Thursday, August 20, 2009

Anxiously awaiting

Time to start counting the weeks down.

Maybe I should put one of those tickers on my sidebar.

I can't believe we are going to go through this again!!

The yelling, the screaming.

The agony, the ecstasy.

Only 16 more days until kickoff.


7 people are laughing with me:

Nikki said...

love.LOVE.L.O.V.E. this post.

I am so right there with you.

I love the background too! You so need to venture to C-bus so we can tailgate together :)

Jessica said...

At first I thought you might be referring to something else... ;)

Jessica said...

and the background looks awesome! It is so nice that I can actually SEE them now!! Yay!!

Keri said...

silliness! :)

Auntie Nee said...

NICE!!!! I have an ongoing battle with my boss who love the Ducks!! He is a little quackers

Erin said...

I'm not sure why you're not counting down the days until the Myers come, which is only ONE day less than the days til kick-off! ;) We're excited to spend the day w/ our favorite fanatics!

The Wades said...

You big teaser! Perhaps you should put TWO ticker on your side bar. Make sure one goes all they way up to 40 weeks!