He can (and sometimes will, often daily) go in the potty but he also (often daily) wakes up and poops in his pull-up. He also is holding his pee for too long and is getting his undies a tad wet each time (still won't go to the pot by himself, has to come tell me, argh). Yesterday he full fledged pissed himself.
*Sweet Pea now likes to bite the boob that feeds her.
*Sweet Pea also can't yet roll from her stomach to her back so every 2 minutes I have to flip her over cuz she is crying cuz she rolled from her back to her stomach and got stuck.
*cfhusband is the amazingly incredible story of a family. The wife has CF and was set to get a double lung transplant when they discovered they were pregnant with their first child. Gwyneth was born on 1/08 at 24 weeks. Her mom Tricia is currently in (what seems to me) an induced coma though they are waking her slightly more and more each day and she is now able to occasionally communicate. If you get a chance, click on the link and be sure to pray for this sweet little family. He also gives info/updates on other families in the NICU. Totally puts things into perspective!

And, to end on a funny note
*When Tug was at boot camp (USMC) a fellow Marine got in trouble for something and had to stand in front of a mirror yelling "I'm not crazy, you are" over and over again.
Have a good one.

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MilePost13 said...

Thank you!

Jessica said...

Making homemade gifts usually costs much more than buying them! But they are so special! You have been so busy, I can't believe all the things you have made...

Snuggles is biting too lately... The little stinkers... It hurts!

That is so sad, about that family. We will pray for them.

I was laughing so hard about that guy in Tug's boot camp. That is hysterical!

The Wades said...

Thank you for listening to your readers. We (I) appreciate that. Marine thing was so hilarious. Max and I both got a great chuckle from that!