Saturday, November 3, 2007

Never Satisfied

Game is paused right now for a potty break. I like pausing anyway, then we can fast-forward the commercials. I mean how many erectile dysfunction commercials can one person watch in a lifetime?
Last night conversation:
Tug: Oh yeah. Joe told me that Ann (his wife) is pregnant.
Regina: Oh really. Good for them.
Tug: Yeah. He said they haven't told anyone yet cuz she's only like 6 weeks along. He also said she had charted out her ovulation to know when best times would be and was like "Dude, she had it all charted out and stuff. For like 2 weeks I had to do it like 8 times per day. I started feeling used."
Regina: Nice
Tug: Don't worry, I don't tell him about our life.
Regina: That's cuz there is nothing to tell.
Tug: I know, I've gotta knock you up just to get a little.
Regina: Haha. That's going on the blog.
Tug: "That's going on the blog"--begins laughing hysterically.
later during dinner
Regina (light bulb just went off in head): See, you men are never satisfied. You complain that you don't get enough then you complain that you're getting too much!! Ridiculous.

Later, later that night
Regina: Hey Tug...what were we talking about when I said "That's going on the blog"...lucky for you guys he remembered.

fyi-In case you couldn't figure it out, Joe and Ann are made up names. Since they haven't told anyone I wouldn't feel right telling the world for them. Besides neither Joe, Ann, or anyone who knows Joe or Ann read this so I think I'm safe :)

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