Friday, February 29, 2008

PLEASE consider helping

This morning on I came across an article that absolutely breaks my heart. I personally know this family and have known of this news for some time but due to the family's wishes kept it to myself. Since I saw the article I emailed Laura and asked for permission to blog about it–permission granted.

As I said, I know this family and know their kids. Their daughter is in Sugar and Boo's Little Flower group. They are a wonderful, faithful family that, even with this unthinkable struggle, are not turning from their faith. 
I am not writing about this to simply to inform you of this family. I am asking for your help. The family absolutely needs and wants your prayers. I want your money. If you read the article and go to their website you will learn that medication for ONE child is about $9000/month. They are facing the real likelihood that 2 of their children have it (one has been diagnosed) and the possibility that the third does as well (they are still awaiting test results). As with anyone facing such a huge financial burden, they could use our help. One of the articles says their insurance is paying for medication. This is somewhat true. Like most insurances they are paying a PORTION of the cost, not 100%, and the family's burden is still large.
Please go to the article linked above then visit their website to see how you can help. I am linking you directly to the financial help page, click home to see the entire site. 
While their children are aware of the illness, I don't think they know the severity of the disease. For those who are local please keep this in mind when you see them and IF you MUST discuss this with your own children explain it as a cholesterol processing disorder that affects their mind, balance, and body control. Also, when adding them to your prayers, simply say the Hadley family instead of the individual child. If your kids are at all like mine the second you add someone to a prayer list they start asking questions!
Thanks again for any help you can give whether on your knees or from your pocket.

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The Wades said...

Heartbreaking! Thanks for sharing. We'd love to help.