Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cease and desist

Boo is a thumb sucker. Her birthday is in April. Her 6th birthday. She still sucks her thumb. We tried putting vinegar on it. She asked for more vinegar. We tried having her sleep with socks on her hands. She complained that her hands got sweaty. Tonight Boo discovered her first loose tooth. This means she really needs to stop sucking her thumb unless she wants to forever be known as Bucky. I was working on some fingerless mitts--adult size--just to try and get the hang of knitting with circulars. I realized I could alter them a bit and have a surefire way of no thumb access but no sweaty hands either! Tonight's the first night, we will see how it goes.
Though it doesn't look like it, she actually was very excited for her mitt. She is concentrating on pushing her loose tooth (bottom, her left) forward with her tongue.

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Shelly said...

fyi - my little sister sucked her thumb til she was at *least* 12...she's got straight teeth!
Besides the fact that she sure is goofy for doing that, hey[!] at least she's got nice pearly whites!!

Amy Caroline said...

That is such a GREAt idea!! How did it work??

The Wades said...

you can do it boo! we're proud of you for trying. :)