Monday, September 14, 2009

Reminding myself

That it is just a game. It is watched for amusement. It isn't life and death.

:: keep telling yourself that, one day it might sink in ::

I actually deal better with the loses than Tug does. Poor guy really shouldn't watch them anymore, lest he have a heart attack.

The problem with the Buckeyes is they usually give you hope. They keep it just close enough to get you to think, "WOW, might we actually pull this off?" Then their anemic offense goes in and quickly out and you turn to your spouse and both say "Too much time on the clock, we aren't going to hold them." And, sure enough, you are proven right. Happened last year with Texas. Happened this year with USC. We need a new offensive coordinator.

Regardless, their honor defend, I will fight to the end for O-HI-O.

4 people are laughing with me:

Paula said...

That is why you are a TRUE fan.

Nikki said...

My grandma ranked right up there with Tug. As she got older, her doctor told her she couldn't watch them live, her blood pressure couldn't take it. She had to watch tapes of the game after knowing the outcome.

Totally agree about the offensive coordinator.

I think it is a good thing my dh just isn't a football fanatic. He enjoys watching, but isn't all consumed like me. It provides some much needed balance to my fanaticism.

scmom (Barbara) said...

You o.k., honey? You should hear the talk around here. Tressle's head is on the chopping block. Today I heard Coach Bruce say Pryor better earn his scholarship. They're all in deep doo doo. The Buckeyes CAN NOT lose football games.

PLD Consulting said...

Still to painfull to talk about......