Monday, November 5, 2007

This is not a joke

I really am doing this. Stickers worked well when we were first starting to potty train so I have decided to institute them again (he is pee trained so he isn't getting stickers for that anymore, and he poops in his undies so he certainly hasn't been getting stickers for that). I thought perhaps a little sticker envy will prime the pump in the right location. I was sitting in the bathroom with him when the idea came to me so I had the girls get the materials. They started laughing when they realized what I was doing. Boo had recently moved her bowels so she got a sticker and I made a big hoopla about it. Sugar then said "I pooped earlier too!"
"Was it on the pot?"
"MOM, of course."
"Yee-haw, Sugar pooped on the potty, she gets a sticker." Hoopla, hoopla.
Hammie "too, too"
"Nope, you didn't go poop on the potty. You don't get a sticker until you go poop on the potty." The desire for stickers seems to be there, now let's see where the next poop will be.

I hadn't intended to post this on the blog so I had to go change their names. I also don't know what is up with the snow queen or her princess. They were sitting on the couch after taking the picture and snow queen said "Are you going to put this on the blog?" I say, that's a grand idea snow queen. Hambone refused to look at me when taking the picture. I tried and tried, funny noises, silly faces, finally I gave up, called him a name under my breath, and snapped the photo.
Update: I was in the kitchen when SEVEN year old Sugar came up to me
"I did it mom."


holds up 2 fingers and kinda shakes her head yes "I went."

I laugh "Ohh, alright." I go find Hammie, big hoopla give Sugar a sticker, go to put it on the paper and see Boo sitting on the toilet. We all look at her
(said a little sad) "I only peed."

Exactly who are these stickers suppose to be motivating??

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Jessica said...

You are too funny! James looks mad that he doesn't have a sticker yet! So, when can I borrow your book?