Friday, November 9, 2007

Surviving Abortion

Amy linked to a post by The Blue Boar regarding a woman in England who, through doctor advice, tried to abort one of her twin boys in utero (they detected an enlarged heart and said to either kill him now or have him die later of a heart attack or stroke). Two methods were used, first they tried to cut the umbilical cord to effectively starve/suffocate/de-blood the child. The cord was too strong though so they then cut the placenta in 2 hoping to keep the one 'good' child alive while killing the other. This also did not work and though born small he was alive 5 weeks later when both children were delivered. Now at 7 months both boys are doing well. Go here for full story.
My question is how do you explain that to your child later? It is in the newspaper so he is clearly going to find out. What can you possibly say "Oh yeah, I tried to kill you but you were such a little fighter you pulled through. Good for you. No, don't cry. I love you now. It was only then that I wanted you dead..."
Imagine the ammunition his twin brother now has. I use to tease my sister because her birthday was not on the same day as ours, telling her she was adopted (my brother and I have the same birth date 7 years apart, my sister is the odd-ball). This twin can tell his brother "No wonder mom tried to kill you." Or "Told you, I've ALWAYS been mom's favorite."
It's such a sad, sad story! I can't imagine the complex this poor boy will grow up with once he learns the truth (and he will have a complex, trust me I have a psych degree).
Nothing like knowing your own mother tried to do you in.

Abortion {can't always} stops a beating heart {no matter how hard they try}.
I also don't get this. That child was born 5 weeks later--FIVE WEEKS. How could this not be considered murder (assuming it had worked)??? It's a child people, a child. No matter how you want to word it, no matter what semantics game you want to play, no matter how you want to make yourself feel better over what you are doing, IT IS A CHILD!

Jumping off my soap-box now. Ouch, landed wrong. I think I broke my ankle...

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