Monday, November 26, 2007

Just because

I was sitting on one couch, Tug on the other facing each other. We watch as Hammie, who is between the couches, starts playing with a Barbie
Regina: He really needs a brother!
Tug looks at me with a slight smirk, eyebrows feverishly going up and down.
Regina: I'm speaking hypothetically here. I mean in theory...he needs a brother.

Sweet Pea is in her crib now and Hammie is in his bed. I say now meaning tonight is the first night. Ham went to bed first then I fed SP and Tug put her in bed. Hammie was still awake. I went in and said goodnight to H and reminded him not to get out of bed. A few minutes later I hear Ham:
"Shay-ah...Shay-ah. Baby. Baaaay-beee."
I quietly walk to his room and find him standing on his bed, bending forward screaming at the crib "Baaaay-beee. Baby, baby. Baaaay-beee."
Hmmm, guess he didn't break any rules there.
Oh, I put SP to bed tonight at 8. We will see if she adjusts her schedule and goes the full 12 hours until 8 tomorrow morning.
Tug just found Eddie Murphy Raw on TV. Off to let the hilarity ensue!
Lillian cannot use the telephone...

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Jessica said...

I still can't believe she sleeps that long! My little one finally fell asleep at 1 and was up at 4 and 6... I'm hoping its just his cold. I'm tired!

H is so cute! Love how he was trying to wake up his sis! You do need another boy! :)

The Wades said...

Good little girl! Gotta love that Babywise! Good job being so consistent! James cracks me up. He and Grant would get along famously! It's so sweet that he loves Shay-ah. :) Love

The Wades said...

Yikes!!! I put his name again. I can't get the hang of this! Sorry! love