Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Not on Channel 1

In could be cool news:

There might be a new magazine for kids coming out, kinda like a Catholic Highlights. Per Christine's blog, "In order to publish this magazine, the editors need to show their prospective publisher that there is a market for it. If you have been looking for a Catholic children's magazine, please visit St. Mary's messenger and fill in their form, stating that you would like to read the magazine. Filling in the form does not mean that you are obligated to subscribe when the magazine is printed. A PDF sample of the magazine is available on the website." So get your tails wagging and head over to the site to get this magazine printed. 

In what is taking so long news:
I am still working on that sweater for SP. It is almost finished. I am down to the last 6 rows of the final sleeve. Well that is the last of the knitting. I then have to sew the whole thing together. I am relatively certain that the pieces won't fit properly together.

In more what's taking so long news:
Remember that camera I won? I have yet to receive it. I emailed the seller asking for the tracking # on a Thurs. It took him until the following Mon. to respond saying that he would get it to me the following day. On Tues. he wrote that his misplaced the package and that it would go out the following day. He then gave me the tracking # and ups.com has it scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I've got a funny feeling about the whole thing. Mostly I just feel that the camera is in fact not going to be in "mint working condition" but I am going to open it outside in case it is a pipe bomb or contains ricin.

In undying devotional love news:
My absolute favorite, can't be replaced, love of all time sister-in-law under 30 is Erin. She claims to get no blog love while her sister gets it all SO I just wanted to put that out there. Besides, she is a quasi-celebrity. Well, actually she isn't BUT she works at the law firm where Obama met his wife AND where Miss USA (don't know the year) works AND I think she has seen a few bona fide celebs in Shy Town SO she is way awesome. Oh, and her husband wears big, white, pimp sunglasses. How much cooler could one person be? Not much I say. 
fyi-I have not drunk the Obama kool-aid

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The Wades said...

Big whoop!

Jessica said...

OH! I hope the camera works!! How frustrating!