Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tooth be gone

On Sunday while eating crusty French bread rolls Boo came running into the living room "My tooth is loose, my tooth is loose. I took a bite of the bread and it hurt a little and now my tooth is loose!" Guess they were a little too crusty! Tug told her to wait until Wednesday to pull it out because it wasn't quite ready and he was going to be out of town on Monday and Tuesday (and I am not a tooth-puller-outer). So, yesterday was the day. I had to run to the store once he got home. He called to tell me in code (Spanish) to get some money for the tooth. I forgot but knew I had some around the house. As I walked in the door she ran up to me grinning from ear to ear, tooth missing. She (as Sugar did for one) had her tooth tied to a piece of floss, the other end tied to Sugar's wrist. When Tug saw all was ready he told Sugar to run, she does, out pops tooth.
Unfortunately, yesterday I started getting sick and Ham got a fever of 101. Tooth fairy forgot her duty. Luckily (in this instance ONLY) Ham woke up at 2:30 this morning and I remembered that I had forgotten. I go to find some cash, only to find none. Tug had a $20 in his wallet. Too much, don't want her to get expectations for the future. I start riffling through their room looking for their wallets which I know have cash in them. YES, I was going to use her own money to give back to her to pretend it was from the tooth fairy. No luck. Finally I start going through the collection of piggy banks at 3 in the morning trying to find $5 worth of quarters. Mission accomplished, tooth fairy lives on. Unfortunately she got no more sleep for the night because her minion wouldn't go for it (so if this post doesn't make much sense, it is his fault, not mine).

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Jessica said...

Congratulations Boo!! That is so cool!

I can't believe the girls will do that... Run and pull it out. Ouch!

Regina, if you have a second, hop over to my cousins family blog and watch what she does for the tooth fairy! It's so funny!

Shelly said...

that is so cool!

The tooth fairy is a real lame-o around here. she doesn't come around for wks/months at a time

"she must be real busy!"

Auntie Nee said...

That is great Boo. Congrats