Thursday, November 29, 2007

New hoo hoo math

I got this in an email from Amy. My sister-in-law's publicly educated kids are doing everyday math and I kept wondering what it is. If you wonder too watch this explanation. If your kids are doing everyday math but aren't yet in 4th grade here is what you have to look forward to for division and multiplication. It is long but if you are interested in what our kids are learning, or need help understanding how to do their homework, it is worth watching.

All I can say is...HUH? How is that easier or more efficient than what we were taught? Also, if the logic is to just use a calculator why bother teaching spelling. Computers have spell check after all. Oh and why even bother with reading. Most books are on audio tape now too.
Here is another link that is just funny about new math --not as long and it made me laugh and scratch my head.

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EPlady said...

Clusters? Lattices? What the hell are they talking about!? I mean I understand what is being demonstrated, I just do not why they are refusing to teach our children anything that will stay with them for their entire lives! I mean, I'm not a math whiz but I can always rely on the basics that we were taught (multiplication tables, long hand division, fractions, etc.) Oh yea, the most used "FINGER COUNTING"! (Yup, still use my fingers sometimes!) Dear LORD, no wonder most of the teenagers now-a-days can't even count change! What a joke! Thanks for the reminder, public schools really, truly are DIFFERENT then before (and that's being nice)! I'm so upset! Ulcer's flaring up! Gotta go! (I couldn't even finish the entire video!) Thanks for the headache! Gotta go do some math problems - OLD SCHOOL way. B in EP