Thursday, August 27, 2009

Words I hate to hear

Upon returning home from judo last night Tug said "We don't have any more pull-ups for {j}." Ugh. {j} is potty trained during the day, but at night he lets it flow. I turned to {j} and said, "Do you think you can go the whole night without peeing in your undies."

{j} Yes. I am not wearing any undies (he often takes off his pull-up in the morning but instead of putting new underwear on just puts pants on).

{me} Hm, ok. Do you think you can go the whole night without peeing in your pants.

{j} Sure.

{me} Let's try it. If you wake up at night and think you need to pee, get up and go to the potty. Don't just stay in bed and pee, ok?

{j} Ok.

around 4 AM he came into our bed. I checked his pants as he was crawling in and once he was settled I whispered into his ear
{me} Good job buddy, I am so proud of you for not going pee in your bed (he had gotten up once during the night to go pee).

{j} Do you want to know why I changed?

{me} Huh?

{j} Do you want to know why I have new clothes on?

{me} Uh oh.

{j} I didn't pee in my bed. My bed is wet and it got me wet (no, he had no water or anything to spill on the bed, he peed).

I told Tug the story this morning and he looked at {j} and said, "Bummer dude, your bed peed on you, huh?" {j} is still insisting he didn't pee. We are now on our way to the store for some pull-ups.

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Nikki said...

I can totally relate to trying to keep up with how many pull-ups are in the house.

Last time we ran out I went on a long rant to the girls about how they needed to let me know if there are only one or two pull-ups left. I had been to the store on three different occassions and could have bought them had I just known we needed them.

The girls replied, "we told Daddy twice." His response was a big sheepish grin and a promise to pick them up on his way home form work the next day.

BTW, I have also heard the bed was wet excuse.

Sarah said...

Cracking up. Hate it when beds do things like that. ;)

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

SO was the bed's fault. We're having night time dry issues with Luke. All the other 4 were night dry within 6 months of being potty trained....not Luke. We're going on year 2. He doesn't drink a lot at night and I take him right before I go to bed but it ain't happenin'. Our ped. said he just may not produce enough of the hormone needed at night to stay dry yet. I'm getting tired of buying pull ups.

Keri said...


Aubrey said...

That is absolutely HILARIOUS! I love this story!

The Wades said...

Feeling your pain, dog. Grant always thinks he's sweaty, not peed if he wakes up from a nap that way. I try to let him know, but he insists that he is just sweaty. He really, truly believes himself. Cute stuff.

The Wades said...

I didn't even comment about the fact he goes commando all day. Hee hee. He's a character.

Jessica said...

I was laughing at what Tug said to him this morning. Too funny!!!!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

I got so sick of the pull up thing that I bought those big, disposable pads (by the adult diapers, they use them in nursing homes) and double sheeted the bed just in case. That way, he'd get wet and know he peed but I wouldn't have to do the whole bed change at night.

Auntie Nee said...

That is so cute. I hate when the bed pees on you. Stinking beds!!!!

Shelly said...

bummer... i thought you were going to say he peed in your bed!
now *that* would have been funny :)

j/k - your story is grand the way it is... love tug's response!

while my f/b status reads: sometimes... i wish boys could *stay* in diapers!

boys-n-bathrooms DO NOT MIX!!!