Tuesday, March 11, 2008

First Attempt: Tie floss to looseish tooth. Tie other end of floss to fan blade. Turn fan blade on. Fan spins slightly, jerks child's head, then stops. Tooth still firmly in place. 

Second Attempt: Use floss pick to slightly lift looseish tooth, tie floss under/to tooth. Tie other end of floss to football. Have child stand on one end of the room, throw the football, hear a ting on the ceiling, look at child who now has blood running down gums. Begin 30 minute search for tooth. Finally find tooth on other end of the room. Success
Mom's role: question child as to why she listens to her father's insane tooth pulling ideas. 

4 people are laughing with me:

The Wades said...

i don't think i'll tell claire. she won't be able to contain her jealousy!

boo is so bootiful! :)

sure hope she has a better tooth fairy than garrett. garrett has waited three nights on two different occasions! terrible.

Jessica said...

I can't believe your girls are so brave!! I would have never let anyone tie one of my teeth to a fan or football!

Jessica said...

Congratulations Boo!

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

That is AWESOME! What good ideas for the next time there is a loosish tooth around here...hey, say "Tie floss to looseish tooth" ten times real fast. Now say it with some teeth missing in the front!