Sunday, August 30, 2009

Special delivery

Keri commented on the bobble head for {j} that perhaps she should make one for her own hubby. Well, being the time waster I am on photoshop I took that as an invite to go ahead and make one for her. Problem, they like the Steelers (except her daughter who is partial to the Eagles). Now, for those who don't know (come on you readers, get it together with your football knowledge ~ college is more important than professional) the Steelers are the arch enemy of the Browns. We are Browns fans. I decided to be an adult and just do the bobble-head with the Steelers since that is their team and, after all, this is for them, not me.

Nope, not for me AT ALL!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby dreams

How to prepare, how to prepare??

I checked the guide last night and WOO-HOO the game is close enough to be listed 'ESPN: 9/5 9AM Navy at Ohio State' . . . I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it.

On ESPN I saw a make your own bobble-head doll thing. I had to change the uniform and helmet in photoshop and make it into a gif to get the actual bobble.
But then I thought 'wait a second, I can make this authentic' so I then made this. . . Photobucket
{j} loves it!! I would prefer he become a kicker.
Mom, here is just the picture since I know you can't see the top 1.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Long Distance Love

In an attempt to save money I have changed our phone plan so if you are not in the 253 area code, call me because I won't be calling you!

Oh baby

and a smart one at that!!
for those who don't know, she is crying when she hears the Michigan fight song.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Words I hate to hear

Upon returning home from judo last night Tug said "We don't have any more pull-ups for {j}." Ugh. {j} is potty trained during the day, but at night he lets it flow. I turned to {j} and said, "Do you think you can go the whole night without peeing in your undies."

{j} Yes. I am not wearing any undies (he often takes off his pull-up in the morning but instead of putting new underwear on just puts pants on).

{me} Hm, ok. Do you think you can go the whole night without peeing in your pants.

{j} Sure.

{me} Let's try it. If you wake up at night and think you need to pee, get up and go to the potty. Don't just stay in bed and pee, ok?

{j} Ok.

around 4 AM he came into our bed. I checked his pants as he was crawling in and once he was settled I whispered into his ear
{me} Good job buddy, I am so proud of you for not going pee in your bed (he had gotten up once during the night to go pee).

{j} Do you want to know why I changed?

{me} Huh?

{j} Do you want to know why I have new clothes on?

{me} Uh oh.

{j} I didn't pee in my bed. My bed is wet and it got me wet (no, he had no water or anything to spill on the bed, he peed).

I told Tug the story this morning and he looked at {j} and said, "Bummer dude, your bed peed on you, huh?" {j} is still insisting he didn't pee. We are now on our way to the store for some pull-ups.

For Sarah

who was brave enough to post a pro-Buckeye post while living with a Hawkeye fan (for those who know nothing about college football, both Ohio State and Iowa are in the Big 10 which means they play each other during regular season - unless they don't that year because there are actually 11 teams in the Big 10 and every year you skip a team; except Michigan, the Buckeyes always play Michigan as the last game of the regular season.) Wow, what a tangent.

So Sarah, this is for you and your sailor hubby. Respect 'em when they take the field, take it to 'em on the scoreboard.

h/t nikki

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I can't believe some of you are disappointed with my announcements. This is serious business people!! You want some sort of life altering announcement?? Well, to me, this is life altering.

My Saturdays will not be the same for the next 2 months. Every single Saturday will be spent on the couch, moving only to get myself or Tug (if he is lucky) some food (the kids will fend for themselves).

If there is a loss, the week after will not be pleasant!!

Things are a changing folks, believe me.

And on the date, THE BIG DATE, November 21, 2009 we hope to change that 5 to a 6 . . .SIX years in a row that we beat the hell out of Michigan!

Only 10 more days until kickoff.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Announcing. . .

since it has been a few days since I last posted,

there are now


TWELVE days until kickoff!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anxiously awaiting

Time to start counting the weeks down.

Maybe I should put one of those tickers on my sidebar.

I can't believe we are going to go through this again!!

The yelling, the screaming.

The agony, the ecstasy.

Only 16 more days until kickoff.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Judon't know who you are messing with

{l} and {r} were tested tonight for belt promotions. Though they started at the same time, {r} was testing for a yellow/white belt and {l} was testing for a yellow belt (higher belt). Both passed!! I don't have any pictures because they didn't get their belts today ~ I was told it would still be a few weeks, until they get everyone tested.

(silly little image I made in photoshop)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

He's baaaaaack

Seriously dude, I love you. I loved when you played. I loved your carefree, give the ref 3 high fives attitude. You retired. You came back. You retired. You said you were going to come back. You said there was no way you were coming back. Now you are back. MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY, move on with your life. Stop retiring just to come back. Go back to Mississippi, find the Murry's and hang out with them ~ they are a great family!!

Or, pick a team and stay in the league and play.

Either way, make one decision, stick with it and stop making ESPN only talk about you.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Ever forget who your doctor is? That is the problem with moving a lot, you have a lot of different doctors. I had an annual a few months ago but am drawing a blank on who that doctor was. The kids have been to their pediatrician, MULTIPLE times, and yet I can't remember who the heck he is. I think his nickname is Dr. T. I know he is Greek Orthodox. I kinda remember where his office is. Yet I have no clue as to his real name and, therefore, can't set up {s}'s 2 year old checkup that should have happened last month. Am I the only one losing my mind?

Maybe I should write these things down!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Coming to an Albertsons near you

This crabby guy came to our local Albertsons this afternoon.

You might not recognize him but I know someone who will . . .
(who is Steve? Is he part of the crew?? AND, I even get to tell the blogging world Laura's big news.) See what you miss out on by not coming to visit the Pudget Sound area! Only {r} wanted to go with Tug to see these guys. Tug only went because I made him!

Friday, August 14, 2009


How do you teach your kids left from right?Dance dance revolution seems to work pretty well, if you ignore the big 'failed' on the screen.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where were you . . .

When 911 happened? at home in las cruces, nm with 1-year-old {l}. i was watching the today show and called tug to tell him what happened. he didn't really get the full magnitude until he came home and saw it on tv for himself.

When Kennedy was shot? 14 years away from being born.

When Princess Diana died? at home in el paso, tx. i remember seeing the tv coverage while sitting in my living room.

When OJ Simpson verdict came down? walking through campus at aTm. i am pretty sure most classes were let out so people could go see the verdict read. dumb!

When Michael Jackson died? funny enough, i don't know. i know i was at the Y working out when i saw a news scroll that he was in the hospital. i later saw on shelly's facebook post that he had died but hadn't seen it on the news. don't know when i learned for sure.

When John Lennon died? hmmm, i would have been 3 and my mom wasn't a beatles fan, not sure.

When Waco Branch Davidian Cult complex burned down? not sure but i think i remember seeing news coverage while in my living room in el paso, tx (i was in high school).

When the Challenger Space Shuttle blew up? i remember going to another teacher's classroom to watch it on tv. we were all in shock when it exploded and everyone just stared, no one spoke (i was in 4th grade, i think).

When JFK Jr.'s plane went down? not sure, i have a vague idea of being at home in el paso, but don't know why i would have been since it was 1999 and i was living in albuquerque at the time. maybe tug had drill so we were in el paso?? if i wasn't in el paso, then i don't remember.

h/t paula

Sunday, August 9, 2009

When life gives you hot weather . . .

When the heat wave hit last week Tug tried to buy an AC unit. I told him no. He (for some odd reason) listened to me. A few days later he could no longer take the heat and tried to go buy one. There were none to be had, and he tried in several cities. What's a boy to do? We had an extra freezer in the garage so Tug used it to make an AC.
He had the freezer outside and ran one duct into the house connected to a house fan, and another duct up against another window to act as a return duct.
Air was brought in through the return into a section of the freezer, cooled down then taken back out to the house/fan
It sure is handy having a handy husband!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Last day

Tug's mom leaves tomorrow (actually today since it is 12:30 AM) so after dinner tonight we headed to the water. It is only about 5-10 minutes down the road, but this was the first time we went since Juju has been here. The weather has finally cooled (I will show you the air conditioner Tug made later) and it was drizzling which meant no one was there! It was a little foggy too, but you can see the water to the right of Juju's shoulder (they are standing in the parking lot here). I am sure there will be tears in the morning as we head to the airport!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Sorry not much being said here. Tug's mom is in town so we have been trying to show her some sights. Tug and I were able to go on a date last night, dinner and a movie. We saw Potter. I must say it was rather boring. Then again, that book was the worst (I thought) of the entire series. Some old lady in front of us started crying at the end of the movie. I couldn't help but laugh.

Off to get ready to head North . . .