Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Leaf me alone

In preparation for Thanksgiving the kids made turkeys yesterday. The turks were just sitting on the counter this morning when sweet little Hammie grabbed Boo's and ripped one of the fingers (feathers) off. After calming Boo down I taped all 3 turkeys to the door of the hutch that holds our books. Initially they weren't suppose to be decoration but I thought they looked kinda cute so I decided to leave them up. However, I thought the 'decorations' looked a little scant so I let the kids watercolor some paper that we then cut into leaf shapes.

Thanks Jessica for the leafy idea!

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Jessica said...

Very Cute! I love the Turkeys! Is the one on the right Boo's? :) Bet the kids had fun with the watercolors! Mine sure did!

Andrea said...

Cute idea! Can't wait until my little monkeys are able to do stuff like this.