Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm outta here

As I have said before, I hate dinner. I hate everything about dinner. I hate having to think up things to make for dinner. I hate having to go to the grocery store to get those things. I hate making dinner. I hate, oh wait I like eating dinner--I mean you can't go around hating EVERYTHING can you? The only other thing I like about dinner is when I am in the car picking it up-even better is when hubby does it. Anyhoo, hubby was home this evening but was on the phone for work so at about 5:20 I took things into my own hands and jumped into the car- figured if he was on the phone he couldn't complain about what I was getting. I took the kids with me because when he is on the phone for work it means he is locked in our bedroom and won't come out for any reason (I did leave SP home though, figured she can't really get herself into any trouble). I didn't tell hubby I was leaving. About 15 minutes after I left the following phone conversation took place:
ring, ring
R: Helloooooo
T: Hey, where are you?
R: I am out getting dinner.
T: Oh, why didn't you tell me you were leaving?
R: You were on the phone.
T: Oh, well you could have interrupted me (this is SOOO not true, he would have been pissed if I had interrupted but whatever). Why'd you take the kids?
R: Cuz you were on the phone. You wouldn't have known that they were out there (meaning rest of the house) alone. I left SP though.
T: I know, I see her here sucking on her hand. I came out of the room and couldn't find anyone. I kept saying "Hello, hello" but no one answered. I finally looked out the window and didn't see your car (he should consider a career move to private investigator).
R: Well, I'm just out getting dinner.
T: Alright. I thought maybe you'd finally left me for good. Then I realized the kids weren't here.
R: Ah yes, your first clue is that I have the kids with me. If I have the kids with me then I clearly plan on returning.
T: Right.
R: Now if I leave one night without telling you AND I leave the kids at home then you should worry...

2 people are laughing with me:

Amy Caroline said...

LOL! Poor man...

Jessica said...

You two are so funny!