Thursday, February 21, 2008

Scripture Shapes Egg Hunt

I just got my newest issue of Faith & Family (I love this mag) and it had a cute idea for an Easter hunt. Besides the usual hiding of the eggs, separate kids into teams and:

Each team is handed Egg #1-which contains the first clue-in their team color. The team must figure out what shape is being described in the clue and find that shape in their team color. At the shape, a new egg will have the next clue.
For example, here is the first clue in Egg #1:
"In the Bible book of Genesis, 
God created two great lights-
A sun to watch over the days
And a - to watch over the nights."
Answer:Moon, The team needs to find a moon in their color.
Egg #2 (labeled as such) will be there with the next clue.

Details and materials are supposed to be available at (under Resources) but I didn't see it there. I am providing a link anyway just in case it eventually appears. 
I love the idea of actually incorporating Christianity into the holiday and not just relying on the bunny!

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Jessica said...

What a cool idea!