Friday, November 16, 2007

College Football Traditions

I think one of the things I love most about College Football is the tradition that goes along with it. My freshman year of college I went to aTm which is a school rich with such traditions (I graduated from New Mexico State which is a college rich with tumbleweeds, dirt, and not much else). At aTm I loved going to midnight yell, standing the entire football game, and going to bonfire before the UT game--I still have my ashes (see, I only went there my freshman year, if I had graduated from aTm I would have written t.u.).

Most people wonder why a girl from Texas is such a huge Buckeye fan. Well, my dad is from Ohio (most of his family still lives there) and we grew up wearing Buckeye regalia--I still remember my Ohio State Snoopy shirt. I actually applied to Ohio State and got accepted but decided on aTm because it was closer and out-of-state tuition for OSU would have been something like $24,000/year (I don't remember exactly how much it was but it was a lot, especially since my mom was single handedly paying for 3 kid's college, me being the youngest).

I was lucky enough to find a fellow Ohio lover in Las Cruces, NM and for the past few years we have gladly shelled out $100 each season for ESPN Gameplan just to watch. 2 years ago we were given tickets to the Fiesta Bowl and got to watch our beloved Buckeyes in person (Tug has been to a game at the Shoe, he lived in Hilliard for a bit).

WOW, this whole post is a big tangent to explain why I am posting this video of the OSU Marching Band (dubbed The Best Damn Band In The Land) doing script Ohio, which is one of their awesome traditions. I wanted everyone to have a chance to witness its awesomeness and share in some of the fun we have every Saturday :)

Video is from 2006 Ohio State/Michigan game

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The Wades said...

Loved that! Total chills! Proudly announcing that I was born in Ohio. :) hee hee. love

The Wades said...

BTH--new pix of the kids are ADORABLE! what cuties! love

Jessica said...

WoW! That was REALLY COOL!