Tuesday, March 4, 2008

And now for some sad news

Tug just came out of his 'office' and asked if I had checked espn.com today. Nope I said so I went to go look. OH NO, say it isn't so Favre! My Brett is retiring. This makes me so sad. I love Brett. Tug said maybe he will get a sportscaster gig but that isn't the Brett I love. I don't like Brett Favre the man. I didn't like Something About Mary cuz he was in it. I love Brett Favre the football player. I don't even like pro football, but I like me Brett. ::sniff, sniff::

In second sad news, I thought I would forgo lunch and just have some cookies Tug got last night. I am looking through the pantry, nothing. I go into his office figuring he has them for after lunch dessert. I look at his desk, he looks at me, I look at him, he says "they're gone." Now I am having a protein shake with strawberries and a banana instead. 
Sad news indeed. 
Oops, I just realized I forgot to put the actual protein powder in the shake.

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Erin said...

I know! I'm sad about that too (not that I'm a huge football fan, but I do like him). Oh well, he had a pretty good go.