Friday, February 15, 2008

Butterknives and outlets

Just in case you have to unplug a surge protector that is behind a full file cabinet that is too heavy to move and you are too lazy to remove the items to make it lighter but you can't reach the plug enough to easily remove it from the outlet and your fingers are hurting from trying to jam them into the tiny space between the plug and outlet, it is NOT a good idea to use a butterknife. Even though you may reason that you aren't actually sticking the knife in the outlet it will still let out a puff of smoke, blacken the butterknife, blacken the surge protector, blacken the outlet, fry the surge protector, trip your breaker, give off a big, bright spark AND your plug will still be in the outlet.
Don't ask how I know!
I'll show you later why I needed to remove the surge protector...

1 people are laughing with me:

Jessica said...

What were you THINKING!!! Glad you weren't hurt!

I can't wait to see WHY the plug needed to come out! ;)