Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where were you . . .

When 911 happened? at home in las cruces, nm with 1-year-old {l}. i was watching the today show and called tug to tell him what happened. he didn't really get the full magnitude until he came home and saw it on tv for himself.

When Kennedy was shot? 14 years away from being born.

When Princess Diana died? at home in el paso, tx. i remember seeing the tv coverage while sitting in my living room.

When OJ Simpson verdict came down? walking through campus at aTm. i am pretty sure most classes were let out so people could go see the verdict read. dumb!

When Michael Jackson died? funny enough, i don't know. i know i was at the Y working out when i saw a news scroll that he was in the hospital. i later saw on shelly's facebook post that he had died but hadn't seen it on the news. don't know when i learned for sure.

When John Lennon died? hmmm, i would have been 3 and my mom wasn't a beatles fan, not sure.

When Waco Branch Davidian Cult complex burned down? not sure but i think i remember seeing news coverage while in my living room in el paso, tx (i was in high school).

When the Challenger Space Shuttle blew up? i remember going to another teacher's classroom to watch it on tv. we were all in shock when it exploded and everyone just stared, no one spoke (i was in 4th grade, i think).

When JFK Jr.'s plane went down? not sure, i have a vague idea of being at home in el paso, but don't know why i would have been since it was 1999 and i was living in albuquerque at the time. maybe tug had drill so we were in el paso?? if i wasn't in el paso, then i don't remember.

h/t paula

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Amy Caroline said...

ll have to do this one. I think a lot of my answers are similar to yours, lol.

Paula said...

"14 years away from being born"?

I officially un-friend you.

No, I don't.

regan said...

this was a rather depressing little post....you lost me at john lennon.....

Aubrey said...

You have a good memory!